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  1. The amputechture still available?! Pm me!!!
  2. I'm sticking with the box set... although it was a huge dou her move to release them individually less than 24 hrs after the box set... which isn't even sold out. I'll enjoy my signed box set to go with my already signed Ursa major.. And from like 5 pages ago, no this is not "ZayZay" whoever that is (I assume a disliked member) lmao
  3. Tried that, still no reply. Oh well. Should just get one while I know I can and get it done with lol
  4. Anytime I text Jenkins to that number I never get a text back about how many are left... am I doing something wrong
  5. We only got a picture with Kryz but I got pics of my vinyl and tattoo haha They all signed my girlfriends ribcage too haha It was at the grand rapids Michigan show April 25th haha never forget that date
  6. Lol it was a very lucky day for me. But I waited outside for 4 hrs before show and almost 3 post show haha Such a lucky day that I got a red star and the date that I met them as a chest tattoo lol
  7. Yes!! I have a love/hate feeling of resigned things... And they fact that they actually wrote personal messages and my name on it is better than just plain sigs
  8. And the live version of WCYB I think is better than the album version!
  9. I already have Ursa from when I saw them in 09 and met them. It was presigned but when I met them they signed it again so that was cool and more personalized I would listen to RSEP all the time! Red star is such a beautiful tune!
  10. Damnit... I need this. At least they're going slower than I thought
  11. I have one in my cart with my page refreshing every 2 minutes until I make my mind up so I won't lose it lol 200 bucks... so steep but I love every single song!
  12. Aww shit would have never known that lol thanks I tried it hope they reply soon
  13. I want this shit... how do you even know how many have sold??