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  1. Yep. My wife and I were in the center of the orchestra pit having a blast but we could see so many people not paying attention when we looked around. The show ended up being great when he returned but I still thought that it might have given more fire to the show 2 days later.
  2. I was there too and yeah, the energy in the room was amazing. My wife and I were at the Fox Theater show 2 nights earlier as well. That show didn't go well overall so I've always thought that fired Jack up for Wednesday night. I'm so stoked for this Vault.
  3. Right on. I made sure to subscribe back I'm really excited about all the videos we have filmed that we're gonna share every week.
  4. Latest video is up now Van Halen - Balance Rare Vinyl
  5. Thank you it's been a work in progress for about 10 years. I've got a bunch of videos shot, so there will be a new on every Thursday
  6. I searched for a thread about vinyl YouTube channels and the latest thread was from 2013. So instead of bumping that to share my YouTube vinyl page, I figured I'd just start a new one. Mod, please merge it with an older thread if needed In any case, here's my YouTube vinyl channel. The first video is a tour of my music listening area, then most of the videos after that I focusing on rare or special pressings I have. Subscribers, comments, likes & shares welcome of course. We have a new video every Thursday https://www.youtube.com/infectiousgroovepodcast
  7. We've been doing one video every Thursday. Here's links to the past few videos. Any subs, views, likes & comments are more than welcome https://youtu.be/UnVQdleXNQE https://youtu.be/pvQadhr1Qgo https://youtu.be/9TpJD4hr6B4 https://youtu.be/sOZB0jwjuSk
  8. We decided that we'll have a new video every Thursday, so make sure to subscribe to the channel. Next video is a run down of my audio setup. Then going forward, we'll have a video every week about one of the rare pressings I have
  9. Haven't posted here in a while but I wanted to stop by to share a YouTube video about my whole vinyl setup Any subs, likes, comments & shares greatly appreciated https://youtu.be/ifCBhmsu-V4
  10. Haven't posted on here in a very long time, but I thought I'd stop by to share a YouTube video about my whole vinyl setup :) Any subs, likes, comments or shares appreciated :) https://youtu.be/ifCBhmsu-V4
  11. Bought the 2 US pressings I needed to replace; Saucerful & More. As others have mentioned, the packaging is really disappointing but both LPs sound fantastic so I'm set. All my other originals or represses are in good enough shape that I won't need to get anymore. I really hope the live albums get repressed eventually or for the first time in the case of Is There Anybody Out There. I have good copies of DSoT and Pulse, but many friends don't and would LOVE represses. I would love for ITAOT to finally see a vinyl pressing as well, so here's hoping that's part of next years plan or somet
  12. I was the same way with Lotusflow3r / MLPS Sound. I ordered it a day prior to him passing and I started to worry that it wasn't going to show up. It finally arrived yesterday so I'm happy with that. Another one I'd like to see get issued is Emancipation. Not sure when / if that'll happen, but I'm crossing my fingers.
  13. That's where my real questions lie. I have a couple of scattered LPs from after the WB years, but I don't think a lot of it is on vinyl.
  14. Exactly. Not a cash grab due to the fact that this is the result of a years (2 or so?) agreement Prince made with Warner. Like you said, it may have been fast tracked, but I'm guessing no on that too since the first ones were already scheduled prior to his passing. Also, I didn't think about it the way you said with respect to spreading out the releases. That's probably better for all of our wallets.
  15. The only thing I don't like about this is how spread out they are. I wish they were being released in groups kinda like Zeppelin did. I have many of these alread including the later ones, but I would like to grab The Black Album for sure.
  16. Been out of town since before Three Snakes shipped. Really excited about picking it up when I get home. I'm happy to hear it sounds good as well, it's a lot easier for me than spinning the 7" set.
  17. Hell yes. It's one of those albums that right from the first track you're like "Fuck. This song kicks ass" then you say it again at the top of every single song lol I can't wait for Three Snakes to ship in a couple weeks!
  18. I listened to Side 1 of both twice. Once at low volume, once at a higher volume. I was really happy with both. I've never heard Southern Harmony on vinyl, but I have a US & UK OG press of Amorica to compare that to at least.
  19. Haven't had much time over the last few days, but I got time to spin Side 1 of both Southern Harmony and Amorica. Both sound wonderful to me.
  20. Read through a couple pages of those reviews. Still hoping they sound decent.
  21. I'm really hoping they're shipping this time since they haven't been pushed back (again) yet.
  22. Lines were too long for my blood yesterday. Drove by and snapped this pic late last night: Hoping to make it in there some time today.
  23. LOVE this news! I hope they offer tours at some point as I've never toured a pressing plant.

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