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  1. Got my Dine Alone copy and wow okay it sounds pretty terrible on vinyl.
  2. Ikea used to have a photo shelf that was the perfect size for LPs, about 20" long, but they discontinued it for longer ones now.
  3. Caught this tour last night and holy shit, go see it. Fucking phenomenal. Awesome stage set-up and all 3 acts were top-notch. I've never seen so much vinyl at a merch table in my life before. Also it seems like some of the vinyl are older presses? I got a copy of Night Drive on white and Desire's LP on red.
  4. Played mine yesterday and it sounded great. No issues.
  5. Album is really fucking good. Definitely different from any of his other stuff but I’m a good way.
  6. Got the limited. Stoked to listen to this tonight and the variant looks nice.
  7. I saw it live. Pretty decent show. Some of the best songs aren’t on the album though. There’s a live album coming of it too. Drygoods I believe is a numbered edition that’s sold out.
  8. Damn this album is so good. Glad I splurged for the 3xLP but bummed it probably won’t get here until after release date.
  9. Do I sell my OG Akuma, or hold out hopes that the repress has a different cover?
  10. My 3xLP shipped today from their store, media mail .
  11. Basically this plus other life stuff. Starting a new chapter so to say.
  12. I just meant it as the genre isn't really known for things having the best production. Most classic emo albums sound awfully recorded.
  13. I'm enjoying the album, production isn't bothering me. It's fucking emo music.
  14. Thats super sad. No idea she was 72 though, wouldn't have guessed she was over 55.
  15. Really like the song. Wish Hyperview sounded like this. PO'd the red.
  16. Really glad they stepped outside their comfort zone for this.
  17. https://www.lacedrecords.com/collections/devil-may-cry-5 DMC V