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  1. Air Formation is great, really hope that some of their back catalog gets pressed one of these days.
  2. New Battle Dagorath 2xLP https://avantgardemusic.bandcamp.com/album/abyss-horizons
  3. I went to one of them and agree. I've seen Sigur Ros a few times as well and still think the Jonsi solo show was my favorite.
  4. Didn't see a thread for this. https://www.pwelverumandsun.com/store#mounteerie
  5. I was able to get the /200 of Dead Mountain, but the /200 of Board up the House was already gone. Was kind of surprised they weren't both sold out.
  6. I enjoyed this, but the one run-through didn't make me think I immediately needed to order it either. I'll give it a few more listens over the weekend and see if that changes things.
  7. Think of it as something you can pass down to the child! You're really buying it for them!
  8. My tracking shows DHL from Kentucky. Kind of wonder if they got enough US orders it made sense to send them over with the band copies and ship from the states.
  9. I watched Body Cam last night and it's about 10% worse than the poster would lead you to believe. I went in knowing it was going to be a dud, so I had an ok time with it, but it never quite achieves fun-bad levels. I hadn't seen Almost Human and watched that on Monday. Good first feature, but I think I like every other Begos film more.
  10. Same here. Packages and beer runs are pretty much the highlights of my week.
  11. Damn, missed the /200 too. Going to grab the indie color from Bullmoose I think. https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34544522/zombi-2020-indie-exclusive-beer-black-splatter-vinyl
  12. Had a surprisingly good viewing weekend. Empathy Inc. - Reminded me of something from the Twilight Zone or Black Mirror. It has a pretty glaring plot hole and the third act is a bit of a mess, but overall I thought it was a solid watch. Madman - Really fun early 80s slasher. A lot of laughably bad dialogue and some decent gore. The Corpse of Anna Fritz - I thought this was really well done. Minor issue is that some of the characters are such archetypes that a couple plot points are a bit obvious.
  13. Watched Two Evil Eyes last night and it was fun in a 'C+ / something you'd see on late night cable in the 90s' kind of way. Romero and Argento each tackling a segment based on Poe works. The Argento story was the better of the two.