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  1. Dang, I wish I'd known that the black variant was 180G before placing my purchase.
  2. If we know the press info for the violet and black, did anyone manage to find the number for the splatter variant before it (presumably?) sold out on merchnow?
  3. Yeah, the website doesn't work on my phone either. Grabbed the splatter variant using my work PC. Shout out to Basick for charging an acceptable shipping rate - it's been so long since I paid less than £5 for shipping a record.
  4. Cheers! I'm sure I missed more Ltd variants by being late to the party, but cheap shipping > rarity.
  5. Missed out on the coloured variants this time. I'll still pick up the black variant anyway, always happy to support the gloom.
  6. Just listened to the new track. Did they actually mix a bunch of farts into the track? If it was any other band, I would be sure it was just bass...
  7. Damn, fast. Ordered the merge variant from the euro store on my lunch break - glad I didn't hesitate!
  8. Now I'm unsure about what kind of edging the website is referring to...
  9. Surprised it lasted that long tbf, even if they pressed 1/2000x there definitely would have been the demand seeing as it's been oop since 2013.
  10. Speaking of Halloween, the reissue of the Halloween III soundtrack goes up on Mondo today.
  11. Probably not free shipping to the UK though. I could have cancelled my order and got it from Banquet records, but I'm in no rush. It'll arrive at some point and that's fine.
  12. Lucky. I went with Amazon and it won't ship out for a couple of days yet.