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  1. Nope, find an email with order confirmation, there is a link there to your order, follow the link and there will be a cancel order button. Dunno if it will work if you ordered multiple copies in one order, the one I cancelled was a for a single copy so I just cancelled the whole order.
  2. thank god that the shipping to europe is more expensive than the record itself, so I wont be buying the 5th version... Total USD $52.25 Subtotal $25.00 Shipping $27.25 they also just launched theit webshop and looks like they saved some picture discs from relapse https://bandofnothing.shop/products/the-great-dismal-picture-disc-vinyl-lp-pre-order
  3. haha, I did exactly the same, I bought 3 variants already (4 to be exact but canceled the /500 relapse when I bought the EU /200) and then the bloodshot eye appeared...managed to convince myself that I do not need another version (although it looks supercool) but failed miserably with the evil greed... so again I have 4 different ones...
  4. 1.5 month till realease date and this vinyl has 15 versions already...this is starting to be a little bit ridiculous...;) I feel sorry for variant collectors
  5. https://store.relapse.com/item/93207 2nd press already... 2000 x Neon Orange and Milky Clear Half 'n Half with Neon Orange and Royal Blue Splatter Standard Gram 500 x Black Inside Swamp Green with Brown, Neon Pink and White Splatter Standard Gram *Relapse.com Exclusive* 500 x Neon Pink and Milky Clear Half 'n Half with Neon Pink and Cyan Blue Splatter Standard Gram *Relapse.com Exclusive* 500 x Bloodshot Eye Standard Gram *Relapse.com Exclusive*
  6. Ok so the 24.99 is the EU indie version, the 19.99 is the relapse /3500, the confirmed it with the distributor and told me that they will correct the descriptions
  7. hmm, there is one for 19.99 and one for 24.99, they both have the same description though - "Royal Blue W/ Bone White Spinners & White/Blue Splatter-Vinyl. " which sugests that's the /200 version, but the 24.99 has the same picture as /3500 relapse variant...I asked greenhell which is which, will let you know when the answer.
  8. https://store.relapse.com/item/93207 /3500 variant
  9. damnn, got that /200 and while I was fininishing the order, I saw that the buttefly version came back, so i removed the /200, went with the /100 and after completeing the order got the info that this was sold out...so I came back to get the /200 and that one sold out too in the meantime... looks like im stuck with the PD....eh
  10. Anyone have any idea where I can find Bastille ATBB ? Preferably in Europe, can't find it anywhere, and all the shops in Poland I contacted claimed, they didn't receive it at all...
  11. I kinda understand the dillema and complaints regarding the handling of this preorder, high prices of the die hard edition, no info on the differences from standard one or the pressing numbers, but on the other hand, I was personally so eagerly waiting for any info regarding this project, then when the song dropped and I pressed play, i preordered the die hard coloured veriosn before the track ended... best song this year for me so far, (when it hit 2.45min mark, i almost passed out from happiness ) , so from the first listen I knew i needed this vinyl in the coolest version there is...(I wasnt taking the subscription version into account, as the price + shipping to Europe would be madness). There was no room for calculations or overthinking it