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  1. Just got the evil greed copy, it's spinning right now, and I have to admit, that it sounds phenomenal...the record is a little bit warped, but it does not effect the playback at all, the copy is dead silent, sound is very warm and clean, it's definitely the best sounding nothing vinyl I own and among the best ones I have in general. The production of this record is great and combined with good pressing the result is surprisingly great, to be honest I did not expect that, this is like miles ahead of DATB in every aspect. I almost stoped regretting that I spent way to much money on this record,
  2. It shipped from US. I received tracking info and it says: From: EASTLAKE, OH 44095 UNITED STATES.
  3. 32.86 for shipping to Europe Actually I was relieved when I saw that shipping, made me 100% sure i will stick to my 4 other variants I already ordered...( at least untill they dropp some unique screen printed/ drawn /painted / splattered / numbered fancy cover version )
  4. would love to get meteora but something tells me it's not going to be easy... also - does anyone know if kids see ghosts will be on coloured vinyl? i think that the standard black one is still quite easy to buy, I got it from amazon couple of moths ago for like less than 15euro...
  5. naah, that's not it, I don't really care about the downloads as I only use spotify for streaming, think it's more like "I need them, I need them all..." plus the signed print is a nice addition (although seeing it on bundle presentation kinda made me cooled off )
  6. ok, you and me + the dream wax mage variants secured! so why am I thinking of getting the bundle as well.....;)
  7. can anyone tell me what the price was for Honey wax mage variant?
  8. thanks to this post i played You and Me for the fist time since like 2013 maybe and holy sh*t i forgot how awesome this record is...gotta do some top, dusty shelves digging is search for the CD, but I do need this on vinyl...this just became very important topic to follow
  9. Nope, find an email with order confirmation, there is a link there to your order, follow the link and there will be a cancel order button. Dunno if it will work if you ordered multiple copies in one order, the one I cancelled was a for a single copy so I just cancelled the whole order.
  10. thank god that the shipping to europe is more expensive than the record itself, so I wont be buying the 5th version... Total USD $52.25 Subtotal $25.00 Shipping $27.25 they also just launched theit webshop and looks like they saved some picture discs from relapse https://bandofnothing.shop/products/the-great-dismal-picture-disc-vinyl-lp-pre-order
  11. haha, I did exactly the same, I bought 3 variants already (4 to be exact but canceled the /500 relapse when I bought the EU /200) and then the bloodshot eye appeared...managed to convince myself that I do not need another version (although it looks supercool) but failed miserably with the evil greed... so again I have 4 different ones...
  12. 1.5 month till realease date and this vinyl has 15 versions already...this is starting to be a little bit ridiculous...;) I feel sorry for variant collectors
  13. https://store.relapse.com/item/93207 2nd press already... 2000 x Neon Orange and Milky Clear Half 'n Half with Neon Orange and Royal Blue Splatter Standard Gram 500 x Black Inside Swamp Green with Brown, Neon Pink and White Splatter Standard Gram *Relapse.com Exclusive* 500 x Neon Pink and Milky Clear Half 'n Half with Neon Pink and Cyan Blue Splatter Standard Gram *Relapse.com Exclusive* 500 x Bloodshot Eye Standard Gram *Relapse.com Exclusive*

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