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  1. I got the Royal Psalms EP, 7/10. Wasn't familiar with them before, but don't totally hate it.
  2. Yeah, I just tried to grab a couple of these and they scanned at full price.
  3. Isn't Interpunk up there with Paper + Plastick in the 'maybe I'll get my order, maybe I won't' lottery?
  4. Updating this. It's 30% off merch, 40% off 2022 releases and 50% off everything else. They're also releasing multiple exclusive colorways every day through the 28th (also the last day of the sale), and digital content in Bandcamp is also 50% off.
  5. Communal Blood is the Clear w/ Black Smoke /50 variant Black Dunes is the Hot Pink /100 variant $50 for the pair, OBO. Will also sell them individually.
  6. New West Records running what I assume is an early Black Friday sale. Much of their vinyl/CD/merch is half off. https://newwestrecords.com/collections/vinyl
  7. No pictures, but there are a bunch of t-shirts: a tour one with the paper airplanes and dates on the back, and then one themed around every album artwork ($35). They also have a Diary-themed hoodie for $60, and vinyl copies of How It Feels for $40. Pretty cool space/sci-fi themed tour poster too, but I don't remember how much that was.
  8. Acceptance - Black Lines to Battlefields acceptance.downloadthisrecord.com FK8ATEU Gewgawly I and Thou - NORCO Original Soundtrack downloads.sacredbonesrecords.com E2SJMOEZGVBTJ
  9. What's really bad is that my first thought was 'August to January, that's pretty tolerable given everything going on'.
  10. Available to pre-order from a variety of sources for $400+. Comes with a pair of binoculars. "Downtown Records will be releasing For The Birds: The Birdsong Project on Dec. 9, 2022. It will be a 20 LP box set. It will be an art-filled, 20LP box set with more than 200 tracks of original music and bird-related poetry. Proceeds from the sale of this collection and supporting events will be dedicated to the protection of birds and the habitats they need, today, tomorrow, and for all our futures. Specifically it will go to the National Audubon Society. The Birdsong Project is a community dedicated to the protection of bird life, and to the celebration of the joy and mysteries of birdsong. Members believe that birds — no matter feather or flock — are precious and inspiring and fundamental to our world. That a world without birds would be a world without freedom and flight and song. Thus, the movement intends to inspire bird conversation through art." - Downtown Records FEATURED ARTISTS: Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, Beck, Alaska Reid & A. G. Cook, Danielle Haim, Karen Elson, Michael Rother & Vittoria Maccabruni, Jim James, Josh Kaufman feat. Annie Nero, Mike Campbell, Wally Wolodarsky, Alex Somers, Mark Ronson feat. Damon Albarn & Wale, UNKLE, Emily Cross, Jelani Cobb, Beach House, Natalie Bergman, Uwade, Spring Summer, El Búho feat. Emilie Basez, Darius Christian & Reginald Chapman, Blake Mills, Richard Reed Parry, Tennessee Thomas, Kaoru Watanabe, Terry Riley, Tawiah, Elliot Bergman, Ray Young Bear, Jack Kornfeld, Hatis Noit, Tyondai Braxton, Lee Ranaldo, Kurt Vile, Jarvis Cocker, Haden Triplets, Donald Ray Pollock, Karen O, Molly Lewis, Tilda Swinton, Rudresh Mahanthappa, James McAlister, Nick Rhodes & Wendy Bevan, Adam Green, Suzzy Roche
  11. I believe Numero was actually running the merch table. They had all the RIYL Karate/90s rock type Numero releases, including the recent Duster and Unwound boxes (Duster was only $80!). Until I saw that Numero was selling the shirts, I assumed they were the band's, and Numero was just slinging records. Now I'm certain it was all Numero.
  12. Chicago had those two shirts further up the page, and a couple Numero distro crates. Wild that the Ts aren't with the band.
  13. Bumpdate, every title in bold is now $5. I have five more mailers. Holla!
  14. Just got my I Hear Sirens and Introvert in. Little disappointed in the Introvert, on first listen. Feels like he and Chris are just doing whatever they can to be 'artsy' and get away from TWDY. I'll give it couple more spins though, and maybe it'll grow on me.
