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  1. From the most current newsletter THE BUTTERFIELD BLUES BAND will be ROG #36 Fans voted to make the next limited and numbered title, Live At Woodstock available now for pre-order. Iconic Chicago harmonica player, Paul Butterfield, led a storming blues band in the 1960s and 70s that drew on rock, psychedelia, jazz and Indian classical styles and became a big influence on the San Francisco jam band scene. Their incendiary live set at Woodstock is finally getting the vinyl treatment, remastered with lacquers cut at Sam Phillips Recording Studio. This deluxe 2LP set with new artwork will be available to pre-order until February 20th, and then pressed and numbered to a limited quantity based on total orders. For the first month of 2020, we're introducing one new title and bringing back two for the new voting round. Up for vote this month: a new LeRoy Hutson Curtom collection with unreleased tracks, Hot Hot Heat’s Sire Records debut, Elevator, with bonus tracks and Freedy Johnston’s second full length Elektra album, Never Home, which has never seen a release on wax. https://www.runoutgroovevinyl.com/vote-for-next-release
  2. https://takingbacksundaystore.com/products/taking-back-sunday-tell-all-your-friends-remastered-vinyl-iridescent-green
  3. Wrong thread https://boards.vinylcollective.com/forum/5-saletradewants/
  4. I love Incubus but the prices of these recent pressings are way too high for me to even start to consider buying them. Also that hurt my head
  5. I love this band and I'd love to order it but I can't do over $45 for the colored version. Hopefully a US distro comes through.
  6. I'm definitely liking this more than previous material (which I also liked). I'm hoping I can see them when they come through DE next week.
  7. Pressing info: Olive Green & Clear Galaxy /300 Cyan Blue & Red A Side B Side /500 Cloudy Clear w/ Red & Cyan Splatter /1000 Red /200 (Banquet Exclusive)
  8. It looks like a new EP is dropping at midnight your time titled "The Black Moon." 01. Candy (5:50) 02. Tethered (2:40) 03. Blood Pact (6:59)
  9. Good catch. It is the movie. I don't know who this appeals to but that's the reaction I get from most ETR releases.
  10. From ETR's newsletter: On sale Friday 1/17/2020 at noon EST: The Best of Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock. "The first album we'll have up in the shop this year is a repress of our popular release, The Best Of Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock. This is likely the final repress of this release, so don't sit on it! This colorway is Radish Splatter" The newsletter also shows a sneak peek of the first new ETR release of 2020 which appears to be the inside of the gatefold for The Brady Bunch (television series 1969-1974).
  11. STOKED for The Bombpops and I snagged the color. I'm glad it'll be out before they hit Philly for the first time in 3 years!
  12. Lol don't. The earliest version (out of 500 but still) of the self titled is up for $25 on Discogs.
  13. https://www.omnianmusicgroup.com/products/laughing-gas-ep 2 new songs "Foyer" and "Blue Wings." Milky white vinyl limited to 2,000 copies according to Bandcamp.
  14. Restocks: LTJ Borders Reissue https://fatwreck.com/products/borders-boundaries-reissue?_pos=2&_sid=e3df2c933&_ss=r (Black) NOFX The Decline https://fatwreck.com/products/the-decline?_pos=1&_sid=78801806c&_ss=r (Colored? No black listed on discogs since the original press) Swingin' Utters AJPOTWC https://fatwreck.com/products/a-juvenile-product-of-the-working-class?_pos=5&_sid=d2508bc2e&_ss=r (Colored)
  15. I had a friend talk to Reba about it over a year ago and she said she doesn't plan on doing anything further with Adventures. Sad stuff. I'm glad I got to see them once.
  16. I can't say I like it but it's ok. I hope the whole album isn't like this.
  17. e-mail update: "Couple important updates: 1- The vinyl is pressed and on the way to us now. Follow social media to see some pictures very soon. 2- I had to make a change to the cover art from the original plan. After multiple delays from my print shop, they ultimately did some test prints with the half tones and we were losing too much detail in the art and compromising the design too much. So we decided to scrap the screen printed covers and just do traditionally printed folders. I am making a special preorder cover for the glow in the dark variant to have something special. I’m waiting on the printed covers to arrive so even though the vinyl will be here soon, I can’t ship until those covers get here but it should be pretty soon. They will go out the door within a day or two of having the covers. If the cover art change is a deal breaker for you, please let me know and I can cancel your order for you. I’ll be throwing in a freebie in the domestic orders for the change. If you are good with all this, then it should be shipping to you in the next couple weeks." I'm real excited to get the GITD and my tape!
  18. Ordered a 7" from Dais Records. They shipped it the next day and I definitely trust they got it right. It got to Ewell, NJ and was scanned at arrival. Somehow, the exact same minute, someone scanned it as delivered into a P.O. Box in Delaware. I haven't seen it yet and I don't have a P.O. Box.
  19. There's also standalone for $23.98 https://merchnow.com/products/v2/307148/war-music--dd
  20. New remix/dance EP out digitally now and available on tape through Pop Wig (ships in 3-4 weeks)
  21. http://popwig.limitedrun.com/products/657325-turnstile-mail-grab-share-a-view Pink tape for $10. Ships in 3-4 weeks of January 7, 2020. https://www.stereogum.com/2069093/stream-turnstile-mall-grabs-new-dance-remix-ep-share-a-view/music/album-stream/ Pop Wig says "Mail Grab" but I believe it's a typo. Edit 1/8/2020: Sold out!
  22. Picture discs have the same problem. This has happened to me on a couple pic discs.