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  1. I'm interested in one of these if there are any extras out there !
  2. is all of the vinyl not shipping til feb? am I reading that right?
  3. seems like they were selling white on their site directly no?
  4. going to the LA popup tonight and the show tomorrow, will scoop copies of the tour variant if they have em
  5. I mean if the are already selling it on tour, you have less to worry about I think.
  6. im guessing cheapest will probably be the indie variant if you can find it from a shop that does cheap or free shipping. also black will always be an option.
  7. it appears there will also be FYE purple and Violent Gentlemen clear pink https://twitter.com/everytimeidie/status/1427633291453247490?s=20
  8. hoping pinwheel came out good, theyve been pretty hit and miss in my experience. mines been shipped btw.
  9. im pretty sure I read that matt was super sick while they were tracking that album and that he was miserable and blew out his voice, hence the sound. I don't think that it sounds like, BAD, but it definitely was part of the cirmcumstances rather than a choice
  10. I emailed merchnow and they said they're waiting for the colored variants to get to them, could be a few more weeks.

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