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  1. also for those into color variants - I ordered 100 random cassettes for this, I don't have a full count but here are all the one's I dropped off
  2. Soooo finally have an update on this, dropped the tapes off last weekend and they will have them on this tour - they are selling them at the show tonight.
  3. 1. yeah new releases, gonna be cool 2. no plans - sorry ya'll, they were in my closet, just moved so they are in a box somewhere but I'm not selling them until I get the okay, so I'll shoot out another email but I wouldn't count on it - best case scenario he takes them off my hands and you have to get them at a show
  4. Thanks to everyone who ordered a bundle! Really not tryna be sneaky about these SALT tapes, the moment I know what I can do with them I'll tell you :/ These are going out tonight/tomorrow so if you don't actually want it let me know? Some people wanted them and didn't get them so. Also 100% out of waste yrself and to be close to you now (and also starry cat and rules and anything else you probably want) Still have some ghost gum and fog lake though.
  5. Uh I didn't/don't think it's going to be that big of a thing, but I guess I'll shoot for noon?
  6. Since people are still interested I'm gonna throw the $20 bundle up tomorrow, only have 10 of em. To clarify both teen suicide and julia brown have been repressed, so you can get newer versions from some other places.
  7. Also I have some of the Halloween show posters left, they're really cool but I never put them up for sale because shipping posters is a pain. 11 x 15, with glow in the dark ink - if enough people are interested in that I'll look into getting poster tubes? http://40.media.tumblr.com/dcdc2631f02330728cdbddb004caf1ca/tumblr_mv6t8eNWyS1rk72pfo2_1280.png
  8. Whoa cool, I don't have any cassette mailers but I have some 7" mailers so I was thinking of doing two 4-packs if ya'll are into it - if not I'll think about how to get this stuff out to you but maybe: $20: to be close to you (2nd pressing), holy cross ep, waste yrself csd, ghost gum demos $15: corey's coathangers, young professional, 30 days, feel not bad demo I'm not a fan of bubble mailers but if everyone would prefer to just pick and choose I can get some of those and do it that way
  9. Yeah there's no line or dibs, and thanks for all the messages but I promise if there's any decision made to sell them I'll post here. Honestly the releases I have left are the releases people weren't buying in the first place so I don't know if anyone's interested - I probably have some CSD waste yrself tapes but that was just re-released on vinyl and cs definitely worth it to pick that up instead uh I have some personal copies of some things but I wouldn't feel too good about ebay-ing that stuff so I wouldn't know how else to sell anything so limited. BRD002 SW/MM/NG - Feel Not Bad Demo CS BRD006 Julia Brown - To Be Close To You CS (2nd pressing) BRD017 Thee Ahs - Corey's Coathangers CS DSTR002 Fog Lake - Holy Cross EP CS DSTR005 Samira Winter - 30 Days CS DSTR008 Free Cake For Every Creature - young professional CS DSTR009 Ghost Gum - Demos CS
  10. Like I said, I'm not comfortable selling them right now but I'll look into it. I'm just not into people selling/buying our releases for so much, I tried to give everything to labels (DDW + RFC) that I knew would sell em for a reasonable price - SALT was kept with me for a reason. To everyone asking me about other releases I might have some Fog Lake tapes but that's about it.
  11. Moved salt to that bird tapes thread, didn't want to take this off topic LVL UP just got back from tour so I'm sure they'll get back to you soon
  12. RE: SALT tapes wasn't trying to get anyone's hopes up was just trying to put the information out there We made 100 random colored cassettes, but we didn't sell any of them - wanted to get it out there though so I threw it into some orders for free. I love 'nintendo 64' and 'not so tough' was originally trying to release a cassette of unreleased songs but Alex didn't want to, instead he sent over SALT. I like when our cassette releases have balanced A/B sides and also to include little extras which is why there is an extra track on the cassette I believe the file was just called "chicken". Was meant more as a promotional item for his next record, which obviously we didn't end up releasing so these tapes never went up in the store - wouldn't feel comfortable sellin em. I just wouldn't spend too much money trying to get one. Just counted and I have 86 so I'll see if Alex wants anything to do with em http://i.imgur.com/M3dmdfM.jpg
  13. RFC / DDW got the last of the Alex G / R.L. Kelly splits, Boy Crush / Starry Cat splits, Porches. / LVL UP splits and Julia Brown 7"s Looks like these two are still available: http://runforcoverrecords.limitedrun.com/products/560110-julia-brown-library-7 http://runforcoverrecords.limitedrun.com/products/560108-porches-lvl-up-split-7 I think LVL UP has some of the Porches. split too, go see em live I just saw Sean the other night and he has like 5 Boy Crush splits left so also go see him live moved SALT tape post to that Bird Tapes thread
  14. Yeah I'll look into it assuming you're the person who left a note about this? But it's definitely not $7