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  1. might have to pony up for the moon phase w the cover, this records too good and seems like I won't find it for that much cheaper anyways.
  2. they had two shirts, Problems LP and 4 Min Mile LP
  3. I think its their weakest record, with the vocals and the melodies being the biggest culprit. too much trevor, unfortunately. Still rips though.
  4. I've been thinking this will be like an aug/sept release since last year. right before a fall tour.
  5. I accidentally ordered two copies of the revolver variant, if anyone wants the extra $36 shipped
  6. I went last night, its a blast! the kids love them. they have way more energy live than on their recordings.
  7. https://joycemanor.bigcartel.com/product/pre-order-bundle-40-oz-to-fresno-vinyl-kitten-shirt-40-oz-koozie-shipping-to-us-included lime variant with a 40 oz koozie lmao
  8. tbh I have records that I have been waiting on for over a year now so its not unexpected for delays to happen

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