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  1. No other release from the band coming. Jump on this while you can
  2. Yea my dumbass just realized that the second after I posted. * edited for extreme stupidity
  3. Message from Dustin on Twitter. First 2000 sold out. The second round of preorders will be available in an unlimited amount it seems through Monday, sent to be pressed and sent out as soon as possible.
  4. Think it’s safe to bet the first 2000 will be numbered and sent out the week 11th while the overflow orders will be unnumbered and shipped early 2018? For them to set an original release date of the week of the 11th that sounds like they’ve already been pressed from the plant. 3 weeks isn’t enough time for them to send 8000 10”s to be pressed and put together in the book
  5. Depends where you ordered from. I got my indie store exclusive in yesterday from looney tunes
  6. Really enjoying this album, I really like the pacing and the tempo of the record compared to kingfisher. With that being said, there’s two vocal notes in the bridge to cricket in yard that make me cringe soooo hard every time. The second and fourth we in “how can we relate”. Ughhh. Tony tries to go up high but it sounds like bad notes to me. Hurts my soul every time
  7. Just seeing this thread for the first time now! This is awesome. Good timing too, picked up the into it over it session. Saw them live last week, wasn't expecting munch as I've been on the fence about them for a while, but they were awesome live. Was trying to show a friend and realized again their studio stuff doesn't do them justice in my opinion. Couldn't pass this one up. Pumped!
  8. Anyone get their deathwish red in or at least a shipping notification? Silence over here, deathwish is usually really promt about that stuff, wondering if I'll be a little later since it's an epitaph release and deathwish is just a ditributor for them this time?
  9. Living 1.5 hours from deathwish hq means media mail = next day shipping! About to give this baby a spin
  10. Rumble rumble? Sargent House (@sargenthouse) 6/15/16, 2:39 PM Listening to ATBB and thinking wow, it's 10 years in October @RXBandits Evan Gold (@evanagold) 6/15/16, 3:28 PM @sargenthouse @RXBandits What would it take to get a vinyl reissue? Money? Baked Goods? some other form of sacrifice? Sargent House (@sargenthouse) 6/15/16, 3:29 PM @evanagold @RXBandits stay tuned my friend. RX Bandits (@RXBandits) 6/20/16, 8:10 PM Can you feel the rumbling?