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  1. Doubling that again. When?! Hopefully I will be able to buy it considering current situation.
  2. Could not get into this album but you can't argue - Jude Law is a banger(I've never read lyrics though)
  3. I know that it's sing the sorrow thread, but maybe someone here wants decemberunderground box for reasonable price? (this time right thread for sure)
  4. damn I'd read whole thread while listening to the bronze and still asked the question here. I should check my head )
  5. I know that it's sing the sorrow thread, but maybe someone here wants decemberunderground box for reasonable price?
  6. The font on the site is horrible. Or is it only me who see "O" instead of "C"? CD box set with top opening lid and oardboard base, includes x13 lyrio oards, immersive booklet, and the diso housed in a printed oard wallet. Its just strange So far both singles were good so ordered bundle with pink vinyl and signed photo.
  7. Bought mine on red here Radiohead: Kid A Mnesia (Limited Indie Edition) (Red Vinyl) (3 LPs) – jpc Pretty sure that it will get cancelled.
  8. What's with it? Can you share a photo? I only remember Deja Entendu popcorn bowl if we talk about records and food.
  9. I had to re enter my information 3 times because paypal didn't want to load(took me 5 minutes maybe). So after few attempts I've completed the purchase with some red error in the window but paypal charged me. 15 minutes later got confirmation letter from the store that everything went smoothly. Feel a little bit sad that I was not buying it for myself but for my singing teacher.(
  10. Hopefully there will be cover variant with the best girl from the series.
  11. Havenot bought a wax in maybe 2 years or so. But as this preorder popped up ordered in heartbeat. Lament is good indeed,
  12. What's wrong with you people? Why so much hate? The song is good mix of alk3, Skiba's solo work and latest blink cant wait to hear more.
  13. https://mondotees.com/products/take-another-hit-the-best-of-coconut-pete-7-inch ?
  14. Judging by 3 released and 2 live tracks this album will be ok. Not great, not bad, but ok. But not wirth $60 for single blue vinyl and bunch of unnecessary stuff.
  15. they've released 2 good tracks after Humanz maybe it won't
  16. So. Who's gonna make popcorn bowl from their super limited vinyl to protest against Jessie?
  17. Soooooo.......... Now I have to buy deja and god to make my collection full. damn Do you guys know the site in US where you can buy both albums and they are in stock?
  18. Why lock up? I'm still interested what that ltd edition will be.

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