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  1. As opposed to digitally editing the photos. Non- adhesive google eyes makes more sense though
  2. Do you put the eyes directly on the album covers?
  3. Seek assistance from a professional edit - selling records is stressful so if you are already stressed selling them isn’t going to help. Just stop buying new ones. If you can’t stop see my original statement
  4. Turnstile onesies will be the new merchandise “must have”
  5. This blows. Was really looking forward to the under oath tour because of ETID
  6. Knuckle puck right now is still the bigger draw although the gap is closing. I could see hot mulligan being bigger than KP if they release another full length. Since they are friends HM would still default to KP as headliner on a joint bill. for what it’s worth KPs riot fest crowd was massive. I don’t really care if KPs sound evolves. I like it and if I want something different I’ll just listen to a different band. They can keep putting out the same record and I’d be fine. if you are interested in Knuckle Puck and Hot Mulligan I’ll plug belmont And wilmette
  7. Did not know this was a band that other people knew about. I figured they were from chicago because they are playing knuckle pucks short holiday tour
  8. Seems odd to charge everyone the same price if shipping varies $25-$60. You are potentially costing yourself $35 of profit based on where the person purchasing it lives.
  9. Humor me on your margins. $2 of material for $90.

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