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  1. I have a copy of Around on vinyl that I'll sell. PMD.
  2. Looking to get rid of this. It's the 2nd Press Non gatefold version on Oxblood Red/Black Split W/ Heavy Bone Splatter. Looking for $40 and $4 flat shipping. No International. Thanks!
  3. bump, Minus the Bear, Title Fight, Man Overboard and New Found Glory still available. Send offers, all offers considered, tired of looking at these, I want them GONE.
  4. still got some stuff im looking to get rid of bump
  5. GLOSS - DEMO CASSETTE (Pink 2nd Print) OFFER $4 Shipping, No International. I'll ship the cassette wrapped in bubble wrap in a box.
  6. Song is so Good. Greg released a version of this song under his side project Ansible a couple years ago. Although this version sounds way different.
  7. Ordering all 3 individually is about $10 cheaper than the 3 pack bundle because of the shipping.
  8. Anybody happen to pick up an extra Screen Print cover? Or end up not wanting theirs? This one of my favorite albums of all time and missed out
  9. My guess is they were working on a new album and then broke up. I think all the members minus the vocalist is in Podacter and the vocalist is in Donor.
  10. I mostly think it's a new album because of this, posted 5/28/12 https://twitter.com/crucialdudes/status/207177658159738881
  11. "Finally, we are shooting for a September release date that will directly coincide with our next big Crucial Dudes announcment on Tuesday, May 19th." My guess is new album in September.

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