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  1. Yea something about the sound doesn’t sound right... such a killer song to have such a annoying issue ill have to listen and compare to a different album to know for sure
  2. Some funny moments happened on the debate. It went really well for Andrew Yang.
  3. I might take offers if the price is high enough, It's rare and dark Black colored
  4. I already gave the super rare black colored vinyl of Daisy
  5. Sounds like she was kind of a slut and got what she deserved." A)Never said that, I have no problem with woman doing what they want with their life, you assumed that for some reason. Thank you for letting me know not to have any further conversations or dealings with you in the future. A)Thank you. Anyway, you're welcome to disagree, A)Am I really though? Your opinion seems personally involved and that you are right at all cost. but just know you're going to be way in the minority on this one, and the way you're defending him and putting blame on the victim, people are going to judge you. A)I feel like you can't read, I've repeatedly said both could be considered guilty and that it's not a defense for Jesse. For some reason you assume the above because of this. All your arguments, many of which have either no facts, or insufficient or inaccurate facts also make you come off (to me at least) as a bit of a pedo or at least sympathetic to pedophiles and a misogynmisogynist A)idk where you got this idea, but I've realized you like to assume things. I think you you have some ego issues you need to work out before you hound people and twist their words. I have said many different ways that I think he's guilty and you refuse to read that. anything else you need to say? I wouldn't tolerate your ignorance in real life so I prefer you just stop capitalizing on certain things I say when I've said the opposite. Smoke some weed and listen to the pedo brand new, and watch your fake wresling
  6. If you believed all that you wouldn't support them by listening to them. We all have our own perspective and I get yours but you keep saying child like this was 13 year olds.idk statistics on it but most girls lose their virginity around age (15) and a a few end up pregnant cause that's the reality of the world we live in. Idk why this is so personal to you, while I get your point I can still disagree on some things and I do think the actual victim at age 15 was smart enough to take pics and send them or watch Jesse. And willingly or unwilling it will change that 15 year old for ever. I think 10 years or what ever later it's a word called regret. I'll clarify: I understand your perspective and I see it a little different But I do agree on a lot of the things you say which is what I've said in previous posts. At age 15-16 you can drive and work which I see it as... You can start being a adult now and make decisions You don't understand it but I'll say it again other countries your a adult at 14 But you seem to care about a u.s. law. If it would have happened in Peru or Italy it's ok I guess. I hate the idea of people preying on others and it's bothersome. I really ain't defending him, I'm just adding that the girl could be considered guilty as well.
  7. I understand. Jesse hid this a long time and wrote a statement very quick afterward. pretty crazy So how many people still listen to brand new?
  8. Starts with a police report, lmao But dude I get what your saying. I really do, I think using his pop punk sad boy came to manipulate is bs. How about joke to lighten things up... Probably wouldn't of got: " the devil and God are raging inside me".
  9. Being mugged is a lot different, but I get your point. Geez
  10. I get it, I really do I just get tired of this stupid cancel culture but he admitted to haveing an addiction to sex, it's obvious he's not a good person. It had been a long time since I read the statement and I interpreted differently than I do now.
  11. I was trying to imply the victim did nothing at all to protect themselves, the police might have been smart enough to tell her not to log on Skype
  12. Those are viable options along with many others, Do you have the facts?
  13. I agree , I assume that much. I just hope pedophilia wasn't actually his thing their was millions 18yr olds back in the day that dreamed of this band as if they were NSYNC or something
  14. I understand that, that song seemed really strange to me then and now I was like wtf lol I got the devil on the shoulder parallel to the lyrics but it's one that give me weird vibes if I think about the statement he wrote and the article I read. Now I just gotta hope Vinny doesn't struggle with all the same issues lol heh

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