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  1. Haha
    YesPlease got a reaction from Tommy in Brand New - TDAGARIM repress in 11/4   
    I remember first joining VC years ago, to post an article about a Deja Entendu repress that everyone was dying for. Terrible move. The article was just speculative, and from Property of Zack. I'll never forget my first quote here was someone telling me "I wish I could downvote you into oblivion" lol. Started off on the boards with one comment and about 30 downvotes.
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    YesPlease reacted to VinylMario in Other Vinyl Message Boards or Websites   
    She's my first and only
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    YesPlease reacted to FiggyPud in Other Vinyl Message Boards or Websites   
    VC is my one and only.  I’d never fuck around on her.
  4. Haha
    YesPlease reacted to ethanpricington in PO: The Story So Far - Proper Dose   
    You mean these people:
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    YesPlease reacted to tokimedo in Lydia - Illuminate   
    I’ve already bought my ticket. 5% chance I end up not being able to go cause of work. But if you guys want to grab a vinyl add on in my name I can pick up for you. I believe I can proxy for up to 6 people. 
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    YesPlease reacted to Han Solo in PO: Songs That Saved My Life LP (AM!, Neck Deep, TWY, DGD)   
    /1000 on "magenta" from UO
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    YesPlease reacted to drewberinger in PO: The Story So Far - Proper Dose   
    I love this record
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    YesPlease reacted to VinylMario in FYE Exclusives   
    'bout time I replace my pic disc.
    Nightmare Before Christmas 2 LP purple vinyl
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    YesPlease reacted to lostcrimes in PO NOW: Senses Fail - If There Is Light, It Will Find You   
    If that's what it takes to get those songs on wax, so be it. I just hope they include an Acoustic The Ground Folds and maybe Bastard Son.
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    YesPlease reacted to mmhmm in PO: The Killers - Vinyl Box Set   
    Waiting for the inevitable fire sale on these...
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    YesPlease reacted to mmhmm in PO SOON: Say Anything - Oliver Appropriate   
    This stuff always brings out the armchair psychologists. Vulnerability is uncomfortable to encounter, especially when it's done in a way that's different than how we'd do it or say it. I don't know this guy or what he's really going through but I'm reminded how vulnerability in others often serves as a mirror for ourselves. And how we respond to it/others says a lot more about us than him. Kudos to him for having the courage to put the worst moments/side of himself out there for all to see.  I respect that kind of courage, regardless of the uncomfortable feelings it elicits in me.
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    YesPlease reacted to zuck in PO SOON: Say Anything - Oliver Appropriate   
    I'm with you on this one. Ahh... Men is such a good song.
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    YesPlease reacted to MCDELTAT in PO SOON: Say Anything - Oliver Appropriate   
    Still confused about how little people like the self-titled. Realized there’s a handful on Discogs right now for like $20. Need to grab one eventually.
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    YesPlease reacted to Tommy in PO SOON: Say Anything - Oliver Appropriate   
    That letter was wild
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    YesPlease reacted to N8TRU1 in Fall Out Boy - Complete Discography Box Set   
    I've been part of the Fueled By Ramen text chain for a few months and every time they send out a mass news link I reply with something along the lines of "how about a repress of Take This To Your Grave?" Today they sent one about Basement and when I asked again they replied. I didn't think they'd even read it and they said "You are relentless. We appreciate that... your suggestion is noted!"

    Funny but we'll see what happens.
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    YesPlease reacted to thedillon in Forever The Sickest Kids - Underdog Alma Mater   
    Just waiting on the label!
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    YesPlease reacted to nardes in The Maine - Can't Stop, Won't Stop   
    I'd bet there will be some extras available after the festival... there were plenty of extras of Get Up Stay down after the festival last year
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    YesPlease reacted to Ishtar in THE OFFICIAL EBAY CRAZINESS THREAD   
  21. Haha
    YesPlease reacted to andynz in THE OFFICIAL EBAY CRAZINESS THREAD   
    Interesting marketing technique 
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    YesPlease reacted to thebigbasic in PO: Gaslight Anthen ‘59 Sound Sessions   
    The Spotify exclusive link. Mint green with book \300. $50 plus shipping.
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    YesPlease got a reaction from Plarocks in ONLINE Record Store Day 2018 - deals, on-sale times, wants lists OK   
    Anybody received shipping or anything on these by chance? 
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    YesPlease reacted to mmhmm in PO NOW: New Found Glory - "Makes Me Sick"   
    New clip sounds legit.
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    YesPlease reacted to [Banned User] in Post a PIC Of Your Collection (Band or Label ONLY)   
    Moving this to the new page. Spent too long posting this to get lost on the last page haha.