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  1. I edited my other posts to include some pics of the 6th press that's available if anyone wants it. They're here as well. Feel free to PM me if you're interested!
  2. Oops forgot to post an update on this post. Ordered from amazon.co.uk for like $18 shipped via prime, arrived in like approx 3-4 weeks. It was packaged in a record mailer which was then put inside a regular box. The regular box was pretty beat up but the mailer was fine so the record was unscathed. Gave the album one full listen so far. It sounds really nice, although I don't have a US press to compare to. I noted only a couple spots of crackle/distortion, which could prob be removed with a proper cleaning but I only have a brush. All in all, for the money it's completely worth it imo.
  3. To add to this - when you click on the star, it takes you to the first unread comment that's been posted by a user since the last time you were in the thread. I really like that feature, especially for threads with a lot of activity! Two birds with this comment, as I'm posting for the star too lol
  4. Sure! Traveling for work and won't be home until tomorrow night, so will try to do it then! Edit: pics are posted here.
  5. I have a copy of the 6th press aqua green swirl if someone wants it. It's the variant that best matches the artwork imo. Listened to it once when I got it around the time it was released and don't recall it having any sound quality issues, but I can listen to it again if requested lol. $24 shipped? Let me know. Edit: here are some pics.
  6. They're playing in my city in September and I might go. Having never seen them (and haven't listened to them at all in 10+ years), are there songs/albums you think I should familiarize myself with before seeing them?
  7. I ordered it too. It should be here next week I think. Will update on how it was packed, how it arrived, etc. Also, hello fellow Wisconsinite lol
  8. Went to her Lolla aftershow at the Metro this weekend and it was such a good set. Would've been better if I could actually hear her most of the time instead of the audience singing EVERY SINGLE WORD even though I was right up front haha. It was still cool with how much energy her, her band, and the audience had though. Might be a top 5 favorite set of all time for me. She's a star.
  9. On a side note, I blasted this album while driving home from Chicago at 2:00am after going to the Kacey Musgraves Lolla aftershow. It felt like it kept me hyper-focused on the road ahead of me while flying down the empty interstate in the middle of the night haha.
  10. Thank you for taking the time to compare them. I'll def be going for the deluxe package if I decide to get a physical copy of this.
  11. I've been on the fence about getting a copy of this, but if the sound quality is on par with the In Rainbows deluxe, I will probably buy it. Please report back!
  12. The singles Pink & Blue and Japan both had instrumental versions released along side them, which are a bit diff than if the vocals were just taken away. Would assume the same goes for the other tracks that have vocals too. Interested to see how that release turns out.
  13. Def sad she's no longer a part of the band and I'm very happy I got to see her with them on the HUWD tour, but based on youtube vids I've watched, the lady who took her place for the Junk tour has got some pipes. Best example I can remember is her on vocal duty for when they'd play the Oblivion song. I felt like she did it justice (although that's Susanne Sundfor on that track) from watching those vids as they'd be uploaded during the tour.