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  1. Here's my latest covering a few different versions of the INXS live album https://youtu.be/n4Jk3gMvYTY
  2. New video with a quick rundown of some White Album pressings
  3. New video. This one covers a very rare Mötley Crue pressing:
  4. Did something a little different this time. Decided to feature a couple of modern progressive rock records As always, any new subscribers, likes or comments welcome https://youtu.be/r_pOqJ8Fdtc
  5. Here's the latest video. We compared an original pressing of Pink Floyd Delicate Sound of Thunder to the recently released 3 LP remix / remaster. Any views, subscriptions, likes and comments very appreciated
  6. Gotcha, OK. I'm not overly anxious about it yet, just wondering if anyone had more info than I did. Thanks
  7. Anyone hear of an update on the ship date? I was excited to get in on the pre-order but haven't heard anything more specific than "delayed til spring"
  8. New video is here and it's our first product review from a new product called vinylwipe. As usual any new subscribers, likes & comments are very welcome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yasCFLh1z5A&t=12s
  9. @ethanpricingtonthank you! We've got a new vinyl video lined up for every Thursday. On Mondays, I'll be sharing some old audio interviews from the podcast as well. I have a lot of videos shot already, but if you ever have any questions or videos you might wanna see, just let me know
  10. New video is up, this time we're featuring a couple of rare pressings of Skid Row - Slave To The Grind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOoZux0_tvY
  11. New video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pq3SSa4m6-A
  12. Yep. My wife and I were in the center of the orchestra pit having a blast but we could see so many people not paying attention when we looked around. The show ended up being great when he returned but I still thought that it might have given more fire to the show 2 days later.
  13. I was there too and yeah, the energy in the room was amazing. My wife and I were at the Fox Theater show 2 nights earlier as well. That show didn't go well overall so I've always thought that fired Jack up for Wednesday night. I'm so stoked for this Vault.
  14. Right on. I made sure to subscribe back I'm really excited about all the videos we have filmed that we're gonna share every week.
  15. Latest video is up now Van Halen - Balance Rare Vinyl

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