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  1. I finally got to see Men and overall, really liked it. Great performances, Garland's visuals are as good as ever and it'll probably leave a lasting impression. It's pretty heavy handed and I'm not quite sure if I liked that or not (still thinking on it). I also watched Watcher this weekend and it was enjoyable enough. A better than average thriller, but nothing new necessarily. Finally, I watched two turds. Abandoned and Revealer. Neither are worth your time
  2. New Cloud Rat LP https://cloudrat.bandcamp.com/album/threshold
  3. Oh yeah, good call. I have that CS too, but didn't put together that's what this was. New to vinyl then
  4. I watched Crimes of the Future last night and it's a mild letdown. It feels a bit more like a rough draft than a finished script. Still a lot to like if you're a Cronenberg fan, but it's not his strongest outing.
  5. New Rafael Anton Irisarri LP. Comes out to $36 PPD to the US. Juno has it for $32 if the clear isn't worth the extra $4. https://room40.bandcamp.com/album/agitas-al-sol https://www.juno.co.uk/artists/Rafael+Anton+Irisarri/
  6. This makes me even more curious! How's the 3 hour runtime?
  7. New KEN Mode LP. Not really metal, but I'm guessing there's some interest https://ken-mode.com/products/ken-mode-null
  8. Anti-God Hand - Wretch and a split with Threshing Spirit are available over at American Decline. https://americandeclinerecords.bandcamp.com/album/anti-god-hand-threshing-spirit https://antigodhand.bandcamp.com/album/wretch
  9. Was sick over the weekend and spent a lot of time in front of the TV. Torn Hearts - This was a fun way to spend part of a Saturday night. Nothing revolutionary, but it's well made and goes by quickly. Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror - I really liked this. Well worth the watch if you're interested in folk horror. It's long (3+ hours), but it's broken up into chapters and would be easy to split up across multiple sittings. On the non-horror side of things : Everything Everywhere - I liked this quite a lot and I feel like another viewing or two would only increase how much I like it. It's so wild and inventive and pretty amazing they made it work so well. I didn't expect it to be so funny either (I went in 100% blind). Nightmare Alley - Finally had time for this and liked it a lot as well. Even though it's slowly paced, the it never felt long. Bull - Very good revenge / crime flick. There's a plot thing that didn't quite work for me, but overall a really solid ride.
  10. Grabbed a ticket to the Portland show! With it being a Friday, I'll probably head down Thursday night and make a long weekend out of it. I haven't been down there in quite a few years.
  11. The second balcony is GA and I paid $52 for that ticket. Floor and first balcony were all assigned seating and there was nothing remotely cheap. I'll think on it today, but the odds of me buying a ticket for the Portland show are looking pretty good! I've been to quite a few shows at the STG venues and I've never seen such fuck you prices.
  12. Ended up getting what I can only describe is a very bad seat. Were y'all seeing $275+ prices?
  13. Yeah, I thought so too. I wish it wasn't a seated venue. At least it's not at Showbox SoDo!
  14. I watched The Northman earlier this week and really enjoyed it. It's his most accessible film and I'm guessing people who would have no interested in The Witch or The Lighthouse could dig this. This is over simplifying, but it kind of boils down to a revenge film.
  15. Seat selection is was abysmal for the Seattle show by the time I looked. Guessing I'll have better luck at the venue presale in a few days.
  16. Los Espookys is a lot of fun (and also very fun to say). Seems to be a bit of a hidden gem.
  17. The Sadness is on my to-watch list, but I'm going to really have to be in the mood haha.
  18. New Candelabrum LP https://shop-hellsheadbangers.com/candelabrum-nocturnal-trance-vinyl.asp
  19. Hopefully Original Sound Version gets a reissue too. My copy got pretty badly water damaged 2-3 years ago
  20. Had a mixed bag of a weekend We're All Going to the World's Fair - Complete miss for me. I think I was expecting something more straight forward and it very much isn't that. Seeing comments elsewhere, it seems to be a movie people either love or hate. Kicking Blood - Didn't care for this either. It's more of a bland drama with vampires than a horror movie. The Cursed - This, I liked. It drags on occasion, but it's there's a lot of gore to make up for it. The Editor - This was a ton of fun! A giallo comedy that seems to very much get the genre. Some awesome practical effects as well.
  21. I gave both copies a listen over the weekend and the single LP sounds really good. Unless you really prefer the original master, you'll probably be happy with the single LP.
  22. New Silver Knife EP and a 2nd press of Unyielding / Unseeing https://music.extraconscious.com/album/ring https://music.extraconscious.com/album/unyielding-unseeing

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