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  1. found a pink variant of Paramore After Laughter at my local UO for $10, used one of my $5 coupons to get that bad boy for $5. Also I hope all of you are entering contests and using the UO app to rack up those $5 coupons.
  2. AWasteOfATime

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    grabbed both of the new punchline records for $20. thanks!
  3. AWasteOfATime

    PO: The Story So Far - Proper Dose

    any extras of those guys? would grab
  4. email asian man, see what they can do for ya
  5. AWasteOfATime

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Yep mine worked this morning, got the variant of new ALK3 for $2. Sidenote I think you can use the code for anything from anywhere on KRM as long as it exceeds $20 so go nuts.
  6. AWasteOfATime

    The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    yeah i also got the code but it isnt working for anything.
  7. AWasteOfATime

    PO: The Story So Far - Proper Dose

    easily their best, took em long enough to grow up
  8. AWasteOfATime

    PO: The Story So Far - Proper Dose

    this is their best album and i dont even know if its close
  9. if anyone has the mp3s of these tracks, could they PM me please? I never found them online
  10. I'd say it all really clicked for me on the third listen. Second half is the stronger one for me, only real weaker point in album is Little Help into I Can't Believe. One of their best records, probably since like Crimson/GM era. I also do not really get what they mean by the record sounding like MICF BUT what they probably mean is it was recorded in a similar fashion, I think I read somewhere that they wrote and recorded that record in a super short amount of time and I think the same thing happened here, just the guys in a room writing for a chunk of time and then putting it to tape immediately. I love this record.
  11. I have a copy, PM me
  12. Indie variant pink /250 https://www.bullmoose.com/p/27837985/saves-the-day-9-pink-vinyl-ltd-to-250-copies-indie-exclusive
  13. AWasteOfATime

    PO SOON: Say Anything - Oliver Appropriate

    is this coming out in Oct or JAn? there seems to be some confusion