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  1. Anyone who has ordered from them before, how long do they usually take to ship a regular, non-preordered vinyl? Ordered "I Never Said I Was Brave" from them over a week ago and still no shipping confirmation email.
  2. It does make quite a nice difference. I have a few other records like this, Hail to the Thief comes to mind, new Interpol will have a double 45rpm LP option. I've noticed that records cut at 45 with about 10 or 12 minutes of music on each side always sound really good.
  3. Haha Dave's old number is out of service, I've called the other number on the b-side which is Mike's number before.
  4. I agree, a similar color scheme would be great for this record. Talked to Goose tonight, he said it probably won't come out. I'm guessing this is because Virgil doesn't have the cash to do so. Sad.
  5. Last time I asked Adam about it, which was August 2009, he said that if they did it would be part of a box set with all of their albums. Not sure if that's the case still though.
  6. *bump Wondering if there's any new info on this. Also, Virgil, if funds are an issue keeping this from getting pressed I would be willing to help fund it, or even fund it entirely if VC is no longer interested in pressing the record. Not to be impatient, but it's just very important to me that this record comes out on vinyl. I'm sure everyone here feels that way about a certain record/band.
  7. I'll probably be passing on this, I've already got every non-split record they've released in some form. It does look tempting though. My only problem with Viva Hate is the ridiculous prices (or conversion rates I guess), which applies for mostly all european distributors though.
  8. Still wondering what ever happened with this record. Bump.
  9. Despite buying from VC somewhat frequently, I rarely come on the forums but I had to ask... When is this coming out? I talked to Adam (guitarist) on August 9th and he said that they were supposed to have them in time for that tour but they weren't ready yet and I'm pretty sure it was announced before summer. Also is there any more info on the volume of Under the Influence that they were supposed to be doing? He also said they were talking with Circa Survive about doing the split with them but it's unlikely now because Circa's on Atlantic. Thanks for your time and answers