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  1. here's a gang of codes i had laying around. Shabazz Palaces - Lese Majesty subpop.com/download_code tfph62hjjauz Touche Amore / Title Fight split deathwishinc.com/downloadvinyl 219-299N0UAV9S Hesitation Wounds - S/t deathwishinc.com/downloadvinyl 216-113K3RDJ4A Meltdown - S/t deathwishinc.com/downloadvinyl 34-769GYHU4Q 34-305LTM4CB3 Self Defense Family - I'm Going through some shit deathwishinc.com/downloadvinyl 140-8188O7RHR0 SDF - Self Immolation Family deathwishinc.com/downloadvinyl 173-1431JMVZ4V1 UN - Nevermind the bombings deathwishinc.com/downloadvinyl 96-2005X15Q0AY Touche Amore - Live at BBC 2 deathwishinc.com/downloadvinyl 262-1416K85VQI3 Single Mothers - S/t deathwishinc.com/downloadvinyl 169-1013LMFN29T Touche Amore / Pianos - split deathwishinc.com/downloadvinyl 212-7991R13J37Y End of a Year - S/t deathwishinc.com/downloadvinyl 51-714XQCRCJ2 Code Orange - I Am King deathwishinc.com/downloadvinyl 268-1261ZPYUBU7 Touche Amore - Live at BBC 1 deathwishinc.com/downloadvinyl 182-14527MJQP60 Cold World - How the Gods Chill deathwishinc.com/downloadvinyl 260-12NJMKT8I SDF / Meredith Hunter bandcamp.com/yum ma49-jqsa Touche Amore / The Casket Lottery nosleepdownloads.com 03258664632 Drug Church - S/t nosleepdownloads.com 03048438375 Xerxes - Would You Understand nosleepdownloads.com 03322322720 Braid/Balance and Composure nosleepdownloads.com 03323257769
  2. A Tribe Called Quest is essential listening if you're into hip-hop at all.
  3. Nymphomaniac is one film, but it's been split into two for theatrical release and VOD, because it's four hours long.