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  1. Question the Answers was announced sometime prior to Record Store Day 2015, which is when Joe Gittleman asked (maybe not the best word) Flood to stop reissuing their albums on vinyl. The announcement that Live from the Middle East was being released on Black Friday Record Store Day 2015 was in late October, right? So I guess the question would be - was the licensing and ordering to press process for Live from the Middle East already in the works before the spring Record Store Day?
  2. Asbestos licensed the Let's Face It repress from the original label. Somehow someway, the Bosstones were offered/asked to promote the repress and they declined. Then Asbestos announced the Question the Answers repress and Joe Gittleman (MMB bassist) posted on a private forum to Asbestos' owner to please stop reissuing MMB's music on vinyl. And then after that post, Asbestos licensed and did a pressing of Live From the Middle East, which I take it further incensed the band and they decided to go fully public with their displeasure. But their Instagram account is down now so maybe they regretted
  3. I'm not sure, but it wasn't like they had a sign saying "limited press" or anything. It was just nonchalantly displayed with the other albums (TMFW, Nobody's Darlings, Rebels Rogues, Women & Work, Live Album, new album, Ben solo)
  4. Really? I must have a terrible ear for these things. My setup isn't very high end though. 1372 Overton Park sounded terrible. But that wasn't a Sabot one.
  5. Sabot did the Family Picnic version. Also, forgot to mention, it's $15 for the version they are selling on their current tour.
  6. Lucero have regular Tennessee represses with them on this tour. I was surprised to see them last night because it seemed like it was the one hold out from their Sabot represses and it seems to have been rereleased with very little fanfare. So I figure I'd let you guys know and then maybe people who are going to the shows and people who need the album can get together to figure something out.
  7. Has anyone ever had to contend with one's spouse and one's parents just completely hating/detesting/reviling one another? It is a stressor the likes of which I would not wish upon my worst enemy.
  8. I picked up Bouncing Souls s/t and Hopeless Romantic from the Nashua location this past weekend for $11 total. The jackets are pretty beat up but I was still pretty psyched on that price. Haven't opened or listened yet though, so hopefully they look/sound ok.
  9. Were some of them "secret" shows or unannounced or anything?
  10. I had a fun little stretch of shows recently. 7/11 - Mighty Mighty Bosstones/Street Dogs/Interrupters at Toad's Place in New Haven 7/12 - Stiff Little Fingers at the Sinclair in Cambridge, MA 7/18 - Mighty Mighty Bosstones at TT the Bear's in Cambridge, MA That 7/18 show was in a 300 person cap venue. I've seen MMB somewhere between 30 and 40 times and that was by far the smallest venue I've ever seen them play. It might also have been my favorite show I've ever seen them play. So that got me thinking about shows where bands play smaller venues than they have any right to play. What ha
  11. Don't suppose anyone won tickets to The Replacements or Descendents in Cambridge, MA next week? And furthermore doesn't have a +1?
  12. Would you guys ever hang up a poster/print of a show that you didn't you go to? Just curious.
  13. They have Front Porch Stories and One Wrench on the Fat Wreck Chords webstore. I also feel like Front Porch Stories tends to show up on this board fairly regularly.

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