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  1. I think once it is in your cart it should stay there for minimum 5-10mins. Some punk pulls the last pork roast outta my shopping cart and I'd plug him.
  2. Sorry on Mobile and walking dogs. .. and buying records. Look down the page a bit
  3. People around here will bend over backwards for you, unless you are douchey.
  4. after the quality discrepancies between uk and us amsp indie coloured.. i'll stick with uk.
  5. a dirty (one dude actually did smell like piss) punk band i recorded put out a 7".. thought i should probably own it. That lead to me believing that I should own ALL THE vinyl, i've been able to subdue that urge, lately.
  6. Yeah i have the first colored and now the limited edition on the way. Got my shirt and the d7-d5 12" in the mail the other day, surprised they sent separate.
  7. got my copy of their death grips-gov plates. sleeve is a bit small. audio is a little muffled and missing some low end. Super dig the reimagined artwork they did... shows some creativity, not just straight up theft. 7/10 would recommend.