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  1. It's an Italian post-apocalyptic pandemic mini-series. I think it flew under the radar completely https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11199132/?ref_=fn_al_tt_3
  2. I'm sitting at something like 2500 albums and almost all of them have been played at least once, most of them more. I don't really variant collect, but there are some special cases where I have a few copies of an album. My routine is anything that shows up in the mail gets listened to pretty quickly. Partially due to excitement and partially due to making sure the LP is in good shape or there aren't any major pressing defects. If I get more than one release from an artist, I'll put one into the rotation and one will go into the backlog. Mostly because I like to focus on one album per artist. In regard to my regular listening habits, I usually keep ~20-40 newer LPs in my heavy rotation and then shelf them after a month or two. I was working from home half the week before the pandemic and I've been at home full time for the last few years, so I rarely feel like I'm too behind on listening to my newer albums. I usually do a mix of digital and vinyl throughout the work day, but sometimes it's one exclusively. I do try to listen to a record or two after work every day though. For a good portion of 2020, I was using the random feature on discogs every Sunday night and pulling out ~10 records to listen to that week. It was a fun way to break up the monotony and to revisit albums that hadn't gotten any attention in a while. I'm hoping to get back into doing that with some regularity.
  3. Yellowjackets was great all the way through! I was watching it week to week and it very quickly became something I needed to watch as soon as I could. Adult Misty (Christina Ricci) is so awesome haha. I haven't had much time for TV, but I'm looking forward to Station Eleven and Archive 81 whenever I get to them. I've also heard really good things about Anna.
  4. I'll probably wait for the separate book too. I think if Blood and Little Birds were included, I'd have been fine double dipping on the rest.
  5. Completely agree (save for Cabin Fever 2, haven't watched it for whatever reason). If I'm remembering correctly, The Roost was decent as well, but hardly a must see.
  6. I got the Christmas card too and ordered on the 24th. Don't think I would have had I noticed it was a 10" though.
  7. Series Four membership https://nowflensing.com/products/the-flenser-membership-series-series-four
  8. There's a /100 foil for #1 that was intended for conventions, but sold on their site instead for that reason. There's also one for #2, but I'm not sure if that was for conventions as well or just a "we're going to keep doing foil" thing.
  9. I'm not super into variants, but this is what I've gathered over the last ten or so years of buying comics weekly (and being foolish enough to try and collect all the ones for this). A lot of books have a B cover. You can normally order those from your shop (the order date has passed* for issues 1-3, but good to know for the future). In the case of this book, there was a B, C and D cover for issue 1 too. After the fact, you should be able to buy those from Midtown, MyComicShop or eBay for cover price or less. A lot of books also have incentive covers. If a variant is an incentive of 50, it means the shop will have to order 50 copies or the book to be able to order that incentive variant. I've mostly ordered these online and they can be a bit expensive depending upon what the incentive number is. Look around too, prices vary a lot based on the comic shop. Quite a few shops had a shop exclusive variant for this as well. First bet is to try and order from the shop directly, past that I think eBay is the next best option. These can be a little expensive as well. They seem to be a /500 type thing on this book. Hope that helps clear it up a bit! * comic print runs are based on how many copies are ordered before a certain date. So, if you decide you want variants after the final order cutoff, it's less likely you'll get them by asking your shop for em.
  10. Midtown comics exclusive variant. Different cover and on clear /200. Bit spendy, but that's kind of how store exclusives go in general. https://www.midtowncomics.com/product/2075665 Keep in mind there is a second pressing coming too.
  11. I watched Antlers last night and it was fine I suppose. It mostly held my attention, but it never really felt satisfying and I think I just wanted more out of it. I'd say it's a B-/C+ or a 2-3 beer movie. It does have a pretty fun final act though.
  12. Hadn't heard of Vinterland either, thanks for sharing! Ordered as soon as I finished giving it a listen.
  13. I had to skip back in a part because I thought I had full on missed a scene or two somehow, haha. Overall, I really liked it, but there does seems to be a gap in the story telling.
  14. Didn't have much going on this weekend, so I put a small dent in my backlog. There's Someone Inside Your House - Decent who-dunnit slasher, made for a good end of the week movie. Kristy - Watched this because it takes place on Thanksgiving, but that's pretty arbitrary to the plot. Kind of a home invasion / slasher. I liked this quite a bit. The lead is great, it's paced well and it kept me interested the whole way through. The Feast - This was good. A bit of a slow burn with a nice payoff. Black Friday - This was dumb, but fun. It's exactly the type of movie you'd expect based on the plot synopsis and poster. Really fun Bruce Campbell performance! I did kind of lose interest at about the hour mark, but it's something that's easy to half watch. Knocking - It was fine. I feel like I've seen enough movies that are similar that I'd kind of already knew how it was going to play out (and it pretty much played out how I thought it would). Last Night in Soho - I really dug this.
  15. Thanks! I hope that you and the family are doing well also. Nice to see you still hanging out around here!
  16. While we're on the topic of Nadja tapes, there's a live tape with Thaumogenesis b/w The Bungled and the Botched. Each cover is hand painted. https://templosagital.bandcamp.com/album/thaumobungled
  17. The Vampillia collabs are some of my favorite Nadja related releases, couldn't resist the tape set. Thanks for the post Don! 100% would've missed this. I'd also somehow missed Artificial Act of God, so that's a double plus for me!
  18. Read about his passing earlier this morning, so unfortunate. I'd been listening to Planes since the self titled EP and they've been a big band for me since.
  19. I've liked all the Bustillo and Maury movies I've seen up to this (realized I haven't seen Leatherface yet either). Real big misstep!
  20. Finally managed to watch a few movies : Double Walker - This was decent, but a bit forgettable. The filmmakers seem competent and I thought the lead was good. I'm not quite sure if the movie made sense by the end or maybe it didn't seem to have any clear rules and that led to some confusion on my part. I was expecting it to be a bit of a horror comedy based on the poster, but that isn't the case! The Laughing Dead - I had so much fun with this one. Unfortunately, not a whole lot happens in the first half. Once you get to the second half though, it's a bunch of ridiculous, gooey practical effects and it goes big until the end. I'm actually surprised this isn't well known, seems like it has cult classic all over it. The Deep House - I gave up 50 minutes in. It was so bad that I didn't want to sit through the last 20-30 minutes. Dialogue is so awful and it's pretty boring. I've also enjoyed the 5 episodes of Chucky I've seen.

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