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  1. I believe the original version was released on RSD, which would explain why it didn't get it's own thread.
  2. Is that vault exclusive limited to 1 per person? If not, I would potentially be interested if someone could grab an extra for me.
  3. Do both of those Kid A discs have the same issues that a lot of others are experiencing (right-channel distortion on the last half of How To Disappear Completely, and popping throughout Motion Picture Soundtrack)?
  4. Did you order through Sub Pop? I've never cancelled an order before, so I'm curious of the process. I may go that route too.
  5. Will definitely grab this at some point. I'm debating on that boxset version. I kinda like the standard 2xLP more from a presentation perspective. I wonder if VMP or anyone will have a colored variant utilizing the black standard jacket.
  6. Adam did an AMA on /r/indieheads yesterday (link here). In one response he said a deluxe edition coming at some point. In another response he said a 7" with Ocean Of Darkness and a b-side called Slow Ghost will be released in a few months. Hopefully that's part of the deluxe edition too. And in another post he said there's a 34-minute track called My Ocean Calls that they hope to release someday too!
  7. After the person above me is taken care of, I have a brown cover version I got from Saint Vitus to offload as well. It's Yellow/Orange/Green (outside/middle/inside). No damage to discs or jacket. Cost+shipping.
  8. If anyone wants a copy of the clear MOV pressing, hit me up. I haven't touched it in years and don't really feel the need to hold onto it at this point.
  9. I really want this and will try to get it eventually, but I'm going to do what I did for OKNOTOK and wait until sound quality reviews come out to hear which press is considered the best. I'm assuming they'll have different presses for USA vs EU/UK.
  10. Ha yeah I instantly recognized that chapel and haven't seen those movies in years. Makes me want to re-watch them now.
  11. I actually went 2-for-2 when ordering that. And one of them is still sealed too. I know it's the variant because the plain inner sleeves got ripped just enough to see some color peak out! So naturally, left that one sealed and opened the other to be surprised with the variant again!
  12. Thanks for making this thread! I'm wondering if we'll see any other variants. If not, I'm in no rush to buy until closer to release date.
  13. Would someone like to make a PO post for their new album please? I'm too lazy and lack the skills to make it pretty like some other PO threads are haha. PO links so far: red marbled vinyl via official store
  14. I'm in the same boat. I'll wait until a stand-alone version exists again. Have to imagine it will at some point now that they have a version with Convectuoso on it.
  15. I haven't watched too many live GJ vids, but this one has the best (imo) Daryl vocal performance I've seen.
  16. If I didn't know any better, at first glance I'd think "oh what new King Gizzard album is this?" lol
  17. Star post. Like the new single. Interested to hear it in context of the whole album.
  18. Yeah luckily both my MD and SV copies arrived with the discs in place and no damage.
  19. Got my copy from St Vitus today. Can confirm, the disc colors are reversed from what I ordered. On the SV website the colors were listed inside-to-outside. On the barcode sticker on the shrink wrap, the colors are listed outside-to-inside. No biggie I suppose.
  20. Agreed. I'm going to wait until I can hear the full album, but if it's enjoyable enough I'll try to grab that indie variant. The mockup image looks more like "clear/black smoke" instead of "marble". I always think of marble as an opaque mixture of colors. The mockup of the indie variant looks the coolest too imo.
  21. EDIT: Removed youtube link to the first single. Didn't realize it was OP's post. Anyway, who did it better? lol
  22. I received my copy from MD today. No issues with the mailer. The jacket is all good. The discs rings were in their slots correctly too. Considering myself lucky. If a ring displaced it could cause issues quick because of no inner sleeves, just small slots for each disc inside the gatefold. I gave it a spin too. There's no way to tell what is side A/B on the discs, so after I set them on the table I dropped the needle on each disc ring to confirm all were side A first. Only had to flip over the outer ring. Only sound quality issues to note is track 5 (middle disc, side B ) had popping/crackling throughout. Hopefully it's just a quality control issue and isn't common for other copies. Also, track 3 (inner disc, side A) ends with over a minute of silence before hitting the runout groove. Not sure what the point of that was. Overall, cool novelty record to own but super inconvenient to listen to haha.
  23. Is Do The Romp different than Do The Rump on their first album?
  24. Looking forward to hearing this. I hope it's in the same vein as what they did on Chulahoma. That's one of my fav Black Keys releases. As an aside, it's such a bummer that Richard Swift passed away because I'd love more material from The Arcs. I doubt that ever happens without him.

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