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  1. https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/products/amenra-de-doorn-limited-edition-gold-translucent-2lp-only-200-made brooklynvegan has the same variant as revolver and probably evilgreed, so it looks like this /583 was divided into this 3 sites so each has ca 200pcs of it. I guess "only 200 made" sounds better than "only 200 available at our site"
  2. And I wonder if the /200 translucent gold revolver version is actually the /583 beer one that was supposed to be split between them and evil greed...
  3. I was waiting fo that /200 decibel variant but with a 30$ shipping to europe, witch is actually more expensive than the record itself, I think I will stick to relapse one...
  4. ok, i just cancelled my 3 additional orders, if anyone is looking for the /248 version or golden cassette - now is the time as they are back on site
  5. have you been charged for all these orders? i wasnt, but if i remember correctly, relapse charges for orders just before shipping... I wonder if its any difference which 3 of the 4 placed orders I will cancel, I have no idea, which one of them were the "error" ones
  6. damn, that was stresfull, got error message while placing order 2 times, it went through the third time....
  7. A little bit, yes, but it's 4pm where I live and I'm sure that I will be so excited and afraid to miss it tomorrow that I will be checking the site all day regardless of that
  8. Damnnn, I will be checking relapse site every 3 minutes tomorrow...this will not be a very productive day at work...
  9. I have the gold version of deloused, so I hoped that I this won't be a big temptation for me, but damnnn, I think my brain, responsible for my finances is loosing the battle with my heart that wants to cuddle with this box and already found a place for it on my shelf...somebody stop me please...
  10. I was supposed to return distressor and feels like you due to their sh*tty quality. Apparently I just decided to buy again and pipe dreams that will probably sound sh*tty as well. wtf is wrong with me....
  11. Everyone still looking for a copy, go to MD, go to the last page - there are still couple of variants left, just bought one 2 minutes ago
  12. I received my bundle yesterday and i must sadly admit, that both vinyl are complete disaster. Fells like you has cracks and pops all over both sides and the sound is generally blehhhh, I had a feeling, that it sounded better when I was listening to it from mp3s...record is also warped, although these does not affect playback. Distressor is even worse, it is so warped and off-centered, that I have never ever before seen a needle dance like this during playback,,,,sound is so distorted that its almost unlistebable.... of course the covers were also damaged in shipping, but considering the terrib

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