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  1. Hey there, I got this record in a bundle purchase and had no idea what it was... I saw in a eBay auction it sold for $200.. im not asking that, but if someone out there is interested in this piece i'd sell it at a more affordable price. Please throw me your offers, thanks folks! P.S. it is on brown transparent vinyl
  2. Looking for a few of their full lengths... Hit me up if you have anything to get rid of.. willing to trade as well.
  3. Title says it all, I'm in search of this beast. If anyone has a copy they want to rid of, send me a message.. thanks!
  4. I bought from this guy and he didn't send all the records and has ignored me for the last week... Beware.
  5. I've got afi on red vinyl And descendents on purple vinyl... Throw me some offers.. U.S. Seller
  6. I'm looking for damaged, the process of wedding out, everything went black or any of the 7"s by black flag first pressing or colored variant if possible... Also looking for anything by the minutemen in the form of a first pressing or colored variant as well.. Last but not least I'm looking for deftones self titled on smoke vinyl shoot me some offers And help me out.. here's a list for trade. everything is for sale and trade... Open to offers on other albums as well.. 7" dope guns and fucking in the streets vol. 13 band edition sealed thou/haarp split orange vinyl with patch and poster No machine volume one clear red marble vinyl Dale crover drumb purple vinyl south park jackin' it / gayfish picture disc Slow season heavy red vinyl locust flight of the wounded locust 4 piece puzzle vinyl sealed Black Tusk / holy mountain split gray vinyl red sparowes battle of mice and made out of babies split triad red clear orange triple 7" set 10" Melvins mangled demos black vinyl 12" Brant Bjork Jalamanta black and orange vinyl 10th anniversary edition Isis panopticon clear and orange vinyl robotic empire repress Sleep Clarity green vinyl Sleep dopesmoker green black splatter vinyl Neurosis given to the rising black vinyl Neurosis honor in decay smoke vinyl Uncle acid bloodlust blue vinyl Uncle acid mind control transparent red vinyl thou / Salome split black vinyl thou / leech split picture disc thou / cower split black vinyl thou the archer and the Oracle grey vinyl the locust self titled black vinyl tusk the resisting dreamer blue black mixed vinyl old gods stylized violence pink vinyl old gods self titled transparent red vinyl printed b side Indian guiltless blue vinyl between the buried and me paralax 1 clear vinyl between the buried and me paralax 2 Grey and blue vinyl between the buried and me silent circus transparent green vinyl between the buried and me self titled transparent red vinyl between the buried and me colors pink marbled vinyl bongripper Satan worshipping doom transparent orange vinyl fourth pressing dog shredder brass tactics black vinyl wild throne blood maker transparent red vinyl Xtrmst self titled black vinyl hew time self titled gold black splatter vinyl 263/500 Megachurch self titled black vinyl megachurch 2 judgement day black vinyl Black tusk fallen kingdom yellow vinyl Black Tusk taste the sin gray vinyl Retox beneath California black vinyl retox ugly animals orange vinyl
  7. It is pricey, but At least it's going to help the band... Plus we get a nice hold over till the album comes out.. That black Sabbath cover slays.
  8. Not a problem, glad you got it figured out...I'm super excited for this Record... Can't wait..
  9. This is the first press of Cursing the One/Fairies Wear Boots 250 were sent to the band for the tour with Salem’s Pot. These are hand stamped labels on Grey Vinyl (but there could be some other colors we haven’t seen yet). There will be a real label put on these for stores etc and distro but this is the real DIY stuff and it is $20. If you want to wait for the one with the printed labels those will be $15 but you will have to wait a while. Ship Date is 2/13 so we can get a cover printed that will be put in a poly bag. We are selling these now to help fund what it cost to send the band their records over seas in time to have on tour so think of this as you doing a good deed and getting a sick fucking record at the same time. Here's the link http://ridingeasyrecords.com/product/monolord-cursing-one-12/

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