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  1. Interesting to see everyone had long lines. I was also surprised I got the 2 I wanted (Chase Atlantic and South Park). Also picked up Bebe Rexha. The owner said there wasn't 1 big item bringing people out but the first people in line were there at 12:30am. I would never. One guy brought a literal leather recliner. Go to Kaiju Records on Instagram and you'll see. The most popular items gone before I got in were Sabrina Carpenter, Noah Kahan/Olivia Rodrigo, Pearl Jam, Death Cab, and a K-pop artist I'm unfamiliar with.
  2. People came out of the woodwork. I am an hour and 40 minutes early and 17th in line in a rural area. I wasn't this early for Black Friday and I was first in line that year. Based off how small the shop is it isn't looking good. The other store near me is still doing appointments which I'm not willing to drive almost an hour for knowing it's a gamble.
  3. I had a preorder with Merchbucket ordered that was supposed to ship Spring 2023 and still hasn't shipped for anyone. I wouldn't recommend anyone buying this unless they can't live without it. Tragic Hero is hella shady and already went bankrupt once. It definitely makes me glad I got a copy for less than $20 many years ago.
  4. https://underoath777.com/ New variant for VIP for the 20th anniversary tour: They’re Only Chasing Safety 20th VIP Experience Starting at $140 Taxes and fees may apply • One GA ticket • Conversation with Underoath where they will answer fan questions, tell stories, and discuss the impact of They're Only Chasing Safety on their career • Informal hang with the band and individual photo with the full band • VIP Exclusive 20th Anniversary edition of They're Only Chasing Safety on vinyl (shipped to your home beginning this summer) • VIP Exclusive 24-page, full color, standard-sized They’re Only Chasing Safety Comic Book by Sumerian Comics (shipped to your home beginning this summer) • Merchandise shopping prior to doors opening to the public • Early entry to the venue
  5. You and everyone else lol. After I chewed them out with the overcharge and pointed out how early I ordered it magically shipped the next day and was delivered today. Still gonna file a credit card dispute regarding the shipping though.
  6. https://fatwreck.com/collections/vinyl/products/blow-it-at-madisons-quinceanera Bundle: https://fatwreck.com/products/me-first-and-the-gimme-gimmes-blow-it-at-madisons-quinceanera-bundle FAT117 - June 14, 2024 Twenty years after Me First and the Gimme Gimmes ruined Johnny's Bar Mitzvah, punk rock's premier cover band is back to wreak havoc on another important coming-of-age ceremony. This time, as the album title reveals, it was a Quinceañera. Nobody attending had ever heard of Me First and the Gimme Gimmes before, and nobody knew what to expect. SHIPS IN JUNE GRAB THE EXCLUSIVE BUNDLE HERE 13 song CD & LP Track Listing 1. Changes 2. Love Will Keep Us Together 3. Dancing Queen 4. I Could Fall in Love 5. Estos Celos 6. La Ultima Muñeca 7. Happy Birthday 8. Por Tu Maldito Amor 9. Good 4 U 10. Queen of Hearts 11. Camino de Guanajuato 12. Before the Next Teardrop Falls 13. De Niña a Mujer
  7. I'm sure if many of us could have ordered elsewhere we would have. This is my second order with them and I didn't have any difficulty getting my first order which was Gutter Phenomenon. It seems like most of the problems started in the later part of 2023 aside from not pressing enough of certain records but they fixed that issue. Most of us ordered these before the Black Friday fiasco of unshipped orders.
  8. 3 weeks of these shipping have passed and a ton of people still don't have their copies. I sent an email today which shockingly was answered within a few hours (they ignored my emails from November and December). Asked when they would be shipping by and was told "These are still all currently shipping" which is not an answer. They cc'd staff about the overcharge on shipping. I recreated the same order and sent a screenshot to show I was overcharged in November. We'll see if they do anything about that. I also pointed out I ordered 1 minute after they went on sale which they didn't acknowledge. It's amazing they have the power and ability to get these licensed and pressed but can't manage shipments to save their life. And having the artwork cut off and discolored is absurd. I know I can't be the only person pissed off about how bad they're handling this.
  9. I got the 7" at their Baltimore date. $15 + tax. This was the first time out of hundreds of shows I've been to where I went to buy merch and they refused cash. Insane to me, especially a punk show, but I guess that's becoming more of a thing. I haven't played it yet but I got the red/500. No insert, just the record and jacket in shrink wrap. A guy next to me bought the signed copy for $60 and it was white with blue and red splatter which sold out pretty quick. Apparently some people bought the signed at other dates and still got the red variant.
  10. Best of luck! I know many smaller stores and newer stores have had difficulty getting the items they ask for and I hope it works out well for you!
  11. I thought maybe that was the case but looking at Spotify, RFC still has the copyright. It might not be updated so I can't say for certain.
  12. It's been over 2 weeks of these allegedly shipping and I still haven't gotten tracking. I bought them the minute they went up. I swear we can't trust them to do anything right. It's not this hard for literally everyone else.
  13. https://smartpunkshop.com/products/pedro-the-lion-santa-cruz-smartpunk-exclusive Galaxy Green Vinyl / 100 Packaged in a gatefold jacket and includes download card

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