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  1. It's definitely better than Erase Me, but still not as good as Lost In Separation or earlier.
  2. Damn I really wish it stayed later in June. Weather was so much easier to handle.
  3. Bandcamp is the best to support artists directly. Honestly you picked the worst time to get into vinyl, as prices are at all time highs and delays are the longest they've ever been.
  4. Really enjoying the four tracks. We’re in for a good one again. But who would’ve doubted?
  5. https://mysistersfugazishirt.bandcamp.com/album/gods-in-his-heaven-alls-right-with-the-world small restock of 2nd pressing on green/purple vinyl
  6. Any news of a new Weatherbox LP? I know they posted some studio pics a while back.
  7. Cool that they’ll use Eco vinyl and still charge $35-40 a release and $9 media mail shipping. How these guys have fell.
  8. Yeah this is a major bummer to realize that this is why preorders are like 6 months now.
  9. I'm really excited for this. Although I do believe it's going to be the new dubs.
  10. What a blast from the past. Haven’t heard this album in years but I remember really liking it when I was 16 so might need to pick it up.
  11. My local is gonna have it. Posted pics of it already.
  12. I liked the instrumentation but the vocals just feel really weak on the second track.
  13. https://mysistersfugazishirt.bandcamp.com/merch new vinyl up now! 1st pressing of Man Fears The Darkness and 2nd pressing of God’s In His Heaven
  14. Weird release and kinda completely unnecessary for vinyl but I’ll check the digital out. Not one of my favorite Metallica albums though.
  15. That new song was one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard.

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