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  1. This is fascinating and bizarre. Did they issue you a refund for the difference? I also see that the price of the US blue limited edition dropped from $42.99 to $32.99. I can't think of another example of a price of a pre-order dropping by ten dollars in the first couple days it is available.
  2. Yeah, I am probably going with the black from BullMoose. Maybe between now and June there will be a blue version that is cheaper.
  3. Pumped for this album! I just watched the YouTube premiere of the new song "Last Man on Earth" and quite honestly, I was mind-blown. I love their music, but the song was so much better than I could have imagined. I actually ranked "My Love is Cool" as my #1 album of the 2010-2019 decade. Definitely going to pre-order, it just a matter of where and how. With an album title of "Blue Weekend" I definitely want a blue variant, but the $42.99 in the US Rough Trade store is silly (don't need a bonus CD). I did find it for $20.97 on BullMoose, but assuming that is standard black:
  4. Steadfast has been killing it these last few years! Recently got the Death & Taxes reissue, and finally got Letterbox-both looks and sound phenomenal. I posted my Brandtson collection on Instagram last week: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLPzbZVMMI4/?igshid=1gf7m41d0341w
  5. On Target: Agreed they ship terribly, and that the B2G1F is hard to pass up. However, it is important to note that Target has great customer service, and will often give you a full refund, and you don't have to return the item. A couple of examples: I ordered a record from them a few months ago, and the first copy was destroyed in a plastic bag. I sent it back, and got a replacement, which was in a giant box. The second copy was only slightly dinged, but I complained again. This time I didn't have to send it back, they sent a third copy, and I got a full refund. I wound up with two
  6. I got two emails from the official store. One had the subject "refund notification", and the other was a longer response from customer service to my original cancellation request.
  7. Also, this is now available from Target for pre-order for $14.79; plus they have the buy two get one free deal right now.
  8. FYI I just got my refund on this from the official store.
  9. Confirming my mobile experience is terrible. So many ads, and agree that that the format is screwy; on my phone the text gets cut off on each side. At this point I just plan to use the boards on my laptop.
  10. I bought an Orbit Plus in August of 2018 and I love it. I had to replace the stylus back in the fall, and had some alignment challenges, and like was said U-Turn was easy to communicate with through email. The only thing I don't like about the turntable is manually moving the belt from 33 to 45 rpm--sometimes it falls off and doesn't go back on as easily as I would like.
  11. Interesting. I was a HUGE Evanescence fan from 1999-2004 (discovered them early through a connection to their first indie label BigWig), but lost all interest after their 2005 album. I was going to ask if the new stuff was any good, but I noticed in the press release that they have three new singles already streaming, so I'll check them out.
  12. I contacted my local record store and they were able to put in a special order on the Fountains of Wayne- s/t red transparent for me. They said they will get it in early March and call me when it arrives. I did also order it on Amazon, but it seems Amazon has a sketchy history on whether or not they fulfill Music on Vinyl orders; so I may cancel or return that one.
  13. Never mind, found it on Amazon! https://www.amazon.com/Fountains-Limited-180-Gram-Transparent-Colored/dp/B08SFVQ36V/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=fountains+of+wayne+red+transparent&qid=1610853743&sr=8-1
  14. Anyone found this in the US yet? Looks like Bullmoose maybe had it (or will?): https://www.bullmoose.com/p/34929957/fountains-of-wayne-fountains-of-wayne-transparent-red-180g-vinyl
  15. Barsuk Media Mail is $3.33. So the total is $19.33 (no tax, at least from my location). I ordered from Barsuk and canceled my store (Live Nation) order.

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