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  1. I found this dumb shit, which I made years ago because of this place - finally got it on youtube - this seems like a relevant enough thread to put it in - sorry
  2. A Great Big Pile Of Leaves, Diamond Youth, Prawn, Field Mouse http://www.ebay.com/itm/A-Great-Big-Pile-Of-Leaves-Diamond-Youth-Prawn-Field-Mouse-Topshelf-Records/322419723484
  3. Patrick Stewart is absolutely hilarious on Extras.
  4. I get the idea behind 'it' because it's a joke, but I've always said I.T. purely because when it was first on tv the voiceover for the ads / before it would come on would say it that way. As a result, whenever talking to anyone about it, had I or anyone else said the it crowd we would have been confused as everyone knew / knows it as the I.T. crowd. Somewhere along the line the creators stuffed up and didn't let the network know how they wanted it pronounced and now it's too late.
  5. Channel 4 always pronounced it as I.T. Crowd? Also, there is 13 episodes. Not long, but not too short.
  6. Crash of Rhinos - Knots Alex G - Trick empire! empire! (iwale) - You Will Eventually Be Forgotten Joie de Vivre - The North End Dikembe - Broad Shoulders Pity Sex - Dark World Gates - The Sun Will Rise and Lead Me Home Snowing - I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted Viva Belgrado - Flores, Carne Human Hands - Human Hands Honorable Mentions Jeff Rosenstock - We Cool That Was Then This Is Now - 1987 Prawn - Ships The Ground Is Lava - Bottle Rockets Twiabp - Whenever, if Ever Nicole Dollanganger - Curdled Milk You Blew It! - Grow up, dude Gorillaz - Plastic Beach Sport - Bon Voyage State Faults - Desolate Peaks
  7. NATHAN BARLEY Peace and fucking; believe. Also, House of Fools.
  8. It actually looks nice though. The same could be said about using helvetica as your album artwork font.
  9. I did that once and then couldn't get it. Same thing with demon days by gorillaz.
  10. This is out of print?? I remember for years when I was trying to find 'before the dawn..' the only m83 record I kept finding everywhere was this.

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