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  1. https://chopshopchi.com/calendar/index.html
  2. I wanted to say something but I think you guys did a good job of beating this to death already
  3. Anyone know about the group LS Dunes? On the riot fest lineup and is supposedly an Anthony green project.
  4. Imagine your fan base turning on you for putting out albums as solid as no closer to heaven and sister cities.
  5. Of course I see a chicago record store have a midnight listening party for the jack white album last night. It is more of an event based thing with give aways but still similar to what I am talking about.
  6. I never went at midnight to buy anything but I thought I remembered news segments and stuff on TRL and other media about midnight releases with long lines. Just wanted to make sure I was remembering things correctly. Seems like most people have similar thoughts on this.
  7. Did stores like Best Buy, Sam goodie, tower records, etc. used to open at midnight on Monday night / Tuesday morning? Was this only for highly anticipated releases?
  8. Success. This is no longer available I received two class action payments $22.02 and $11.83. I can pay you through PayPal for one of those two amounts. I don’t really care what you send me. A record a cd some stickers a shirt. Just send me a package with something in it.
  9. https://www.newburycomics.com/products/turnover-peripheral_vision_exclusive_lp_moonphase?recommendify_click=similar&variant=39716133273780 $39.99 for vinyl

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