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  1. simplyshanon

    Online sales of RSD releases

    Finally made it to confirm order, and then it brought me back to the log in :/
  2. simplyshanon

    Recent purchases

    I found NFG/Dashboard - Swiss Army Bromance in the used section today, which kind of made my day. Picked up Masked Intruder the other day and Misser - Distancing. And my boyfriend got me Against Me! - New Wave as an early birthday present. It's been a good few days.
  3. For anyone who has gone to a recent show, how much was the album? 15? Debating if I should wait another week 'til I see them or pick it up at a store.
  4. simplyshanon

    WTT Slingshot Dakota / Man Overboard

    Bump! 15ppd each and they can be yours. Or trade me
  5. Yeah I'm in the same boat for Koji/Turnover/Daylight. I know it will eventually ship, I just hope it's soon. Getting a bit antsy.
  6. simplyshanon


    Why would you want to spend the rest of your life with someone you won't ever fully trust again, and think is a "whore" now? I get you love her, but you have to respect yourself enough to let go and give yourself the chance to fall in love with someone else who won't bring all that negativity.
  7. Just looking to swap for something I'd get more listens out of. Slingshot has yet to be played, and MO has maybe two-three gos. Slingshot Dakota / Dark Hearts / Dark Translucent Purple / 300 Man Overboard / The Human Highlight Reel / Black / 500 You can take a look at the rest of my list, but I'm not so sure I'd like to trade anything else. But maybe! http://deadformat.net/tradelist/recordgrrrl
  8. If anyone could pick me up one of these at a show, I would greatly appreciate it. I didn't preorder because I was seeing them and thought they'd be out by then, but I was a week or so shy :/ PM me if you'd be able to, please.
  9. simplyshanon

    BestBuy.com Thread (Updated 5/13)

    Ordered Say Anything s/t, The Dangerous Summer - Reach For the Sun, and FOB - Folie a Deux. Hopefully the last two end up shipping.
  10. Anyone else's copy of Rockabye Baby White Stripes have a huge black smear and bits of plastic everywhere? :/
  11. simplyshanon

    Anybody in this neck of the woods go to law school?

    I am also finishing my junior year of undergrad and planning to pursue law school. Would it be a bad idea to take time off in between to work? I'm already burned out, so I feel that jumping straight in would make it worse and I'd end up leaving. I'd rather recharge for a year or two, while still being productive and making money. I don't think I can handle a job while in law school, unless its not very demanding on hours, so coming in with some money would be very helpful.
  12. simplyshanon

    Fest 12

    I think I will, but I'm scared for my body. 6 days is killer.
  13. simplyshanon

    Fest 12

    I cannot wait. Last year's was one of the greatest weekends of my life.
  14. I managed to get: T/T/T NFG - Mania Rockabye Baby JEW - Damaged 7" And then the non-RSD stuff: Postal Service Loser Edition Banne Pilot - Heart Beats Pacific Lawerence Arms - Oh! Calcutta! (used) Modest Mouse - King Rat 7" (used) Modest Mouse - Float On 7" (used) Say Anything - Hate Everyone 7'" (used) The Mynah Birds - It's My Time/Go On and Cry 7"