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  1. Y'all reminded me of this gem lol. Someone switched the "yups" and "nopes" from the original and the results are great.
  2. Got this today and gave it a spin. Disc seems pressed well and relatively heavy. No audible issues to note either. Happy to have this as a complement to the 1st pressing of Trilogy in my collection!
  3. I like that they went for an opaque marble vinyl for the first press of The Lost Sea, to be consistent with the first press of the trilogy. If that was planned, I assume a second press would be clear w/ splatter, whenever that may happen.
  4. I'm not sure if I've bought anything from band's webstore on the limitedrun platform. Do you know if I need (or should have) a profile setup ahead of the sale time to help expedite the checkout process? I'd really like this release but afraid of a Mondo-like situation if it goes quick.
  5. Star post. Nice surprise to see this announcement this morning.
  6. I'll admit I never actually listened to this band before, but I remember the SRC-reissue thread of YPAA being a hot topic right around the time when I first joined VC. I saw the article about this release on Stereogum on Tuesday and "surprise-release first album in 22 years" piqued my interest so I gave it listen and wow. Loved it. Consider me a new fan. I also listened to YPAA for the first time today and liked that too. I'll def get to their other releases at some point as well.
  7. Did anyone here attend one of the shows on the tour for his first solo album? That stage production was so cool and still one of the more unique shows I've seen.
  8. I gave it a listen yesterday and at times I thought it reminded me of Riceboy Sleeps (Jonsi's more ambient side project), so pretty similar thoughts as you!
  9. Yep that's exactly what I get out of it. As a big fan of Gang Starr / DJ Premier's production history, I think the sample turned into a hook for this song is fun.
  10. Hey, just a heads up it's back up at UO as of 10:20am CST. I have no interest in buying it, but hopefully quoting you here will trigger a VC email notification for you to get it!
  11. Damn, looks like most are sold out now. I would've went for the Someone Great single, but oh well. Thanks for heads up anyway!
  12. I ordered one album on 4/14 and received it 5/7. Your post reminded me of that order and it's been sitting in my apartment lobby since it was delivered... oops. All good though.
  13. Posting for the star. Really enjoyed the last album. Looking forward to this one.
  14. Posting for the star. Not sure if I'll buy the record, but will definitely listen by other means.