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  1. Gotta hit SMASH! Located in the Adams Morgan area, this shop has history synonymous to the DC punk scene but not exclusive. You can find rare vinyl, metal, jazz, rock and retro clothing items. If you bump into Matt you'll have good conversation as well. Take a few minutes to check out the collection of local band flyers on the walls and ceilings. If you go, tell him the video guy sent cha. Happy hunting! ~Corey Video here:
  2. This is why I subscribe to this thread in the vinyl collective! I'm about to travel to Nashville and there was one shop here that I did not find searching google. Thank you for the post. I will be making record store videos for youtube after my visit. Ernest Tubb is on my list but I may scratch it if time is tight. Thanks again,
  3. Ohio Record Store List Columbus, Athens, Cincinnati & Bowling Green -Great thread! I plan to use this thread to visit shops while traveling. Thanks to everyone for the posts! -I was left high and dry recently when searching online for record stores in Boston. After hours in traffic I found several stores were closed. This thread could avoid this from happening to others. -Several posts in this thread cover great record shops in Columbus, OH. I wanted to compliment those posts by including photos, video comments and crate digging videos at those shops so you can see inside. The stores listed below buy/sell used and new vinyl, have normal business hours and are open on the weekends unless otherwise noted. Columbus, OH Vinyl Frontier 51 East Gay Street Great entrance & ambiance. However, it's dark inside and hard to inspect the vinyl. Several purchases were in worse condition than I thought when I got them home. Crate digging video soon. Gigantic selection of hip-hop singles. Elizabeth's Records 3037 Indianola Ave Spoonful Records 116 E. Long Street Free parking, awesome shop, free vintage pinball! Comments in video / Crate digging video soon. Used Kids Records 1980 North High Street (Crate digging video and comments up now) The Black Keys are known to visit and promote this shop! Magnolia Thunderpussy 1155 North High Street Nice shop, huge selection of T's I don't see anywhere else. Music DVDs. Warning: Very pricy on harder-to-find back issues. Check Discogs and eBay before spending $$$ on their "backwall displayed items" For example: quiet riot picture disc bootleg priced $45. It's worth about $8. Metallica creeping death vertigo EP: $60 worth about $15 (See videos) Lost Weekend 2960 North High Street Best Record Store Day destination imo. (See video link below for more) Ace In The Hole 1153 Kenny Centre (Kenny Rd.) Never know WHAT will be in the new arrival bin! I've found all kinds of harder-to-find records here. Does not buy vinyl collections. However, I've brought in one or two copies that he's been willing to trade for. Memory Lane 2338 W Broad St. Only open Saturday's. Thousands of LPs but the building is a mess! Recommended for vinyl pickers who like to get down and dirty to find that diamond in the rough! Yesterday's 1789 N. Hague Ave Wed-Sat 12pm-6pm (See video for more comments) Dreadful Sounds 3339 1/2 N High St. All things Metal. Hair bands, great selection of 7", noise, punk, thrash. Other genres too. Cassettes! Bowling Green, OH Finders 128 North Main Street HUGE beautiful store CDs DVDs Box Sets New & Used Vinyl Comments in video link Athens, OH Haffa's Records 15 West Union Street Video comments Cincinnati, OH Shake It Records 4156 Hamilton Avenue #1 Largest Collection of Punk I've ever seen! Distributor Video Links Comments about most of these record stores (Video): http://youtu.be/VkAfu0P3z1Y Crate Digging @ Used Kids Records (Video) http://youtu.be/ltHecPI3mKU 3 more "crate digging" videos will be posted on the same channel in the next several weeks.
  4. I don't see the essential listed under acrylic platter or the glass platter accessories. I'm going to try and use a cork mat to reduce static electricity although I would love to get one of those great looking platters for my essential!
  5. A member of a vinyl group on linkedin attached a link to this site. I instantly created an account here. Awesome site!!
  6. This is a great thread! Thanks to everyone for sharing information. Question about Undertow Promotional issues: I would like to have confirmed that they (clear and gray) were only released in 1993 and NOT 1996. Discogs lists a release date for both years and it has me really confused. My copy: stretch wrap long gone. Gray cover with a matte finish and promo punch. Parental advisory is printed on the actual cover, not a sticker. ZP11052-1 is on the spine The vinyl is a clear greenish color Deadwax: ZP-11052-1-A-DMM SP 1-1 MASTERDISK Label: Zoo Entertainment BMG 7 2445-11052-1 Fat lady/Cow images Disgustipated is not on the album.