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  1. I did a quick search and didn't see it posted already. Real Gone Music has a reissue of In With The Out Crowd on "Grape" vinyl available for order. Its also on Amazon (same RGM version) but a bit cheaper direct. Looks like around 3k pressed based on comments I've seen. Street date is 11/11/22. https://realgonemusic.com/collections/upcoming/products/less-than-jake-in-with-the-out-crowd-lp
  2. Craft Records variant - Fog /500 https://craftrecordings.com/products/taking-back-sunday-tell-all-your-friends-20th-anniversary-edition-lp-10-craft-exclusive?_pos=5&_sid=87e991e72&_ss=r
  3. https://kingsroadmerch.com/epitaph-records/artist/872
  4. I managed to grab a baby blue about 10:45am EST. I'm not sure when it went live but I was shocked to have managed to get one.
  5. Did they ever say what they were actually going to do for the people who ordered the while the pressing numbers were still limited to 300 on the SP Exclusive variant?
  6. There's one from a seller with a so-so rating on Discogs for $79.99... https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/651766294
  7. Cancelled the Interpunk order and reordered from Bullmoose around 11:30 Eastern time on Friday. Order is packed and ships early Saturday. Item out for delivery (USPS media mail) on Monday afternoon. Still no contact from Interpunk via their website, email or PayPal. Amazing the difference in how these two companies do things...
  8. I just cancelled my order with Interpunk. I guess I should have looked a bit at their social media and stuff before sending my money. Now I've got it re-ordered from Bullmoose and I get to deal with Paypal to get my money back. Good times.
  9. Thanks for the coupon code. $20 shipped for the early bird was too good to pass up. A little surprised it was still available...
  10. Received shipping email and tracking info from KRM-EU... Should be to Michigan on Monday.
  11. Went with the Bull Moose indie variant. Cashed in some frequent buyer points and got it for $9.48 shipped.
  12. My Allison Weiss collection so far... Say What You Mean: 1st Press: Test Press - 17/20 (signed) Coke Bottle Clear - 126/200 (NS Sub) Opaque Blue - /300 Trans Orange - /500 2nd Press: Orange/Orange - /500 Remember When: 1st Press: Test Press - 2/20 (signed) Coffee/Creamer - 115/125 (NS Sub) Clear/Black - /400 Black/Gray - /600 Making It Up: 1st Press: Test Press - 8/20 (signed) Coke Bottle Clear - 115/200 (NS Sub) Brown - /300 Trans Grey - /500 New Love 1st Press: Test Press - /? (Opaque Pink) Clear/Blue/White - /500 (S1D Exclusive) Daytrotter 16 (split with Tegan and Sara): Black - /? (signed by AW) I'm missing the pink retail 1st press and the 2nd presses of New Love, both colors of the split 7" with Jenny Owen Youngs, and the I was an Island 7". The New Love LPs and clear copy of the split 7" will be January purchases. The black split with JOY and the IWAI 7"s are proving incredibly hard to find...
  13. Managed to be fast enough to grab Unincornography when it went back up.