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  1. I have a copy of this but have been looking for one for my friend for years. Saw this bumped and thought, "oh a repress, gotta tell my friend" but nope lol
  2. Nice! I forgot about this and never bought the vinyl. Digital listening works for me!
  3. Having no clue GYBE were prepping a new album and DMST being one of my all-time favorite bands, this is the greatest thing ever to read on a Monday morning. I'm going to try to hold off on listening to any live clips for now, but I'm hyped!
  4. Ah ok I misremembered then! I guess I'm just happy they finally released these songs on vinyl "normally" haha. I haven't bought the bundle yet but I might eventually.
  5. The more I think about it, I believe this "reverse" order of OGC is actually the original chronological order of when the die-cut 7" records were released. I do remember them teasing the looped drum into of John Lennon on a website before eventually releasing the songs. Then when they later released the songs as an EP, the tracks were put in alphabetical order.
  6. How does W&T sound? And the reverse sequencing of OGC (compared to digital) is interesting too. I was hoping they would squeeze it onto one side of a disc for the convenience, even though 22 min is pushing it, but looks like they split it across the two sides.
  7. Update on the Form 1099-K stuff. IRS announces delay in Form 1099-K reporting threshold for third party platform payments in 2023; plans for a threshold of $5,000 for 2024 to phase in implementation It seems to say that the $5000 threshold for 2024 is temporary to eventually drop to $600 in the future. I hope they rethink that. Even $5000 isn't great.
  8. That has always been my assumption/understanding as well. For albums that have a ton of copies pressed, over time the stampers (the two plates that press the ball of wax to create the vinyl record) wear out, so they have to make additional stampers to switch out after a certain amount of copies created. Additionally, there could be multiple manufacturing plants producing copies of the same album at the same time, which are sometimes indicated in the matrix info as well. A very detailed documentation of this process can be seen on the Pink Floyd Archives website. The link here is the list of all known US presses of Dark Side Of The Moon, which you can see are listed with many matrices at different pressing plants over different issue periods. Sometimes it can be worth it to search out a 'true 1st pressing' but a lot of times the '1st issue' is basically a grouping of 1st presses and is just as acceptable.
  9. Intriguing. I still occasionally listen to Chromatics Kill For Love drumless version and really enjoy it. It's been awhile but I seem to recall some songs are more than just drums removed (i.e. other slight edits to the songs), but I may be misremembering that. Curious to see what this release is like.
  10. Anyone interested in 2 tickets to the Sat 10/14 show in Chicago? I may have other plans that weekend now so seeing if any VCers would want them.
  11. I don't own a copy of OTM yet and that rainbow variant is really tempting. Can anyone comment on the sound quality of the other OTM variants? I'd really only buy the album if it's worth listening to on vinyl vs digital. Edit: Lol nevermind it's sold out now.
  12. Very tempting as I loved this band (and album) back in the day and never owned it on wax, but I think I'm fine with digital at this point. This will prob get me to run to their discography again for the first time in a few years though. I was just thinking about them when I saw Fleet Foxes recently (since Morgan is in that band now).
  13. Yeah, what a treat to see them play that album in full (and in order), plus those additional tracks with the new song. I wonder many times they've done that.
  14. Damn. I suppose I'll just wait until this version is released digitally, if that ever happens.
  15. So this has 3 new vinyl-only tracks and a whole different track order? Interesting! Tempted to order because I'd love to hear this. For this price, I'll have to wait until there are reviews of the pressing quality.
  16. Agreed. Also their rendition of Thom's song feelingpulledapartbyhorses was sick live too. I hope we get that in studio form someday.
  17. According to this article it mentions, "In a press release, Jónsi said that the band found themselves 'just wanting to have minimal drums and for the music to be really sparse, floaty and beautiful.'" So your odds aren't great haha. That being said, I'm very excited to hear this. I've always appreciated their mellow ambient tracks just as much has the big heavy ones.
  18. Yeah you don't even need to pay down your credit card amount immediately if you don't want. As long as you pay the statement balance each month (not the current total balance to bring the overall balance to $0), then you'll never incur interest. I used to travel a lot for work and I would use my personal credit card to book flights and hotels and stuff, then just expense it. It was awesome to get all the travel miles on my card, but was also hilarious to have insane statement balances to pay each month. Never once paid interest for anything.
  19. Posting for the star. Looking forward to hearing this.
  20. Could you show us a pic of the other stuff? Random movie merch like that is always intriguing. I have the original 2xLP and got the poster of the artwork (but it's color scheme is different). One of the only times I was able to land a Mondo poster before it sold out.
  21. Wow same here!! Take Action vol 3. It was a 2xCD sampler. I remember getting it for free at a Zumiez or Pacsun in the Mall of America haha. I think I still have it with the rest of my CDs.
  22. Seems like most of his live band has changed again from the Junk era (minus Kaela and Joe Berry returning)? It looks to be all members of a band called BRUIT ≤. It will be interesting to see them live with a completely different lineup from when I saw them during the HUWD tour.
  23. Understatement of the century. I started following Mondo a little while before they started releasing records. Getting most of the posters was literally impossible. The "random" drop times, which was mostly like 11am CST on a Wednesday or something, made sure of that. In the beginning of their vinyl releases, the "randomly chosen" style of getting the non-black vinyl variants was a nightmare too. Luckily I was able to land a variant in most of those cases by ordering two copies. I only bought a couple posters and a handful of albums, but it's been almost 10 years since there was a release I've been interested in.
  24. I'll be in this boat for Chicago. I did this when Radiohead came to Chicago last time and got pretty good seats in the 100s sections less than 24 hours before the show, even though it was "sold out." I'll probably start checking the week leading up to it. I'm thinking there will be less options and they'll go a lot quicker.
  25. I only own a couple albums that came with OBI strips. I wish I had them for a few of my albums where the spine faded from being in my sunny apartment...

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