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  1. I switched to something else after about 4 songs. Glad that it's really resonating with a lot of people, but it's definitely not for me.
  2. I watched Ready or Not last night and had a good time with it. Survival horror with a dash of humor to it. Few really good laughs and the protagonist gets run through the wringer quite a bit. Highly recommended if you're looking for something gory, but not heavy.
  3. I've been using Etymotic earplugs for about 10 years and have been very happy with them. Second this recommendation. They also survive trips through the washing machine quite well!
  4. I felt pretty much the same. Only thing I'd add is that the movie seemed a bit long too. It made for a nice watch on a shitty night.
  5. I've been wanting to go to Roadburn for quite a while and bought tickets when they went on sale, the Flenser stuff is icing on an already great cake for me.
  6. Looks like Flenser has a 10th anniversary thing going on at Roadburn 2020, including Giles Corey with a full band. https://twitter.com/TheFlenser/status/1194979546954493952
  7. Got mine yesterday and it was packaged the same way. Somehow showed up in great shape still. I can't remember if I requested it, but my LP was shipped outside the sleeve too. Mine has a bit of surface noise on the A side at the start of a track, but overall pretty clean sounding.
  8. ^ Minus Scary Stories, that's pretty much my to-watch list right now. Took a small horror hiatus after October, but I think I'm ready to get back into it.
  9. The Frail Body LP has scratched that itch a bit for me, but I'm stoked for new Loma. Self Portrait was such an excellent album.
  10. Same here. I liked the one with the older brother bully a fair amount too.
  11. Finished up my 31 for 31 with some classics. 29. The Evil Dead : Reimagined (4k restoration with new score) - super cool seeing this on a big screen. 30. Puppet Master II 31. Halloween III : Season of the Witch and A Nightmare on Elm Street III : Dream Warriors. Also looks like Creepshow is getting a second season. Based on the 5 episodes I've watched, I think it's fun, but hardly must watch horror.
  12. My sub club copy showed up today. First impressions are that this is really good (I avoided all, but one single). I'm going to need some time to figure out where I'd rank it, but I think people are going to really dig it. Science Beat is the initial stand out song for me.
  13. New Eluvium album that's part of an ambient series. https://www.temporaryresidence.com/collections/albums/products/trr340
  14. Week four 22. Rabid 23. Fright Night 24. Curtains 25. 13 Cameras 26. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark b/w Extra Ordinary* 27. Girl on the Third Floor 28. Portals *Not really a horror movie, but it involved ghosts and is pretty season appropriate. Not amazing, but it had it's charms and made for a nice break from full on horror movies.