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    shawnayala90 reacted to kisol in Cloakroom - Time Well 8/18/17   
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    shawnayala90 reacted to rooks in [PO NOW ] Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.   
    What's up, Top? Yeah, it’s yo cousin rooks, man, just givin' you a call, man. I know you been havin' a lot on yo mind lately, and I know you feel like, you know, people ain't been patient for you shippin' out that Kendrick LP. But you have to understand this, man, that we are a cursed people. Deuteronomy 28:28 says, "The Lord shall smite thee with madness, and blindness, and delayed shipping notifications."
    See, Top Dawg, that's why you feel like you feel like you got a chip on your shoulder. Until you finally ship them records, you will always feel that way…
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    shawnayala90 reacted to batman in Touché Amore - Stage Four 9/16/16   
    random story time... i've seen TA three times before, opening for other bands (circa survive and envy). always thought they were good and admired their energy, but never really listened to any of their recordings. my wife and i ran into jeremy and clayton outside of a local record shop (Vinal Edge) before the show tonight--we were across the street getting coffee, and i thought i recognized jeremy from a distance... walked over and sure enough... i asked 'em what time they were going on because we were running a little behind. they were supposed to go on in about an hour and asked if we could give them a ride to the venue because Uber rides were like 30 bucks (there was an Astros game and I think maybe a Rockets game too going on at around the same time). we had to move carseats, but it was no problem. SUPER nice guys. it was a lot of fun talking to them during the ~15 minute drive to the venue. when we got there, they got our names and told us that their manager/merch guy would hook us up. boy did he...
    they put on a killer show!! and i can't wait to give these a spin. 

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    shawnayala90 reacted to Dave Grohl in Turnover - Good Nature (8/25)   
    In before Deer comes in to say they're getting the rarest variant and only to complain later and never spin it. 
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    shawnayala90 reacted to dantheriver in PO NOW: Deer Leap - Impermanence   
    No vinyl announced at this point, but new EP inbound. http://www.halfcloth.com/premiere-deer-leap-wind-and-words/
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    shawnayala90 reacted to batman in Broken World Media Cassette Club   
    i think everyone wishes her the best, but business could have been handled better. luckily, i (mostly) got everything i paid for, but some bands and other customers weren't so lucky. best thing to do in situations like this is be transparent and honest. going to get a lot more digital pitchforks by deleting social media accounts and ignoring valid complaints.
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    shawnayala90 reacted to joneboon in PO NOW: PWR BTTM Pageant   
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    shawnayala90 reacted to KingTacoMunster in Full Of Hell - Trumpeting Ecstasy | Profound Lore   
    maybe you saw mine? mine is 63/100 and I got the cosmic vein variant, super stoked.
    this album is amazing. I wish the beginning songs were longer, but man it starts to bang hard in the later tracks.
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    shawnayala90 reacted to daniele in PO SOON: NOTHING POSHLOST 12"   
    10 minutes far from the computer and the clear/black was gone.....
    Anyway grabbed a clear...Better than Nothing.....
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    shawnayala90 reacted to KingTacoMunster in PO SOON : Wear Your Wounds - WYW   
    i may have an extra /150 bannon site exclusive, if anyone needs, PM me
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    shawnayala90 reacted to corey. in [PO Soon] Rozwell Kid - Precious Art [Jun 23]   
    Commenting to follow this thread. Anxious to hear some new stuff.
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    shawnayala90 reacted to Hobbes in Out Now: Tigers Jaw- spin   
    Any one else prefer Two Worlds over the rest of their material? I think that's the minority opinion but man I love that album.
    I really enjoyed the Charmer songs they played live prior to its release but once I heard the recorded stuff, it didn't do much for me. I'll miss Adam on this
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    shawnayala90 reacted to parkinglot in Sorority Noise - You're Not As ______ As You Think   
    k but the album art though......
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    shawnayala90 reacted to tlr in Casual Discussion In A Dome Between Two Temples (emo revival recommendations)   
    They just put up their little elephant sessions last week.
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    shawnayala90 reacted to Shitty Rambo in Casual Discussion In A Dome Between Two Temples (emo revival recommendations)   
    I've been super into Lions lately. Like if Tiny Moving Parts and Masked Intruder had a baby. Got these songs on repeat.
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    shawnayala90 reacted to bortx in PO: At The Drive In - in.ter a.li.a (release date 5 may)   
    No Bill Ward, no thanks.
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    shawnayala90 reacted to owenlongsworth in Pre-order now: TWIABP - Formlessness Remastered and Recrecorded + Live on KEXP   
    I live in Indiana and a guy I work with got his order in a week and a half ago and he got the 7" too.  I didn't realize so many people were still waiting on their orders as well
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    shawnayala90 reacted to dantheriver in Pre-order now: TWIABP - Formlessness Remastered and Recrecorded + Live on KEXP   
    Probably closer to only project now.
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    shawnayala90 reacted to deer in Pre-order now: TWIABP - Formlessness Remastered and Recrecorded + Live on KEXP   
    oh, yeah, this came in today. I don't have much to say, but it's pretty.

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    shawnayala90 reacted to corey. in The Obsessives - Heck No, Nancy   
    Second press up for pre-order! Shipping in a few weeks. Also some first press copies lingering in the store.

    Second press variants:
    White /100
    Clear w/ Purple Smoke /150
    Baby Pink Marble /250
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    shawnayala90 reacted to deer in Nothing - Downward Years To Come 2.0 12"   
    The "example picture" on the sale page doesn't do justice to how beautiful the splatter is. So good.

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    shawnayala90 reacted to dantheriver in Basement - Promise Everything   
    Worst case scenario they start to suck but blow up and I can unload my rare pressings for $$$$$.
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    shawnayala90 reacted to mcpherson123 in The thread formerly known as 'ty segall'   
    I'd say punk albums traditionally run from about 30 to 40 minutes. Usually somewhere in the middle of those two points. Some of the first bands that really got me activated about music (these being Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Pantera and Tool) were putting out albums that were around 60 to 80 minutes so I ended up having a really high expectation for running time. I came to settle on the 40-ish minute mark as being a concession after getting into A Perfect Circle (their first LP is about 43 minutes) and realizing that not every band had as much quality output (or output overall) to support the maximum CD capacity running time. 
    Then The Mars Volta came into my life... and well. You know.
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    shawnayala90 reacted to Bladew1ll1s1sdead in The Academy Is... Santi (ETR pressing)   
    I've been keeping a close eye on em since this. Makes me happy I keep getting tagged in this. Hopefully a tour + vinyl. 
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    shawnayala90 reacted to deer in Pre-order now: TWIABP - Formlessness Remastered and Recrecorded + Live on KEXP   
    Looks like they're starting to filter in. Found a lit-from-behind picture of the half/half on instagram... no normal lighting shots yet, but this is good enough to me.
    Hoping I get my copy in sometime soon, although I'm really not in a rush.