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  1. Any news about an album release show or record store in-store?
  2. Yeah that’s another great option
  3. This might sound weird but try getting into phish. They are probably the most rewarding band to be a fan of. There is so much content out there for them (albums, live shows, xm station, books, podcasts, YouTube accounts, movies, posters). You could spend the rest of your life just going through what is already available. But the best part is they refuse to rest on what they have done in the past. They are constantly moving forward. The members are active on their own as well. Mike Gordon (bass) just released new solo music, trey (guitar) release a solo album, and trey and page (piano) released a collaboration. Each live show is an experience in its self. Even if you aren’t into the music at first continue digging and I think you’ll connect with some aspect since all of the members individually are immensely talented.
  4. If only there was another place where people could buy and sell records that isn’t infiltrated with scammers and exorbitant fees.
  5. Okay redeemed. In comparison to the second half SA discography Oliver is an alright album.
  6. There are a handful of real answers that could be given without opening the record but where’s the fun in that. If you just want to know if it’s a first pressing or not I’ll tell you with 100% certainty it is not a first press.
  7. Albums from active bands being delayed to press good Charlotte records that need the records to sell so they can cover gas to the next show.
  8. All joking aside that is a hefty collection. I’ll give you tree fiddy.
  9. Really liked open door policy so I’m on board a new hold steady album every couple years with a Craig Finn album in between is great
  10. So far out of the system paying eBay fees paying property taxes paying income tax paying car registration paying car insurance driving on public roads paying for your own health insurance homie you are the system and you don’t even know it. You don’t truly own anything.
  11. Good luck paying me back with your seventy thousand dollars-a-year salary plus benefits, babe!
  12. Have multiple accounts is part of the shadiness. One account. Buy whatever sell whatever. No need to mess around.
  13. For how “fyre fest” WWWY seemed they still did an amazing job with hype. this lineup announcement is like the opposite of hype. dont think I’ve seen another festival do headliners last
  14. Shady post is shady. my account is like 18 years old. I go 2 years without buying or selling and there are no problems. get an account and stick with it.
  15. Anyone watching the bamboozle roll out / debacle? it feels like they actively don’t want people to attend.
  16. Thanks. This helps me know where I should start.
  17. What genre are these? I haven’t heard of almost any of the bands

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