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  1. Thanks for the info Don! I'll probably order through AC30 for now and cancel if it shows up anywhere with cheaper shipping. Hoping this leads to more Air Formation vinyl down the road too!
  2. I watched Smile last night and it was pretty bad. It's technically and visually well made. The story didn't do much of anything for me though. I watched V/HS/99 a while back and thought the middle three shorts were a lot of fun. The first and last weren't so good. I've got three episodes of The Midnight Club left and it's a mixed bag for me. I'm enjoying the main story, but I think the stories they're telling drag the whole thing down.
  3. Anyone know of US distros that normally carry Club AC30? $60PPD stings a bit haha
  4. New FVNERALS LP - 500 on black, 500 on black/grey splatter https://fvnerals.bandcamp.com/album/let-the-earth-be-silent They also have represses of the first two LPs on black.
  5. My card was charged, but I didn't get an email confirmation. Hoping it all works out! I did get an email to confirm my subscription to the mailing list though haha
  6. There's a black/red variant for $35. Took a long time, but I was able to get an order through.
  7. I watched Barbarian too and really liked it as well. I also went to see Terrifier 2 last weekend and it's so nuts! Well worth your time and money if you're into practical effects and/or slashers. Also caught a screening of Night of the Demons and it was a lot of fun seeing that again, forgot that it was more of a horror comedy. Thought Deadstream was a lot of fun as well, fit the mood I was in perfectly. Lastly, I watched Run Sweetheart Run. It starts strong and becomes such a mess at the halfway mark. It was very enjoyable though, even more-so after it went downhill. Think V/H/S/99 and one of the Friday the 13th movies is on deck for tonight. Hope everyone has a good Halloween!
  8. Nice, thanks! Was able to grab the Austin one.
  9. Botanist - I: The Suicide Tree / II: A Rose From The Dead is getting pressed for the first time https://us.prophecy.de/us/Artists/Botanist/Botanist-I-The-Suicide-Tree-II-A-Rose-From-The-Dead.html?listtype=search&searchparam=botanist A repress of III : Doom in Blood as well https://us.prophecy.de/us/Artists/Botanist/Botanist-III-Doom-In-Bloom.html
  10. Liked Halloween Ends quite a bit. It's a mixed bag, but there's far more good than bad. Does some interesting things with the slasher genre. Makes Halloween Kills being so bad even more perplexing!
  11. Both sides of mine are off center, but I don't seem to notice any warble. Could be my setup or my ears
  12. Don't think I'm going to get my 31 movies in this month due to family visiting and a trip, but I had a pretty good start! Sissy (was more of a dark comedy than a horror movie, but I'm counting it) Children of the Corn Sorority House Massacre Pearl Pumpkinhead The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) I fell asleep watching Hellraiser last night, but I liked the half I saw. Stoked to finish it!
  13. Elliott related and probably not worth it's own thread - Temporary Residence is pressing Falling Forward's anthology onto a single LP. 3/5ths of the members went on to form Elliott. https://www.temporaryresidence.com/products/trr247
  14. Available from Season of Mist for a few dollars less too Black : https://shopusa.season-of-mist.com/woods-of-desolation-the-falling-tide-lp-gatefold-digital Blue/white/black marble : https://shopusa.season-of-mist.com/woods-of-desolation-the-falling-tide-lp-gatefold-colored-blue-digital
  15. Grivo - Elude is back in print https://grivo.bandcamp.com/album/elude
  16. I watched it a while back and liked it quite a bit too. I also recommend it!
  17. Had a weekend at home and got some movies watched. Nope - I thought it was kind of bogged down in the first half, but the back half was great! Once it got moving, I really enjoyed it. Glorious - This was enjoyable enough. It probably would've worked better as a 45 minute episode of Creepshow (or something similar) though. Mad God - Was really impressed by this! I kind of spaced out and took it all in. I know there isn't a ton of plot to it, but don't think I could really explain what was going on
  18. The Simon Sperrier Hellblazer stuff was very good! Outside of the original run, I think that's the only Hellblazer worth reading.
  19. The New 52 Swamp Thing run is really good too. Ram V just finished up an excellent 16 issue series as well. Both worth checking out if you need more Swampy in your life!