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    Northern, IL
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    mike. 26.
    management, walgreens.
    i enjoy coffee. beer. the green bay packers. video games.
    and of course, records. looking to buy, not sell. (i WILL entertain offers, but don't get your hopes up.)
    let's be online friends. since i don't have any real ones.
    tradelist: http://deadformat.net/tradelist/mikeeppenbro
    pictures: http://fucking-vinyl.tumblr.com

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  1. Made an account on here, gonna fill out my list when I don't feel like being a lazy turd. Thanks for this!
  2. still havent been able to get my hands on one of those. anyways, ordered the purple.
  3. Low Teens, y'all. I missed out on the opaque pink because i have bills and a mortgage and all kinds of bullshit, but if anyone wants to help a brother out.
  4. Congrats! Free things make me happy. But really, my friendship with my sister. Wouldn't trade it for anything or any person on the entire goddamn earth.
  5. dang, searched for this and nothing showed up. oh well.
  6. Better Off - Milk Album release: Sept 11, 2015, however vinyl ships late November 1st press - Opaque light blue, limited to 200 copies. Track list: 1. Empty Handed 2. Dresser Drawer 3. Suicide Island 4. This Day Will Never End 5. Unhappy 6. You’re Alright 7. Interlude 8. Whatever I Don’t Care 9. A Lesson In Loving 10. Bella Disorder 11. Spinning 12. Mary In Chains 13. Myself In A Pill http://betteroff.merchnow.com/products/v2/211614/better-off--milk-lp--dd
  7. I'll hit you up with an offer on some things later this week! Gotta wait til payday/bills. Also, sending you positive vibes, sorry you're dealing with this shit.

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