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  1. I once got a record shipped to me in an empty grease covered pizza box with no padding. It was a $100+ record too. eBay shippers are never to be trusted.
  2. I had the first press “galaxy” variant and it was basically just blue. Sold it off.
  3. They do look good. Had the opportunity but didn't realize they were European based and the price plus shipping deterred me.
  4. Yes obviously. All these super secret you need the special hidden link to order are.
  5. A simple black vinyl, 8xLP set maybe with new artwork could definitely be $200 or less. Add in a deluxe version on color that includes the comics and they’ll be rolling in cash.
  6. I’m surprised they haven’t put out an amory wars box set by this point. Would be like printing money.
  7. This is good stuff. Haven’t been buying much metal lately but may cave for the 3xlp
  8. https://www.normanrecords.com/records/180322-sufjan-stevens-lowell-brams-aporia yellow up at Norman. Expect it show up at other retailers online soon
  9. It’ll obviously be in stores. There’s no way they had 5000 in stock to start with.
  10. Same. This doesn’t excite me enough to preorder. I’ll stream it and if it’s good pick it up on sale in 6 months.
  11. https://store.asthmatickitty.com/products/sufjan-stevens-lowell-brams-aporia Yellow vinyl and standard black seems like a synth pseudo OST album without vocals.
  12. This is really good. Gotta track an indie down today.
  13. Right? I haven’t seen people act like this in years on here when drops were actually difficult and things would sell out in minutes.
  14. This isn’t 2014. No one does /100 variants anymore. Their will probably be a indie exclusive color and black vinyl. If there is a deluxe it’ll probably be so widely available you’ll be able to get it half off in 6 months time.
  15. There’s not going to anything too limited for this. It’s a hugely anticipated album by a massive band reuniting. They’ll probably be a deluxe version but I’m guessing 10k or so copies.
  16. This dude has got to have the most failed business attempts in vinyl history right? seriously try another field
  17. Yeah most bands sell tickets behind the stage. The difference is, as someone previously said Pearl Jam is aware of the fans behind the stage and Eddie goes and sings to the back a decent amount and will play a song or to them fully.
  18. Never have had any issues with damage from Bull Moose and I order from them probably once a month on average. I’d say 50% of my amazon orders come with some damage of some sort. Yeah they’re quick to replace but it’s a pain. 8/10 times the amazon order is packed bad too.
  19. Ticketmaster has this new thing where they have "verified resellers." Basically they flip their own tickets now. Sometimes they're called "platinum seats."
  20. I’ve realized I think NY was more expensive because it has two larger openers.