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  1. Beside the boxset (that has the inverted colors artwork) there are two (slightly) different cover arts for the standard vinyl editions: COVER 1: COVER 2: Here's a recap of all the variants: - Artbook Boxset w/ 48 pages, Beige/Black Marbled Vinyl and 2xCD /2000 (Available on KRM EU, EMP and Metal Blade US) W/ Cover 1: - Clear/Black Splatter /100 (KRM EU Exclusive) - Clear/Black Circle /200 (KRM EU & EMP Exclusive) - Red/Black Marbled /300 (KRM EU & EMP Exclusive) - Clear/Black Marbled /400 (KRM EU & EMP Exclusive) - 180g Black /??? (KRM EU & EMP Exclusive) W/ Cover 2: - Clear Brown Marbled /300 (KRM EU & EMP Exclusive) - Clear Yellowness /400 (KRM EU & EMP Exclusive) - Blue/White/Black Marbled /300 (Metal Blade US Exclusive) - Clear Gray Marbled/1000 (Metal Blade US Exclusive) Standard editions include gatefold jacket, 20-page booklet and digital download card.
  2. The splatter disappeared/sold out from KRM. I’m glad I got one.
  3. https://psoty.bandcamp.com/ New song is up on bc and pre-order launched here https://psoty.bigcartel.com/ Black vinyl is the only option available.
  4. @zaoza No problem man. Relapse just never disappoints for what concerne fancy variants. I think I’ll go with the pinwheels.
  5. Yeah man, I saw that too but didn’t want to show all the details before Relapse does.
  6. First single ‘The Bastard Son’ is up on Spotify. The album will be out September 20th. Official announcement and pre-orders today in a few hours.
  7. Here I am, I ordered all the 10 variants. This band represents something special for me, not only for musical reasons but also personal. I contributed to set up a show for them in my country two years ago, I meet them, saw them live and was a unique experience. They’re wonderful people, I kept in touch with one of them and we often talk. Last but not least the new album is going to be epic.
  8. HERE ARE ALL THE 10 VARIANTS SCHEDULED FOR THIS RELEASE: • WLTS bandcamp (AUS): - Deep Purple/Sea Blue Half & Half w/ Heavy Halloween Orange & Bone White Splatter /150 - A/B Orange Krush w/ Heavy Bone White, Aqua Blue & Brown Splatter | C/D Sea Blue w/ Heavy Halloween Orange, Bone White & Brown Splatter /300 - Bone White & Aqua Blue Galaxy Merge /500 • Translation Loss (US): - Aqua Blue/Halloween Orange/Brown Tri-Color Merge w/ Heavy Deep Purple, Grimace Purple & Neon Violet Splatter /200 - A/B Halloween Orange in Clear w/ Heavy Aqua Blue, Brown & Bone White Splatter | C/D Aqua Blue in Clear w/ Heavy Halloween Orange, Brown & Bone White Splatter /300 - Bone White & Grimace Purple Galaxy Merge /500 • Dunk! (EU): - Color TBC 180g. /??? • Beatdisc (AUS): - Color TBC /100 • Holy Roar (UK): - White w/ Blue & Pink Splatter /600 - Black /???
  9. The indie store esclusive variant of ‘Blood Year’ on gold vinyl is available for preorders from various stores both in EU and US.
  10. Damn, this is shit! I don’t know if they’re aware of the fact that the fancy TMR record club they mentioned sold the Sleep live 4xLP for the same price of this “rarest of the rare” Holy Mountain pressing. The first is a quadruple LPs set in a sturdy cardboard sleeve + patch + poster, the second a single LP in a standard jacket.. Then they basically suggest you to buy it at that price conscious that you’ll easily double up your investment in a short time. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bx2XEMyJILk/?igshid=687xii95rngh
  11. First Slomatics song from the new album is really great! http://theobelisk.net/obelisk/2019/05/15/slomatics-canyons-review-premiere/
  12. ‘The Silent Man’ is now up on Bandcamp too https://cultofluna.bandcamp.com/track/the-silent-man
  13. New song ‘The Silent Man’ will be up on Spotify on Monday 6th
  14. “Silence came crawling. There is a man at the door. In the absence of light, we merge with our shadows. Rise and ride my friend. Together we’ll bring on the end.”