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  1. It was in regards to the going out of your way and having to rush to buy an album... And then it doesnt sell out hype was just hype.. A lot of money goes into buying records. spending money is always less cool
  2. I got the swamp green, still debating if it was worth it... Messengers will always be their best. didnt even sell out first day.. But just glad ill have it cause i love abr. looking more forward to norma jean new album, and the acb hell or high water pressing.
  3. went ahead and purchased it, something keeps calling me to this album
  4. I agree i want the red so bad, and i know it may go quick.. But the purple will probably be up awhile.. And then a standard release will be cheap. Heh. I hate 2xlp prices... Records dont costhardly anything to make, distribute and ship. Unfortunately everything is about $$$
  5. I love this album and this band enough Ill probably buy 2 colors (maybe 3 if there is like a bundle deal) I love that it's 1500 pressing Also little off topic but I just ordered maylene and chasing victory fiends. I'm pumped. Thanks
  6. I just want so say.. Im so thankful this is getting pressed, i truly love this album... While silyayd will always be amazing, and cns is completely from the heart...i just really like there style in this album and the lyrics really make you question things (so does cns but in a different way) this is a record that will sit on my turntable awhile b/c its thats good. any recomendations from the one human that i am.. Please dont do white vinyl lol. Ill still buy regardless.. But thats the only color that usually has errors. i really wish they would tour soon... Like maybe in support of this release? or even better some new music haha
  7. I tried to add prevailer but it wont work :/
  8. Dont forget to give "homework"... Truthful feedback on his profile page...just tag this thread. His lack of responses is proof hes a scammer. Unless he needs us to alllow 2-3 days for a response
  9. I wonder if he was really in the military, and also i really dont understand the point of him doing this... Is it possible he can get away with it?
  10. Acb hell or high water Chasing victory i call this abandonment , fiends A static lullaby st Maylene st Chevelle this type of thinking could do us in Scary kids scaring kids both albums
  11. Im thinking every claim will get refunded cause this should flag his paypal account
  12. Wow.. If nothing got sent out, just open a resolution... How about just refund everything you cant send? About 3 days ago.. Could have wrote everything has sold in the listing instead of hiding.. After you sold a few albums you really could have just stopped selling them.... Communication helps too Sketchy business. Looks like im not getting chasing safety, or bn :/
  13. Hopefully sounds a little better then the clear, mine say delivered to the store im just waiting on the email to pick it up
  14. Is the hot topic taylor swift a color vinyl? Bc i added it to be able to use the 15.00 off coupon lol
  15. Pretty sure as cities burn posted and said they woul try to get 2000 more pressed, which probably wont happen. Hopefully if they are condsidering it theyll take that 2000 and do a 1000 silyayd and 1000 hohw thankful i got a red
  16. I hate white vinyl myself, I loved tocs and it reminds me of my youth lmao but dtgl I never really could get into or anything after that. I didn't understand how they could get horrible so quickly.dtgl had a couple good songs though. Sure 40-45 price range would be better.

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