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  1. Maybe a bit late to ask but does anyone know how to gauge whether a record will be quickly sold out or not? I'm looking for the Green Day one and the 2 Madonna ones and I've no idea whether they'll be gone in the first 15 minutes or not. I've no clue when it comes to this kinda thing. Any insight would be great.
  2. Biffy Clyro - MTV Unplugged (Live At Roundhouse, London) £7.50
  3. 2 for £15 https://thesoundofvinyl.com/Outlet/Flash-Sale/
  4. Ha, you sound about as old as me ;-) I like The Jazz June and Kind of Like Spitting but it's been a long time since I listened to them. I've heard of the rest but never gave any of them a proper listen so I'll get on that now. Thank you.
  5. All bands are hated by someone. Doesn't make them "uncool". Weird statement that.
  6. Thanks man. I've been trying pretty hard recently listening to music and watching a few films to try and get my interest back but it's not been terribly successful. I just can't enjoy anything I used to love doing and it's hard. I hope you're doing ok. New Mongol Horde songs sounds hopeful! I was worried this was going to just be a one-off album. It's been a while since they released it but I guess Frank has other priorities which is fair enough. I'm actually quite keen to check out Biffy Clyro now. Had no idea they used to be heavier. I've not heard of Remote Viewing, thanks! You've given me a lot to check out. Thanks for that, it's a big help.
  7. I know of Reuben from years back but I've never listened to them. I'll check them out. I also know Million Dead but never got into them. I'm actually old enough to have known his emo type band Kneejerk wayyyyyyy back in the day. They're a bit of an acquired taste but I love their song "Wire Wool". I think I've listened to Palehorse before too but I'll check them out again. I don't mind heavy stuff. I was reading about Mongol Horde and apparently their tour earlier this year was the first one they've done since the album? I'm not holding my breath for them to tour again but I would absolutely love to see them live. If they tour, I'll be there. They played King Tuts in Glasgow which has a capacity of about 450 I think. That would've been amazing. So gutted I was late in discovering them. Fingers crossed for a new album and a tour. Oh and Future of the Left I've again heard of but never listened to. I know of Sucioperro and and Biffy Clyro but always assumed they were poppy rock bands so never checked them out as it's not really my thing. I'll do that now. I think I listened to Marmaduke Duke years ago but can't remember much about them. I'll also give them a spin. Thanks a lot for your suggestions, means a lot.
  8. Mine shipped today too. Due tomorrow. Mine was £20.77 which I'm pleased with as it's £27.99 now.
  9. You in Glasgow? I missed it last night. In other news, I got my art edition about 10 minutes ago!
  10. Is this actually going to happen? I hope so but it's cutting it fine.
  11. Is that a Marantz amp? I think I have the same one.