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  1. Well damn. Looks like the /400 is gone? Or am I an idiot?
  2. My SS gift arrived yesterday. Inside was: - Texas is the Reason 7" - Japandroids LP - Chocolate bar - R Kelly t shirt Not sure who it is from as the note gave no clues as to who sent it but thank you to whoever was my secret santa.
  3. ah gotcha! I completely understand that. I know it took me forever to get mine sent.
  4. Haha, well then I take it my SS flaked out. No worries, shit happens.
  5. You are correct sir! Sorry it took forever for me to send these out. While the perks of working at a magical place are awesome, the hours....well yeah, it made it quite difficult to get to the post office. im glad you enjoyed everything, I hope the TAYF variant is one you did not have yet. I attempted to do my homework and believe I got you one that you didnt have. And yes I figured by the wrapping paper and coffee mug you would be able to figure out who it was. Happy Holidays sir!
  6. Most recent one I have gotten was the Hatbox Ghost from the Haunted Mansion at Disney. They had him and the three hitchhiking ghosts as park exclusives. They ended up pulling the hitchhikers pretty quick as there was a misprint on the boxes. They labeled the wrong ghosts on the boxes.
  7. I would really love to find a download of Panic Stations by Motion City Soundtrack

  8. Joey Bats earned that damn bat flip. Anybody who gives him shit just needs to shut their damn mouth. I have already seen too many people criticizing him for it. You need to take that entire moment in and realize how big it was. Hitting the second biggest (I could argue biggest) home run in Jays history....yeah Bautista can do the damn thing. Also if they dont want him doing it then how about not having three errors and striking him out.....
  9. This for sure. I have ideas and really need to start getting things together.
  10. I am shocked how I have made it this far. My pitching has been atrocious but somehow my team keeps doing just enough to keep moving on.
  11. Think he is going to start stalking Jesse just like he did with a former coworkers family?
  12. So we all have seen the picture of this asshat in a Brand New tee. Well this came across my Facebook tonight, a post from Brand New...
  13. I already went to one Halloween party...was dressed as Dr. Facilier.
  14. I believe I saw that tonight he said he was going to lower the cost of the proposed price increase because he felt/heard the backlash. fucking a. what an asshat. I dont believe he ever said what the "lower" cost will be though. something ridiculous im sure.
  15. haha of course man. not sure if Ill be able to get to all of the releases since some are very hard to come by but I'd be more than happy to help you out.

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