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  1. If you're interested in any of these releases let me know. She Puts a Cut Lemon Next to Her Bed And... This is Something Everyone Should Try tips-and-tricks.co Brand New - 3 Demos, Reworked <a href="https://adserver.adtech.advertising.com/adlink|3.0|11409.1|4809391|0|170|ADTECH;loc=300;alias=" target="_blank"><img src="https://adserver.adtech.advertising.com/adserv|3.0|11409.1|4809391|0|170|ADTECH;loc=300;alias=4809391" border="0" width="300" height="250"></a> https://www.discogs.com/Brand-New-3-Demos-Reworked/release/8779322 City and Colour - The Hurry And The Harm (orange and yellow marble) https://www.discogs.com/City-And-Colour-The-Hurry-And-The-Harm/release/4748473 Cult Leader - Lightless Walk (tour exclusive) https://www.discogs.com/Cult-Leader-Lightless-Walk/release/7740251 The Dillinger Escape Plan - Option Paralysis (red/blue marble /600) https://www.discogs.com/The-Dillinger-Esc-Plan-Option-Paralysis/release/8192581 From First To Last - Dead Trees https://www.discogs.com/From-First-To-Last-Dead-Trees/release/7410845 Gone Is Gone - Self Titled (clear/ gray /2500) https://www.discogs.com/Gone-Is-Gone-Gone-Is-Gone/release/8757984 Idlehands - Dena Mora (blue/white marble) https://www.discogs.com/Idlehands-Dena-Mora/release/7841275 I The Mighty - Satori/Karma Never Sleeps (clear) https://www.discogs.com/I-The-Mighty-SatoriKarma-Never-Sleeps/release/7855130 Night Verses - Into The Vanishing Light (red/black splatter /200) https://www.discogs.com/Night-Verses-Into-The-Vanishing-Light/release/8795732 Pierce the Veil - Misadventures (Red /1000) https://www.discogs.com/Pierce-The-Veil-Misadventures/release/8510267 Here are a few titles from my wants: Kehlani - SweetSexySavage Hail the Sun - Wake Coin - How will you know if you never try Lydia - Run Wild https://www.discogs.com/user/c_dillybone/collection
  2. Just trying to pay a few bills. Shoot me a message with inquires! City and Colour - The Hurry and the Harm (orange marble - 1st press) Unopened Pierce the Veil - A Flair For The Dramatic (red opaque - 2nd Press Hot Topic Exclusive) Pierce the Veil - Collide With The Sky (RSD release /1500) Pierce the Veil - Misadventures (Red /1000) Also.. If anyone is interested in maybe trading take a look at my Discogs. (: https://www.discogs.com/user/c_dillybone/collection
  3. We've been waiting almost a year now.. Bitch is going to release another album by the time we actually get CTRL.
  4. Yeaaaah. We are still waiting on our signed copy. I bought the green variant to hold me over.