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  1. Does anyone know if there is a plan to repress the John Williams Home Alone Soundtrack at some point? I have a friend who is considering paying a lot for a copy and figured I'd try to steer them towards being patient and waiting for a repress haha
  2. If anyone is interested, I have a copy of the white SRC Subscription numbered variant that I wouldn't be opposed to letting go for the right offer. Let me know.
  3. Love the shirt discussion. My favorites have been Next Level 60/40 shirts (code # N6210 according to the blanks I buy on Amazon). It seems like Bella Canvas shirts have slightly looser necks by default and stretch out easier. I like a well-fitted neck haha. Tultex has weird shapes sometimes too. Haven't bought a shirt printed on American Apparel in like a decade+ for some reason. Surprisingly, I also really like Gildan ultra cotton longsleeve shirts too. I have multiple blanks of black and sport grey that I wear pretty often. I remember in the mid-late 00's seeing bands splurge for printing on American Apparel instead of (most often cheaper) Gildan and just thinking those AA shirts were the greatest thing ever haha. I still remember the first one I bought was a Blood Brothers shirt in 2005 and I wore it all the time because it was so comfortable. Someone should make a separate thread for shirt collections haha. I still have the majority of shirts I bought through the years (mostly Milwaukee/Midwest hardcore bands from the 00's). Some of them were really cool that I wish still fit.
  4. How's the sound quality on the LP? I've been debating grabbing a copy. I saw a comment on Discogs that it was pressed at RTI but haven't seen much else mentioned in that regard.
  5. Ah ok. Interesting that the listing on the band's official webstore has the full 14 tracks, but the tracklist on Matador only has 10 tracks. Both must be errors for the vinyl description. I suppose it makes sense to be the standard 11 track listing similar to the original pressing.
  6. So the 14-song tracklist is 60 minutes. Do we think they're going to squeeze that onto one disc?
  7. I definitely want a copy. Do I pre-order now or wait until pressing reviews come out...
  8. Excited to hear the studio versions of those b-sides. When I saw them they played Ocean of Darkness and it was awesome. Hopefully they get released digitally. I don't think I need that box taking up shelf space at this point (unless the vinyl sounds amazing and it doesn't have quality control issues).
  9. I still have a sealed copy of the 1st press of this album and haven't decided on if I want to sell it or keep it. I haven't listened to this album in like 15 years at this point but I absolutely loved it and the Back To The Beat EP when I was in middle school.
  10. Excited for this. Maybe I'll preorder but not sure yet. The tour date in my town was rescheduled to a day I'll be at a wedding
  11. Definitely interested in hearing the final product. Looks like the vinyl is set for release in "early 2023," however if you look at the CD, it says the release date is 9/16/22. I wonder if the strings session in May is for a final couple songs or whatever (considering one song is done already).
  12. I think I'm going to hold off on buying anything until the sound quality reviews come out. Assuming there will be US vs EU presses.
  13. Good to know. Looks like I bought it in 2012, according to the paypal receipt in my email. Thanks for that info!
  14. I have a copy of (what I think is) the first press of IATM that's still sealed. Is this new press really only the third pressing?