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  1. there was a two year period there where i was actively trying to collect all of the stuff the label was releasing and i ended up topping out at about three dozen or so of them because they started putting out too much too fast and since half of the things they do seem to be boxed sets, it just got to be too much. I still really want that Ork box, tho!
  2. We have separate accounts, but know the passwords to each other's accounts - not that any sort of deceptive spending is happening, anyway; but we're both fully aware of what the other has at all times. The bills are usually a give and take - like, all of our rent may come out of her bank one month, but then I end up covering the entire phone bill, all utilities, credit cards, all groceries, extraneous spending, etc, so it ultimately evens out (it helps that we have a monthly budget that we have drawn up and try to stick to). It's really down to how much trust you have in one another.
  3. not seeing the point in the "1 left in stock", "3 left in stock" thing if they're being packed in random order instead of first come first served.
  4. Hopefully all of our orders don't fall to overstock woes. Several of the records I ordered were listed as only having 1-3 copies left.
  5. listened to the a-side of this today and i really liked how it just seems glacial in the way it starts on the same keel and then slowly drifts into static and white noise and peaks. i'm thinking of grabbing a copy.
  6. $150 in and I'm thinking that coming to VC was a big mistake today... edit: $172 shipped on 28 records (including two Melt Banana, a 3xLP Vaselines, 2 Sun Ra, a Bass Drum of Death, a La Sera, a Shop Assistants, SEVERAL garage comps, etc)
  7. Yeah, this. Aside from a random thread here and there and a number of posters that I can count on less than two hands, I always assumed drone/ambient/noise was anathema around here.
  8. i've been thinking of pulling the trigger on the six TMNT ones that are out but other action figures keep getting higher priority.
  9. As a dog walker, I do a good 10+ miles a day (I have a pedometer on my phone and I try to always hit *atleast* 20,000 steps - twice the daily recommended) and I never have issues with feeling faint or tired. Staying hydrated is key, of course; and you should be fine.
  10. my friend at Bric A Brac Records here in Chicago pre-ordered 7 copies and he's setting aside one for me - he won't be getting them in until the 'store release of 11/26' but I don't mind since I have the OG Varese Sarabande pressing from the early 80's. I don't even care about color, I just want a copy since it's one of my favorite films.
  11. I slipped up for the last month and started eating a shit ton of pizza (new one 3 minutes walking down the street that just opened didn't help!) and I ended up staying at the same place on the scale. Because I've continually juiced three times daily, having crappy junk food at night hasn't equaled any weight gain, thankfully, but, of course, no loss, either. hahah A few days ago I started on a new 30 day bender of straight juicing with a raw salad integrated in (the main reason why I went pizza crazy - I need something to chew. No clue how I did that 60 day run over the Summer with no solids. hahah) - stepped on the scale this morning and I'm at 198. I've never been anything less than 200 for as far back as I can remember (maybe middle school? I was a chubby kid!). I'm looking to get down to 180 by the end of these 30 days and have also been introducing in push ups, lifts, squats, dips, light dumb bell lifting, and planks so that I can start toning up. I also do about 20,000+ steps (10+ miles) a day due to my dog walking job - THAT probably helped me to not gain anything when I was eating pizza literally every night for a month, too. hah Atticus - the main thing I juice and drink DAILY no matter what is this: 1 large Beet 1 large Cucumber 1 large bundle of Kale 2 medium Green Apples 6 medium Carrots That concoction (after also running the pulp through the juicer a couple of times) is typically between 56 and 64 ounces. I split that up into three servings (one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening) and also drink a cup of lemon juice (literally hot water and freshly squeezed lemon) in the morning along with green tea or kombucha throughout the day. Right now, I'm also eating a raw salad for dinner (spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, avocado, etc) so that I can continue to drop weight. When I don't need to worry about weight loss any more and just focus on maintenance, I'll go back to doing dinner time hot foods along with a couple of times a week doing things like sushi or pizza since the continual juicing and exercise I do (as mentioned above) will keep even the junkiest of foods from causing weight to come back on. I intend on juicing throughout the day for the rest of my life - at this point, I've gotten to where the injection of nutrients from the raw veggies gives me endless energy throughout the day, which is definitely what I need. During the day, eating solids is never even a temptation - it's always at night, so be careful of that when dinner time rolls around. here's a pic of me from a couple of days ago. I still have a ways to go but I'm not scared of being photographed anymore, atleast - http://nooneisdangerous.tumblr.com/post/64979399763/no-real-updates-lately-other-than-my-hair-looks#notes-container
  12. really bummed when i got down to the end of this page and there wasn't anything else to read.
  13. i would jump on this if i didn't already have most of the studio albums, as well as various LP comps of the bbc recordings/demos, etc -
  14. didn't realize this debuted - will definitely watch. I didn't finish last season, but I should probably re-watch it as a whole. At the time, it felt like it was jumping around from place to place way too much and had little in the way of consistency by the last few episodes.
  15. i used to try to collect all the early tooth and nail cd's and lost interest after awhile. I have probably a little over 100 cd's from the '93-'01 period and over 50 cassettes from that period, as well - the vinyl (LP's/7"s, etc) are over 100+ at this point (including the copy of FSF's TMID that yanquiuxo just sent over). Best of luck! Try eBay - tons of sellers have old T+N stuff on there for dirt cheap.
  16. So I'm bringing this back up top - has anyone been integrating juicing into their lives to where they're still doing it now a few months later? I'm down to the 200 pound mark, which is pretty exciting for me - not only am I 60 pounds lighter than I was three months ago, but I'm also, by the BMI chart, no longer considered obese. I still have another 30 pounds to go before I hit the ideal weight for my height, and I'm currently slogging through a 30 day juicer to get to that point - but I'm thrilled with the progress. Anyone who hasn't done this yet should atleast give it a shot - if not for the weight loss, for the more clear state of mind and energy juicing brings. There have been times over the last month where we've ordered stuff like pizza or dinners with french fries and I love eating it, but always feel sluggish to the point of being stoned after I'm done. hahah
  17. Shoot me an offer on Operation Doomsday. I like it but I'm not married to it and would probably just use the money to buy the new press that's in the tin can.
  18. i spend pretty much the rest of the year looking forward to this month. for those who follow me on Instagram, you should take part in my annual October activity of posting 31 horror soundtracks/horror rock records over the course of the month!
  19. I wanna bite on this pretty hard but I have everything up to Babaluma and everything after was pretty crummy....

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