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  1. Almost forgot about this and was able to grab a color. Black was greyed out though.
  2. Yeah just curious if it’s worth getting since I have the red one from a few years back. It’s half speed mastered though right?
  3. Yeah I got the email too. Very excited for it. Once it comes and checks out I’ll start the campaign for part II. glad you like the comp too. I think it came out wonderfully.
  4. https://tigerbloodtapes.bandcamp.com/album/nautilus-1-2 Nautilus 1 and 2 deluxe edition reissue now out. Plus I put out a Halloween compilation with 30 artists. Timed preorder for tapes until 10/4. https://mysistersfugazishirt.bandcamp.com/album/ominous-music-a-vaporgrave-compilation
  5. The singles are by far the worst tracks on this. It’s Age of Adz pt. 2. Wonderful surprise. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/sep/25/sufjan-stevens-interview-the-ascension interesting interview mentioning he’s been working on more music currently too.
  6. Got my indie colorway in today. First listen now, no leaks. It’s a lot better than the singles would lead on. Anxiety is my fav song so far halfway through.
  7. It’s weird that this Fridays new releases are way better than saturdays RSD ones. Deftones Idles that massive Prince box
  8. NM overall. Looking to sell as a bundle $210 shipped but open to separate offers.
  9. Picking mine up later today. Really excited for it although I wish 64 was remade in Odysseys engine. Oh well it is what it is and I’m just glad to have all of them easily available.
  10. Backwards compatibility seems to be 99% of PS4 titles from what they said today. Got lucky and saw a target link posted early last night and grabbed a disc drive one. Getting Demon Souls and Spiderman at launch, maybe Sackboy too and hyped for Ratchet and Clank soon after. The PS Plus collection is awesome too and there's a few in there I haven't played that I'm gonna check out. As for the games going up to $70 it was inevitable since prices have been $60 for new games for almost 20 years. You're definitely doing to pay more in the long run going purely digital though since they can just choose to never lower digital game prices if they want. See Nintendo's model .
  11. My advice would be focus on finding good used collections. It’s hard to open a new store focused only on new common stuff because most people will order it online nowadays, Amazon etc. if you can get people in with rare stuff and keep the rarities coming that’s what will build customers and profit.
  12. https://polyvinyl.ffm.to/anamanaguchi-pv-store $30 each Power Supply first time on vinyl and DM goes for a lot but still.
  13. It seems each announcement comes shortly after the previous one releases. I’d expect something last week of the month or first week of October.