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  1. 25 minutes ago, Tidal Wave said:

    Have any cities started having concerts?

    Cult Classic Brewing in Stevensville, MD (close to the Bay Bridge) has started having artists perform under a tent outside the venue since the weather's nice and people can still practice social distancing. Delaware will allow outside events up to 250 people next week if they can practice social distancing but I think that was mainly so people could still have weddings. I definitely got lucky getting married last year and not during all this...

  2. 14 minutes ago, V3XED said:

    Snagged a copy, while pricy, sheet happens does their releases justice.
    Also, kinda a lame single in my opinion. Sounds like a B-side from the last album or something, just not a lot happening. 

    I'd rather order from almost anyone else. Their prices are absurd.

    I wasn't keen on the single either. Definitely not strong enough to announce an album imo.

  3. 55 minutes ago, dantheriver said:

    Gotta respect Ian for being willing to die on this whole “the variant was available separately” hill, though. Even though he knows damn well vinyl nerds (ie this whole community) will consider the same color record with a different cover a separate variant. Rule number 1: Deny til you die.

    Gonna piggyback here and say it totally blows my mind how people consider an alt-cover a different variant. It's the same record, same actual jacket, just a cover to go with it. That, to me, is not a new variant or change how limited the record is. It's just something fun/different/special for putting out a record. I saw someone do a poll on IG as to whether or not a VC is complete without alt-covers and 80% of people said it wouldn't be complete without them. People are wonky.

  4. The best local band from my area is getting their first self release.

    "Full of Hell has been a band for over a decade. When we started this band, we never guessed that we’d be able to accomplish any of the things we’ve been able to do, and a lot of that was due to A389 Records taking a shot and believing in us early on, releasing our first two LPs, “Roots of Earth are Consuming My Home” and “Rudiments of Mutilation”. Dom (A389) was a constant pusher for our band and gave us guidance anytime we needed it. Late last year, he allowed us to take over and repress these ourselves, and we are now able to announce a long time goal - our first self release, which is taking the form of a deluxe DLP/2CD reissue of both albums together, featuring brand new artwork by @gentlemercies . We have been working towards something like this for years, and we are excited to offer music to you directly from us. Preorder goes live on Wednesday at 12 PM EST through OUR bigcartel and bandcamp. For the first time, you will be able to buy an album directly from us. Thanks for all the support. This is FOH-001."



    Pressing info:Deserted Vessel/200 (Coke Bottle Blue/Black Pinwheel)

    Coral and Brine/300 (Orange and Blue merge)

    Dregs of Pluto/500 (Swamp Green/Black Smoke)

    Silver Moon/500 (Silver)

    I'm describing them based off the pictures since they all have titles as opposed to literal color descriptions.


  5. 7 hours ago, Kjm23 said:

    So I was a little late to the party with this band but I love this album. The lead singer is Mat from Citizen's brother. Was going to buy it off their Bandcamp but after shipping it was like $23.00. Found a guy who had a bunch of copies on eBay with free shipping so I got mine for $12.75 + tax. It looks like the sale he had on them is over and the price jumped back up to $15.00 (might be able to send an offer of $12.75?). Either way the record is worth it:

    The Flats - Nobody People

    Brett from Tranquility is also in the band and I'm a big fan of them. I'm going to assume The Flats aren't active anymore but this album is pretty good.

  6. 16 hours ago, dawhizz said:

    Does No Sleep typically do digital downloads?  Preordered the vinyl and was hoping to get the download (since the album itself is out there already), but I didn't get one with the pre-order.  Anyone knows if it will come with the vinyl or not at all?

    I would recommend shooting them an email or a message on IG with your order number. Chris is usually pretty good about getting back to people and has helped me with DL codes. I recently got records from Pine, Jail Socks, Better Off and Muskets. 2 had DL cards and 2 didn't and only 1 of the DL cards worked.