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  1. Posting for the star. Doubt I'll buy the vinyl, but always really enjoyed them so looking forward to this.
  2. The last time I saw them was on the People's Key tour when they played at the Riverside in Milwaukee. I remember everyone kinda had this feeling at the time that this was possibly the last Bright Eyes tour, which meant it was most likely the last time they'd come through Milwaukee. Also I've heard Conor has a particular affinity towards the city too, which made the show feel more special. At one point he had a hilarious rant about Scott Walker (our governor at the time), calling him a "Nazi creep" or something haha. The coolest part was during the encore, the last song was One For You, One For Me, and people started coming up onto the stage and hugging Conor while he was singing and security would then escort the first few people offstage, but more and more people kept doing it until eventually there were like 30+ people on stage and went all the way until the show ended. It was the chillest stage rush I've ever seen haha. You could sense a lot of different emotions from a lot of people, celebratory, happy tears, etc. It seemed so bittersweet thinking this was the last time we'd seem them come through. One of my favorite concert memories ever.
  3. GODDAMN. This will be the best $1 I will spend this year haha. Johnny really knows how to spoil his fans.
  4. Yep that's it, according to Wikipedia lol. I couldn't remember so I had to look there after I saw your comment.
  5. Makes sense. They had a punk rock band before they started The Avett Bros.
  6. Star post. Looking forward to the eventual tour for the album. Every time they've come in the last handful of tour cycles, I've missed them due to being out of town for work or whatever so I have yet to see them live. Really hoping I can change that this time.
  7. Looks like UO updated the picture to now be the same mockup as the webstore...
  8. Posting for the star. Def will pre-order but not sure what variant...
  9. The MOV version doesn't have "Infinity" or "Precious and Grace". The latter being a ZZ Top cover with Billy Gibbons splitting vocal duties with Mark Lanegan and trading off guitar solos with Josh. That song alone was worth what I paid for the OG press haha. Or you could try to find ZZ Top's Tres Hombres in the dollar bin and live with the non Mark & Josh original lol Edit: Also, "Like a Drug" is up in the tracklist rather than tacked on the end like a bonus track.
  10. I'm interested to know this as well. Waiting to find out more info before any decisions. I have the OG press of LTP and getting the VMP variant of SFTD, but would like that 12" press of EV if the sound quality is good. I've heard the 3x10" version isn't great.
  11. To add to that, they also commented that Closer To Grey is Chromatic's 7th album, hence the VII on the artwork. They indicated that Night Drive is IV, Kill For Love is V, and Dear Tommy is VI. I really hope it gets released some day.
  12. Yeah after I replied I thought you most likely meant that instead lol sorry. Excited to give this a first listen!
  13. I'm pretty sure all their digital releases (singles, albums, EPs, etc.) have been priced at $1 to download. I could be wrong though.