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  1. Pulled the trigger on all three. Had to do it. Been lusting after/stalking these three for years, trying to find a good price. Found out last week about the tour and let myself have a little tinge of hope for a Futures repress. So, when I saw the link today, I couldn't resist. From the JEW webstore it came out to like $113 for all three, including tax and ground shipping which I consider pretty affordable for the purported quality and my own personal "want-factor". And now, we wait...
  2. I signed in to Bull Moose at like 8:30 (pacific time), had tabs open for the 4 things I wanted at 8:50, and hurriedly clicked 'add to basket' on all four once they went live at 8:55... so I'm able to see my basket with all 4 items at 9:04 and when I click 'checkout' it sent me to login again! At that point NOTHING happened for an hour. It just "loaded". I finally got through around 10:08 and it went through with all 4 items in my cart. So... I hope they actually went through. That was nervewracking!
  3. I'm waffling big time on this one. Nostalgia is kicking me straight in the gut but so is the fact that I need to save for my trips to Missouri, New York and Vegas in the next three months. But... The Click!
  4. Great experience with futurekills. Smooth as could be!
  5. Just got mine in too. Shipping notice yesterday evening, arriving before noon today? Way to go, Kings Road Merch!
  6. I lived a couple blocks from Amoeba from about 2004-2006 and I seriously had to set a budget for myself, like take some cash and ONLY use that cash. Definitely got myself into a bit of trouble there at the beginning. Totally worth it though.
  7. Great fucking soundtrack. Would buy this without a second thought. Side note: totally wanted to buy a projecter in Jr. High because of this movie.
  8. Do you want to ***** a snowman? http://www.buzzfeed.com/briangalindo/the-unnecessarily-censored-version-of-disneys-frozen-is-hila
  9. I would be into this like a train if I weren't saving to go to NY in May. I haven't typically cared about the recent Disney movies but this one really got to me.
  10. hrmm... this makes me hopeful! I, also, haven't received a shipping notification but I ordered it pretty late. Would be nice to find a surprise on my doorstep soon!
  11. That was fun! Can't wait for my pre-order shipping notice now. Still wishing those tour copies would have come to California but stoked to be getting the trans blue.
  12. Got the same email. Took the second pressing. Is there a little thought in the back of my head that's bummed it's not a first press? Sure. But I'm more stoked to get a copy sooner than I would waiting for the second pressing to be announced/shipped.