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  1. Damn, you are right, the bundle included a subscription, forgot about that, what did they write back?
  2. the Revolver yellow bundle was moved from march to may. I asked them about the shipping date at the beginning of april and got an awesome response, something like "its a preorder man, it will ship when the street date will come" . Never got a response to a second email in which I wrote them "I know, the street date was march and it is april now, thats why I'm asking" but about 1-2 hours later the release date on their site changed from march to may.
  3. I wonder if I am the only desperate still refreshing the site from time to time hoping some lonely canceled /200 will pop up for grabs...
  4. "This page is temporarily unavailable because a device from your location is sending large amounts of web requests. Visitors from other locations can still view the page." WTF....
  5. damnn, i thought that the pre orders are going live today, i'll be on the road tomorrow, bye bye DA /200 variant....
  6. I wonder how many seconds will it take before the DA /200 variant will be sold out
  7. I do not remember preordering something from an artist without listening to a single song by the aforementioned artist first and I did that today after reading the names involved in this. Good call as this track is awesome and I've been listening to it on a loop for over an hour now
  8. https://shop.revolvermag.com/products/revolver-x-turnstile-winter-2021-issue-hand-numbered-slipcase-w-glow-on-mustard-yellow-lp-only-250-available?_pos=3&_sid=94f1f85c4&_ss=r
  9. i just received my neon green and neon yellow from kingsroad eu, this must be the first time in a long long time i got a vinyl ahead of a street date
  10. i just received my /135 b-sides and it is so warped that if not for the hole inside, i could probably use it as a soup bowl. I wonder if its playable at all, gonna find out when i get back home in the evening...
  11. damn, missed the zippo bundle, what was the price?
  12. I just realised I have actually 4(!) pre ordered nothing vinyl- great dismal b-sides, ToT 5th anniversary version, nothing/integrity splitsville and don't look for light in tunnels...this is crazy...;)

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