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  1. glad I ordered MG when I did . grabbed genocide pact even though I'm not feeling that 1st song.
  2. Looking for Futures on Blue, & Stay On My Side Tonight on Pink. Let me know
  3. they came out wrong, and they didn't want to destroy & repress. shame the pink kush would've looked slick.
  4. no updates on these? stores have gotten copies.
  5. Just some odds & ends for sale for some record money. All records NM/NM Shipping is $4 US only. Knocked a couple bucks off from my discogs listings Alice In Chains - Live Facelift RSD $23 In shrink, w/hype sticker Hank III - Love sick, Broke, & Drifting $68 OG Press,Black, NO CD! In shrink, w/hype sticker Some Girls - The Blues Grey Marble $3 or free if you buy 1 of the above just ask
  6. doublea

    SOUL, FUNK, and BLUES Record Thread

    Please keep this thread going! I've discovered soo much great stuff in here!
  7. doublea

    FS: DVDs, CDs & a couple free 7"s - Updated 6/6

    In the 4th book picture, what book is the top left?
  8. doublea

    Online sales of RSD releases

    Just got my shipping email, but thanks for the offer. Now done with RSD 15
  9. doublea

    Online sales of RSD releases

    Thanks, very cool of you. I'll let you know for sure
  10. doublea

    Online sales of RSD releases

    Got a Metallica tape from bullmoose, took forever but, my order went through. Still not getting my hopes up though
  11. doublea

    Small list priced to move

    I want these gone! Shipping ppd in the US only, will combine shipping. If you're broke and want to trade, i'm down. 7" Cold World / War Hungry - Split (Six Feet Under) Grey, Final Press, 51/105 $7ppd Integrity - In Contrast Of Sin (Organized Crime) Clear Purple, 43/230 $12ppd Integrity - Walpurgisnacht (A389) Clear Red $7ppd Pale Creation - S/T (A389) Red $5ppd Set To Explode - S/T EP (Grave Mistake) Black $4ppd V/A - Brutal Supremacy (Mind Eraser, Hatred Surge, Iron Lung, Scapegoat) (Painkiller) 2x7", Black $5ppd LP Blind To Faith - The Seven Fat Years Are Over (Holy Terror) Black, 19/? $9ppd Cursed - One (Deathwish) Reissue, Silver, 2000 $14ppd Final Plan / My Luck - Split (Martyr) Clear Blue, 325/? $9ppd Harms Way - Blinded (Deathwish) White, 700 $14ppd Immolation - Kingdom Of Conspiracy (Nuclear Blast) Grey $16ppd Integrity - Suicide Black Snake (A389) White, 100 $14ppd Palehorse - Secrets Within Secrets (Stray Dog) Blue/White Swirl, 500 $9ppd DVD Converge - The Long Road Home 1st edition doubled sided, digipack slipcase (NM all around) $8ppd
  12. doublea


    http://www.discogs.com/sell/item/188171069 Journey
  13. doublea

    FS: small mix of records

    Seller is great to deal with, also someone grab that Strangler LP!