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  1. I opened it, and they said to send it back anyway, which I did. And they never seemed to question that they had more pink & blue and the rep sounded confident it would be shipped today. I am also expecting my pink deluxe from Amazon today. Second City Prints is definitely a disaster, and still frustrated about the lack of download code.
  2. I have been emailing them back and forth for a week, and they are finally sending me my Deluxe Pink & Blue, after I send them back the standard white. They emailed me a return shipping label, and said they'd send the replacement priority mail.
  3. Considering how Second City botched my order and how I have no idea when/if I'll ever get the Deluxe, I found it on Amazon and ordered today. The Pink/White Deluxe is $31.49: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08VYD6SFG?psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&ref_=chk_typ_imgToDp
  4. I finally got my Second City Print delivery, and it is the WRONG variant; I am so frustrated. I ordered the Deluxe Clear Pink Blue, and got the regular Milky White. I put in a support request, but in the mean time, I'm definitely spinning it while I wait for resolution.
  5. I have been listening to the album non-stop, and while enjoying it, I do find it quite the step down from "A Black Mile..." And I am SO frustrated I don't have the record in hand; still no update on my Second City Prints order--and I only ordered the new album! Wishing I had pre-ordered from a different vendor.
  6. Really jealous of those of you who have the record in-hand. I was hoping my first listen would be on my turntable, but I caved and streamed it--fantastic! My Second City Prints order sadly has no USPS update since 4/26: Shipment Received, Package Acceptance Pending April 26, 2021 at 5:17 pm FOX VALLEY, IL 60599
  7. Great question, and I wish I had a friend like you that put that much thought into buying me a gift! I'd also go with B or C, leaning towards C just because of the smaller quantity.
  8. Seeking to buy a copy of the Fountains of Wayne- "I Want An Alien for Christmas" 7". I've been tracking it on Discogs and eBay for quite sometime, and the only copies currently for sale are overseas for me with high shipping costs. That said, I'd prefer to buy it from someone in the USA, but I am flexible. Would also be willing to make a trade, here is my Discogs profile: https://www.discogs.com/user/drenchedecent
  9. I'm not gonna lie, the cover art is honestly maybe the worst of all time. I mean, seriously, out of all the covers EVER--and I know, there are some brutal ones--I can't see how anyone could think this is a good idea. Of course with an album title "Butter Miracle", you are off to a pretty rough start.
  10. This variant is terrific, and now the one I want. Will have to wait for a US link though--ordering that would be more than twice as much as the black copy I pre-ordered.
  11. Thank you! I ordered here. I actually thought I’d never be able to grab “Loveless” for a decent price.
  12. I’m glad someone said it. So bad. If they want to make new acoustic pop songs, so be it, but they are butchering these old tunes.
  13. Same. I want to buy ALL the No Knife records. Surely someone has to repress them at some point. Box set of all 4 LPs would be perfect.
  14. This is fascinating and bizarre. Did they issue you a refund for the difference? I also see that the price of the US blue limited edition dropped from $42.99 to $32.99. I can't think of another example of a price of a pre-order dropping by ten dollars in the first couple days it is available.
  15. Yeah, I am probably going with the black from BullMoose. Maybe between now and June there will be a blue version that is cheaper.

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