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  1. Bummer. I'm just a bit apprehensive because I had my debit card info stolen recently so I'm being over cautious for the time being lol
  2. Seems I unfortunately can't get a secure connection to their site, so I'm not the most comfortable ordering from there. Thank you for the head's up though.
  3. Looking for these releases. I unfortunately live in a very small town with a record shop that was unable to get many releases for RSD, so I missed out on pretty much everything. If you have an extra copy up for sale or know where I might be able to get some, please let me know. I don't want to pay outrageous Ebay prices. Thanks.
  4. For the record (heheh), I went with the Rega Planar 2. Currently on its way to me.
  5. Oh wow that is a gorgeous table. I'm going to look into that one for sure.
  6. A really small town in the middle of nowhere in South Carolina lol. The closest anything is is over an hour and with my job it's tough to go out so far cause I work almost every single day all day.
  7. Well this is just saying $700 is my max. If I'm being honest, less would be preferred which is why I say $500-700. So let's say given that information and say I'm looking for a new table rather than used (I'm hesitant for eBay especially when they say returns are not accepted). I suppose when I say that I'm mostly wondering if the difference between a $500 table and a $700 table is significant enough for it to be worth the extra money in this case, ya feel me?
  8. So let's say I'm going for a new table rather than used with a $500-$700 budget. Would a Rega be the best option or is there something else you would recommend? I suppose what I mean is: is a basic Rega satisfactory, or would, say, an upgraded U-turn table be better than a basic RP2 or performance pack RP1? And when I ask if it's "better" I mean is the difference going to be significant? Will a slight $100-$200 price tag make a significant difference on this basic level?
  9. Awesome thank you for the advice! I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled and look around.
  10. I am indeed in the US and am not in a rush so I suppose I will just keep watching and looking around. Thank you much!
  11. Where can I find a reliable used turntable online? I'm a little hesitant to do that. I won't be able to find any around where I live; I can guarantee that.
  12. I am currently looking to upgrade my turntable with a price range of roughly $600-$700 but to be honest would like to spend a little less for the time being if the difference between a $500 table up to $700 won't be too significant. Unfortunately where I live, record shops are incredibly far away, so I can't just go to listen. Right now I have the ATLP120 and have been looking into U Turn players, the Rega 1 with performance pack, or Rega 2 basic package. Obviously I am completely open to other suggestions as well. I've been browsing the internet for weeks now, and every website tells me something different, so I'm hoping I can get some more solid advice from people who aren't getting paid to tell me that one table is better than the other so that they get more money. I would really appreciate some solid advice on this! Thanks in advance!
  13. Unfortunately I had to attend to other matters today and was unable to make it out for some RSD shopping. This is one of my favorite live albums in recent years, and I would love to have it on vinyl. If anybody happened to grab an extra copy or knows where to find one, I would definitely be interested in buying it. Thanks!

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