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  1. I think someone said a few posts back that there is an open slip in the part 1 deluxe package that will be used to house the part 2 disc, which may also be a picture disc.
  2. Nice, thanks for the info! Does reserving a table cost extra on top of the ticket cost? Couldn't find anything mentioning it on the website. I most likely would just go for the open floor regardless, but would be good to know for future reference. Sorry to hear you'll be out of town for it!
  3. Are you going for tickets to the show at Park West? I haven't been there before, have you? If so, what's it like? Since it's 1000-person capacity, I'm thinking it will probably sell out pretty quick, but I'm wondering if they have the next night available to book a 2nd show if that's the case.
  4. IIRC, I think right before TMR ships the Vault packages they'll send out an email to request everyone double-checks to see if their address in their profiles are correct. I haven't subscribed for a year or so, so not sure if that's still the case. EDIT: Also, idk about that "virtual order" thing. Might be worth an email to TMR asking about that.
  5. I am! Agreed. Loved from first time I heard it however many years ago that was. I am one of those people haha. Loved it from the moment it was released, and listened to it the other day for the first time in awhile and still love it. I also agree! Haha. I know this may be blasphemous, but outside of Burst Apart, Undersea, and Familiars, I never really got into any of their other stuff, including Hospice. It's probably because Burst Apart was my first exposure to them and anything older than that hasn't really struck a cord with me. May be time I go back and listen to all that stuff again.
  6. Yep those are the ones I use too. Totally worth the $14. I've used them at least 20 times now so far. Just gotta get used to them "turning everything down" a little bit, but once that happens, it does make the music sound more "clear" in a way. And ear protection of course!
  7. Yeah, it's almost worse than wearing the band's shirt to their show. Lol jk, you're fine. In fact, I believe the common squishy disposable earplugs do a better "overall" job of protecting your ears because they filter all sound down to a safer decibel level, whereas some of the fancy musicians earplugs only filter down sounds at certain frequencies to allow more clarity on the sounds you do want to hear. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. I'm all about Next Level. It's similar quality to what I remember AA being (haven't bought any AA shirts in years). You can also find blanks for dirt cheap on Amazon. I always thought Gildan longsleeve shirts were great, but their heavy cotton t-shirts felt too thick, especially to wear in the summer.
  9. Man, Jack's show at the Metro was insane. Sat in line from 7:00pm to 9:30pm when doors open and got to stand dead center on the balcony railing for the show. Had to have been the best view in the place. Metro could've used less fog though lol. Noticed both the owner and the president of the Cubs were in the VIP section too. I really hope TMR has plans to release the audio in some way. The setlist was great.
  10. A couple nights ago I stayed at the hotel (Peppermill Resort in Reno, NV) where they filmed the video for the song Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. There are some really cool looking areas throughout that building. I was walking around drunk at 4:00am taking pictures haha
  11. Ah ok. So I prob want to lean towards a medium. I don't want a skin tight shirt haha. Thanks for the info!
  12. Has anyone here bought any of the MC-era merch they have online or at shows? Specifically looking to see what the sizing is on their longsleeve shirts. They were out of the longsleeve I wanted at their show in Sacramento last night and didn't think to check the sizing of a t-shirt for comparison. Idk if I need a Small or a Medium based on their description of the "Generous fit that’ll allow us to help you look good." Any help?
  13. It could be something like this Styx record too. https://www.discogs.com/Styx-Paradise-Theatre/release/1883623
  14. Don't forget the You Are The Conductor EP. That was my first exposure to them (I think shortly after The Four Trees came out) and it's still my favorite of their stuff. It's a nice quick listen. I do love everything they've released though.