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  1. Snagged ZIA. Revolver is cool but the markup is silly. Does seems like they gave up on the idea of a cohesive package for the pressing choices. This I snagged the orange version of the new Russian Circles..which was also ....kind of weird.... maybe its just the sign of the times.
  2. What the hell is even this?

  3. Missed out on the 1/1000 and I couldn't image going though any faster....how, just.....how? got the highlighter tho.
  4. Welcome to r/vinyljerk here is your free copy of Screamy Red Face.
  5. Still looking for this if anyone is willing to part with it or know someone who is.
  6. Miserable – Uncontrollable Any variant in great condition would be awesome!
  7. need to add it to my Timeline WDY collection and Lume is sweet BIN TWDY and BIN Lume
  8. I ordered a Shawn James record from them only to have it take a million years and have a seam split but its okay but Shawn James signed it....im of the mind signatures are only valuable if you get them yourself and the value is only sentimental.... they suck.
  9. As long as the pressing it good, I'll be a happy man.
  10. I was able to "cold call" a person on Discogs whom I saw had it. I had ordered from the previously, maybe paid too much but everyone can use a little extra money around the holidays.
  11. I had no idea they did a pressing of this in October! If anyone has this and is having buyers remorse, hit me up.
  12. I caught that tour as well. It was actually my first encounter with Emma. What a rabbit hole its been.
  13. I mean that kind of true but these prices are ridiculous even for now. $300 for "Remains when then highest it ever went for was $150...I think I paid $50-$60 for my copy. I guess things are worth what people are willing to pay, good luck!
  14. OH boy! What I wouldn't give to get to hear "Blazing Helicopters..." for the first time again.
  15. https://suffocateforfucksake.bandcamp.com/album/fyra A little late but still copies available of both variants. The singles are beyond promising
  16. I just got done paying too much money for a pressing of "Departure Songs"....now this?! You know I ordered it.