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  1. What's wrong with you people? Why so much hate? The song is good mix of alk3, Skiba's solo work and latest blink cant wait to hear more.
  2. https://mondotees.com/products/take-another-hit-the-best-of-coconut-pete-7-inch ?
  3. Judging by 3 released and 2 live tracks this album will be ok. Not great, not bad, but ok. But not wirth $60 for single blue vinyl and bunch of unnecessary stuff.
  4. they've released 2 good tracks after Humanz maybe it won't
  5. So. Who's gonna make popcorn bowl from their super limited vinyl to protest against Jessie?
  6. Soooooo.......... Now I have to buy deja and god to make my collection full. damn Do you guys know the site in US where you can buy both albums and they are in stock?
  7. Why lock up? I'm still interested what that ltd edition will be.
  8. I would've partially agree with you, if we were talking about assaulting adults and etc. But these girls were underage kids. And aside of conscience/mental problems in this situation most of the world have strict laws that prohibit this kind of attitude.
  9. I've just meant, that they could've lied about their age to get to the band(and you can't always tell people's age by the way they looks). I've known girls that've done that back in the day. That's why I still ask girl to show me her passport every time I've interested in her. Fun thing I've always thougt, that Brand New was some kind of undefiled cristian band.
  10. Calm down. At firs we will never know how the things were actually was(especially me, because I'm from another country)(maybe I've missed something). And yes, I think, that jail must be Jessie's new home. You better tell me do you have a thing like "crime expiration date"- like when crime is dated more than 5-10 years you cant be charged for it.
  11. Oh well. Then he's a pedo, and science fiction is their last album FOR REAL(what a coincidence). I'm also 100% positive(just to justify his actions a little) that in the beginning of 00s every band from the scene had such story. Because you know...emo, fangirls.