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  1. There's something inside me that pulls beneath the surface Consuming, confusing This lack of self control I fear is never ending Controlling I can't seem To find myself again My walls are closing in (Without a sense of confidence I'm convinced That there's just too much pressure to take) I've felt this way before So insecure
  2. Got mine from amazon as well. Sounds great. My Favorite album by them .
  3. Mainly looking for old shirts size medium and small. Lmk if you have any! Thanks
  4. Did anyone say why not? Hohw would easily sell 1000-1500 copies still wish i had this album
  5. You should get on The Voice, and share your message to the masses. They like this kind of stuff.
  6. The OA, was great... my wife and I finished it yesterday. Really wish I understood the ending a little better though.
  7. Lol i just got mine, they didnt ship it for like a week and both sides are labled "b" as well. i think someone returned it because it came opened down the side. Its all good though this album is amazing
  8. Well, ive read his book and its actually very good. I listened to a pod cast with cody bonnette and by the way he talked about writing and making music.. It seems like he puts a lot of pressure on him self and has his difficulties also. Aaron has admited to his panic type emotions... Its fair to say its probably hard difficult for both of them. I personaly think aaron really wants to continue with as cities burn. Its hard to spend 5+ years of your life doing something,, and then just stop. Especially if it defines who you are. I just want to have one last as cities burn experience live. The only time i saw them was when i loved their first album and then they only played cns. At the time i didnt know any songs to it.
  9. Sucks.. I was really hoping to catch them in nashville sometime... hoping for a acb 2nd coming
  10. Just a fyi for everyone.. I have the red and the clear. Just got my blue and gold one. I played the blue last night and playing the gold now. They sound way better than the first pressing. i think the clear was technically the worse ready for hohw!
  11. Sounds like they may be touring more soon, hopefully one will be in tn lol texas is a little far
  12. I dont think theyll sell out quick but over a couple months maybe ... But hey you never know. Hey ejc what city you live in
  13. i got a blue and gold one @ 25 i wouldnt have bought both if it was priced 33.. But its at the original price as the first pressing... They could have been nice and said 'three days only..$25 ea. got a shipping confirmation yea!
  14. I have to agree. Perfect albums and i feel different just listening to cns and The lead singer (Cody Bonnette)vocals are incredible for this style of music.
  15. This album for some reason reminds me of brand new devil and god... Something about his/vocals/music eerie feeling but i love it
  16. Since i have red and clear, id be will selling to sell my clear for 36ppd (cost) im Wanting to buy the gold and blue one

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