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  1. Red version on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Christmas-Songs-Vol-Holiday-Red/dp/B09FQ3JRDW/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=Manchester+Orchestra+Christmas+Songs+Vol.+1+(Holiday+Red+Vinyl)&qid=1631907999&sr=8-2
  2. Blue variant up on Bandcamp: https://manchesterorchestramusic.bandcamp.com/album/christmas-songs-vol-1-2 But I think I'll order the red for Christmas!
  3. Really hoping I can pick up a copy of this at Furnace Fest. After I get through the gate I'm planning to go straight to the merch tent to look for it. And of course also excited to see them play.
  4. Wow wow wow!!! It's SO GOOD. I love how experimental it is. For me it is definitely a step after Alchemy and Beggars and has more in common with those than anything after. But it's also distinctly different than anything they've done. Love the minor keys, the time signatures, and the diverse vocal styles from Dustin. If you were understandably disappointed with Palms, you will be thrilled that Thrice is "back".
  5. I was about to post how frustrated I was that this wasn't announced to Patreon supporters first, but glad to see it's getting a wide release. Besides being a huge Manchester fan, I also collect Christmas records, so this is the perfect combo for me!
  6. Hoping I can pick up a copy of this when I see Turnstile at Furnace Fest in two weeks. Been playing it a lot in the car!
  7. From the first three singles, this is shaping up to be one hell of a Thrice album. From a vinyl perspective, I only ordered from Germany to the USA though, so going to be a LONG time until I get it on my turntable!
  8. Based upon other clues, it seems three of the five are from Tooth & Nail/Solid State.
  9. My red copy was delivered Thursday afternoon. I have spun it a couple times and really enjoying it; agreed that it is a step-up from the debut.
  10. Praise for TRL and labels who charge actual shipping costs! I ordered the desert rock variant from them--love that first song and all of EITS work.
  11. Damn. Should have ordered at $21.99. I am going to buy it at some point, but unsure where/how. I for one am digging the new song and like it better than all the songs on "Always Foreign" (maybe not saying much, but I do enjoy that LP). All the member changes are confusing, but I think the current line-up is well-formed and tight. I saw them play a few years ago, and besides Bello not being able to sing a lick, they sounded great.
  12. $21.99 from King's Road: https://kingsroadmerch.com/epitaph-records/product/20010/illusory-walls-2xlp-black
  13. Never mind, I changed my mind about waiting to pick up a copy in the store. Those European variants are too pretty so ordered the Orange & Mustard Galaxy Vinyl Edition and Neon Yellow & Violet Vinyl Edition from HHV.de shipping to the US. And after listening to "Scavengers" 5 more times it is definitely my favorite Thrice song in quite some time, both musically and lyrically. The bass work is exceptional.
  14. I'll echo that I actually really like the new single and also find it better than anything on Palms. I have no idea which variant I am going to buy, and while I typically pre-order through the mail all my records, I may actually just buy the US indie yellow in a store come October 8. Also, thoughts on whether or not Horizons / East implies there will be a Horizons / West, or even north and south? Dustin had implied in interviews that they have considered other concepts like Alchemy Index in recent years.
  15. Spinning it today and it sounds fantastic. I definitely get worried with splatter vinyl sometimes, but disc 1, which is the jungle swirl, had no problems and and was warm and clear the whole time. I'm currently on disc 2, teal. Also, I'm going to sell my OG black Gilead Media pressing of this if anyone is interested. Mainly looking to recoup what I spent for the new pressing, if I can get that.

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