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  1. New Couch Slut LP. Guessing this thread makes the most sense https://www.brutalpandarecords.com/products/couch-slut-you-could-do-it-tonight-12-vinyl-lp-pre-order
  2. New Necrot LP. 3 color variants + black. https://tankcrimes.merchtable.com/tankcrimes-music/vinyl/star-necrot-lifeless-birth-vinyl-lp
  3. This is the boat I'm as well. I find a label/band/sub-genre that's new to me pretty regularly and sends me down a wormhole. Old genres that I'd lost interest in pull me back occasionally too. I've shifted my buying habits a bit though. I'm waiting on sales more, buying locally to save on shipping, waiting until there's 2-3 things to order from a label, etc. I'm also skipping $30+ single LPs (for the most part).
  4. A few I really liked from this year that I haven't seen mentioned Chepang - Swatta Nothingness - Supraliminal
  5. I'm planning to see it this weekend, really excited!
  6. I watched It's a Wonderful Knife last night and it was not very good. Fun idea, bad execution.
  7. Relapse's black Friday sale. Lots of $9.99 - $14.99 LPs https://www.relapse.com/pages/black-friday-2023-sale
  8. https://deathwishinc.com/products/infant-island-obsidian-wreath Vinyl First Press: 200 x Transparent Blue w/ Pink, Bone & Orange Splatter 300 x Aqua Blue / Transparent Purple - A Side / B Side 500 x Transparent Yellow / Oxblood Galaxy Cassette First Press: 300 x Orange
  9. That's good to hear! I enjoyed the first two, but thought the third was pretty bad.
  10. Rafael Anton Irisarri - Midnight Colours is getting a vinyl pressing. https://irisarri.bandcamp.com/album/midnight-colours-remastered-edition
  11. That's an impressive list! How was Slotherhouse? It looks dumb and fun, pretty curious about it.
  12. Didn't get as much watched as I would've liked, but still had a fun October! 15 Cameras The Blob (1988) Brain Damage Creepshow : Season 4 Dark Harvest Demons 2 The Exorcist : Believer Friday the 13th : The Final Chapter Halloween : The Curse of Michael Myers Hellraiser Last Shift A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 : Dream Warriors Night of the Demons 2 Pet Semetary : Bloodlines It Lives Inside The Texas Chainsaw Massacre : The Beginning Totally Killer V/H/S/85
  13. Oh yeah, Final Girls is a good comparison too. I'd kind of forgotten about that one!
  14. I thought this was super fun too! Reminded me of the Happy Death Day movies (in a good way). I watched the new Pet Semetary movie Sunday night and it's real bad.
  15. I watched it last weekend. It kind of fell apart for me towards the end, but I thought it was a fun enough way to spend a Saturday night!
  16. I really love the Terrifier movies! Glad to hear you liked em! I watched Halloween 6 : The Curse of Michael Myers last night. Definitely one of the worst ones haha. Not sure if I'll be able to make it to 31 movies this month, but I'm going to try to squeeze in as many as I can.
  17. Ghostwatch is such a blast! This is worth a read, seems like it was really effective! - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghostwatch#Controversy
  18. I watched Talk to Me over the weekend and thought it was a great time!
  19. Eluvium - Lambent Material is getting it's first pressing outside of the Life Through Bombardment set. On black or dark red vinyl. Expected to ship early next month. https://www.temporaryresidence.com/products/trr057
  20. Every time this gets bumped, I keep hoping it's any of the Cop - Greed albums 😅
  21. Looks like Holy Mountain Printing has the band color too (for those in the US) https://holymountainprinting.com/products/blood-incantation-holy-mountain-exclusive-color-lp-metallic-silver-pre-order
  22. Adding to the Seattle list - Spin Cycle and Zion's Gate are both in Capitol Hill. Zion's Gate is a must stop shop if you're looking for metal. I always find something at the Everyday Music in Portland.
  23. They put out a live album recently too https://landland.bandcamp.com/album/law-of-karma-live-fake-shit-wins-but-not-tonight
  24. New DEAFCULT album. White vinyl /700. Came out to about $31 https://hobbledehoyrecords.com/store/deafcult-future-of-illusion/
  25. You mean a lot to this community Juan, we're here for you if you need us.

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