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  1. The next pressing is up! 500 more: coke bottle clear and dark green with orange and black marble. https://thirtysomethingrecords.bigcartel.com/product/the-appleseed-cast-the-end-of-the-ring-wars-2xlp
  2. Here is a Google doc of my cassettes that I finally pulled out and added to my Discogs collection. I don't plan to list them on Discogs to sell though because I am unable to play test them. About 10 or so I added to the Discogs database myself, so that would make them somewhat rare. Taking offers to sell or trade (see my Discogs wantlist). I can price them if you'd like, but currently just taking offers. Google sheet My Discogs store for credibility purposes
  3. I've been a pretty huge Fiona Apple fan since the beginning, and I am LOVING "Fetch the Bolt Cutters." I think is both amazing and insane, and both fascinating and irritating. I love the creativity and originality and the time she took to record it from home. "The Idler Wheel..." did nothing for me, and is easily my least favorite Fiona album--so I feel this is an incredible and energetic return. "Extraordinary Machine" is my favorite Fiona album, both versions. I listened to the Jon Brion version a ton from the time I downloaded the early leak, but in the last decade I have spinned the Mike Elizondo exclusively on vinyl. I also saw her on that tour (2006) at an outdoor amphitheater in Atlanta, and thought it was phenomenal. Until the New Yorker essay in March, I wasn't sure there would ever be another Fiona Apple album. So with this new release, I am stunned in so many ways. Is it a perfect 10? Probably not, but it is definitely worth of the hype. I can also easily see how anyone would hate it. At this point I keep returning to this thread to hopefully find a way to buy it cheaper than her website (Bullmoose or another indie store).
  4. Wow; was cheaper from Germany. Totally missed the Bandcamp post; glad I ordered earlier in the week. They probably should have pressed 1000; although based on previous comments maybe Deep Elm wouldn’t permit that.
  5. Been wanting this for so long! Want to wait for the US variant, but I am afraid I won't be able to snag a copy, so went ahead and ordered the white/blue from Germany. I lived in Germany for four years, too bad I'm not still there.
  6. SO MANY BEAUTIFUL VARIANTS. Went with the blue w/ silvery swirl, but they are all gorgeous. Can't wait!
  7. With Adam Schlesinger’s passing, has me sad and listening to Fountains Of Wayne—which makes me feel better. Also has me wondering why “Welcome Interstate Managers” and “Traffic and Weather” haven’t been pressed on vinyl.
  8. Got my coke bottle clear in the mail today from Merge; it's wonderful! Nice surprise with it arriving three days early.
  9. Show canceled, so will keep my eyes open when they reschedule.
  10. Looking for a Thrice/mewithoutYou ticket for February 1 at Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit. Resale market is $150. My max is probably $50, but might only be able to pay face value ($30?). Would also trade records for ticket.
  11. I got the "Emerald Smog" variant, and it is beautiful. Sad I missed out on the art prints, but otherwise really satisfied with this version. Loving the tunes as well; quite different than Hop Along with more minimalistic instrumentation. The Built to Spill cover is wild. Posted photos of my copy on Instagram.
  12. New Waxahatchee album drops on March 27; first single is fantastic and different. Pre-order links: Bandcamp Merge Two colors of vinyl: black and coke bottle clear. Merge has free U.S. Shipping.
  13. FYI I posted these on my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/B7joWi3pKnA/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  14. Anyone know if there are plans for Combinations next? That is the only Eisley LP I am missing.