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  1. I also ordered the gold. I am one of the lucky few who got the FF variant, but I really want a copy with the original art. And yes it seems they are in hand and will ship now/soon!
  2. I’ve been tracking two releases on Discogs, both Fountains of Wayne and Appleseed Cast, since yesterday morning. Copies began popping up at retail prices around 11:00 am ET on Friday. Now on Saturday there are nearly 50 copies of each for sale, with the price now below $25 each. I don’t always pay attention like this, but it seems way less people are heading to RSD in person, and it is far easier to grab what you want online than in the past.
  3. I was pumped to finally pick up the collector’s edition of ‘Brother, Sister’ for $60!
  4. Oceania is in my top 5 Corgan albums ever. And I think the only reason Zeitgeist is getting talked about (more) is because Billy pulled it from streaming, so there is mystery tied to it (but it still sucks). I do think act 1 of ATUM is decent and I am optimistic for acts 2 and 3. Seeing them live recently, while not great, did reignite my interest and been listening to the Pumpkins a lot more the last few weeks.
  5. Anyone know of the best record store in Detroit to attend on RSD or RSD Black Friday? I have been to a few over the years, but most don't carry the exclusives. The only one that I have visited on RSD was Village Vinyl in Warren, and while I like the place, it was a horrible experience. I've thought about going to Found Sound in Ferndale.
  6. So all the shows are "sold out"?! Good thing we have Stubhub--SO MANY tickets there; hundreds if not thousands per date. And with a price range of $450-$18000 per ticket.
  7. It is all so ludicrous. I spent hours yesterday trying and failing to get tickets. But the cheapest ones I almost had my hands on were $119 each, which for my family of 5 would have been over $700! I am torn between frustrated I didn't get any and relieved I didn't spend that kind of money on a single concert.
  8. I went to Walmart this morning and it is true--all vinyl is $15. I picked up a few things. My overall observation though is what horrible condition most of the records are in. Many have the shrink ripped, corners bent, etc. Some of the albums no longer even had the shrink, and I even saw a couple where the inner sleeve had been removed. This seems like a great strategy for Walmart to purge their entire inventory so that they can figure out how to handle records properly, or just stop selling them altogether. Also, at checkout I had to decline a $2 protection plan for each record I bought, ha!
  9. How much are cheap, garbage seats? Hoping I can take my family of 5 for less than $500. Although doubting I'll even get tickets at all since I am only on the waitlist. Will try the Capital One thing tomorrow. I am in Detroit, and there are two shows here, so perhaps that will help me out.
  10. Oops, well I hadn't listened to "Hooray!" until just now and holy crap that is the worst SP song ever. 🤮
  11. Unsure I'll pick up "Out of State Plates" right away, but glad it's getting pressed. I am much more excited about the RSD Black Friday pressing of "Traffic and Weather." I have yet to decide if I'll try to brave a store to pick it up or simply order it online; here it is on Rough Trade: https://www.roughtrade.com/us/product/fountains-of-wayne/traffic-and-weather-rsd-black-firday-2022
  12. I definitely long for more guitars and less synths, but I will say I actually had a surprisingly positive impression when I listened to the first 7 songs in the car this morning. Noticed some pretty nice drum fills and thankfully way more guitars than "Cyr." And while one of the lighter tracks, "Embracer" stuck with me more than any Pumpkins song has in a decade. I won't buy the vinyl until I hear all 33 tracks, but it's a possible purchase.
  13. Same! Bella Canvas are my fav t-shirts ever and they are all I want to wear.
  14. Great news! I didn't realize this. Also, these are both on Amazon. Not saying buy them there, but probably a sign that they will be everywhere.