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  1. Full of Hell/Gasp came today. No email with tracking or notification. It came in the thinnest mighty mailer (the name is a joke) possible and it bent the shit out of the jacket. Closed Casket Activities shipped this with the record outside the jacket which I'm surprised isn't cracked.
  2. Passive With Desire repress https://www.daisrecords.com/products/choir-boy-passive-with-desire Glow in the Dark /200 Black in Red /400 Transparent Clear /500 Black
  3. The assholes at EVR & Merchnow will have a new variant tomorrow at 1PM EST.
  4. https://codeorangetoth.com/products/the-above-spread-your-wings-vinyl This variant came out recently and I thought it looked the best (maybe tied with the indie). I sent the webstore an email and they replaced my original order for the all seeing eye variant which I thought was super cool of them.
  5. 100 Days until Christmas sale from MNRK Heavy. https://mnrkheavy.com/collections BOGO cassettes & CDs, 20% off apparel, 20% off vinyl, 30% off box sets.
  6. https://flatspotrecords.com/collections/speed Gang Called Speed repress 2nd Pressing: Gold Nugget - 150 copies (Flatspot Exclusive) Glow In The Dark - 300 copies (Flatspot/Evil Greed Exclusive) Galaxy - 550 copies (RevHQ Exclusive) Black w/White Splatter - 1000 copies
  7. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk 3xLP on sale September 15th at noon EST. Ships Q1 2024. Black vinyl. https://www.iam8bit.com/collections/bomb-rush-cyberfunk/products/bomb-rush-cyberfunk-3xlp
  8. The irony is so strong on that consider how much they pride themselves and bend over backwards but don't you think if they work so hard on every aspect, including designing a gatefold, the plant would have made it a gatefold? The plant just skipped over 2 giant images and the order for a gatefold jacket which specifically costs more money? Yeah right.
  9. I thought the first Olivia album was super boring but I'm also a 30 year old man. I mostly love upbeat pop music. Is this one worth my time or keep skipping? I'm not a Swift fan at all if that's anything to go off of.
  10. Nah these prices suck and to compare it to something else today (and also to record here for anyone who looks back): Interscope (a major label which is crazy considering how most act) put up 2xLP pre-orders for Zedd's Clarity deluxe edition which is a pretty popular album with ridiculous resale costs for just $22. Shipping is a little less than $8. So you can get a new 2xLP for under $30 shipped if you don't have sales tax but these are $52 before shipping because you're forced to buy a magazine you don't want. Things don't have to suck as much as they do. Also for what it's worth the 3 for $60 deal Revolver and their company is running today is a pretty good deal if you want some of the stuff they're selling, many of which I'd say are great albums.
  11. https://blushblush.bandcamp.com/album/supercrush New Blush album October 13th. I'm fairly certain No Sleep will be pressing it.

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