  15. Bunch more stuff gone, but a lot of good stuff still left. I'm going to the post office tomorrow, so if we make a deal tonight, I'll ship it out then. Holler!
  16. Four mailers gone, would love to get some more out the door. Anything paid today ships tomorrow. New bonus, for the artists where I have three of their releases left (Album Leaf, Glaciers, Inventions, This Will Destroy You, Windmills By The Ocean). You can now get all three for $25 (plus shipping)! For the artists where I have two releases left (Giants, Mono, Souvenirs Young America, The Summer Pledge, Talvihorros), get 'em both for $15). Think $10/record is too high? I'm a reasonable person, make me an offer!
  17. I've got too many mailers, so pick as many records as you want from this list for $10 each (bold titles are $5!), plus $5 shipping (no matter how many you order). PayPal and Venmo accepted, freebies with every order. DM me, first come first served. Sale ends when I'm out of mailers. Splits Monolog / Subheim - Conviction 12" Clear /150 Souvenirs Young America / City of Ships Split 12" Clear Amber Marble /76 These Arms Are Snakes / Russian Circles Split 12" Black /1000 (has some outgassing, doesn't affect sound) Unwed Sailor / Toboggan - Firecracker 2001 7" Black /250 Beware of Safety - Leaves/Scars 2x12" Brown Marble /300 Destroyalldreamers - Glare/Halo EP 12" Clear Red /100 Explosions in the Sky - Manglehorn Soundtrack 12" Black /2000 Gifts From Enola - S/T 12" Opaque Orange /300 Glaciers - And the Sea Won the Battle 12" Seafoam Blue /300 Glaciers - Mirrored Through the Ancients 12"' Clear w/ Black Smoke /400 Glaciers - Buried Inside 12" Peach Marble /350 Inventions - Maze of Woods 12" Black /1000 Inventions - Blanket Waves 12" Black /1000 Inventions - Remixed 12" Clear w/ Red Streaks Lights at Sea - Palace Walls 12" Clear Green /159 Minot - Equal/Opposite 12" Black Mono - New York Soundtracks 12" Black /2000 Mono - Memorie dal Futuro 10" White /500 Reels of White Softly Flow - Live LP 12" Black Romance of Young Tigers - Marie 12" Black San Angelus - Soon We'll All Be Ghosts 12" Purple/Orange Marble /200 Scraps of Tape - Grand Letdown 12" Black /260 Souvenirs Young America - An Ocean Without Water 12" Clear w/ Black Haze /350 Sparrows Swarm and Sing - Untitled II Yellow Marble /100 The Summer Pledge - You Are You 12" Black /400 The Summer Pledge - Vessels 2x12" White Marble/Black /150 Talvihorros - Some Ambulance 12" Ultraclear /150 Talvihorros - Music in Four Movements 12" Ultraclear /150 This Will Destroy You - Black Dunes 7" Pink /100 This Will Destroy You - Moving On The Edges of Things 12" Picture Disc /1000 Windmills By the Ocean - I 12" Grey/Milky Clear Split w/Grey Splatter /200 Windmills By the Ocean - II 12" Black /600 Windmills By the Ocean - The Gahtse 12" Black/150 Worriedaboutsatan - Heart Monitor 12" Clear Red /200 Red Sparowes / Grails - Black Tar Prophecies Vol. 1 12" Clear Red/Green Mix /100 This Will Destroy You / Lymbyc System - Field Studies 12" Clear /500 The Album Leaf - Between Waves Deluxe 2x12" Blue in Silver /900 The Album Leaf - Torrey's Distraction 12" Cream in Orange /900 The Album Leaf - OST 12" Grey Marble /450 Beware of Safety - It Is Curtains 12" Black Screened Cover 17/100 Efterklang - Performing Parades (No Jacket/insert) 2x12" Black The End of the Ocean - Aire 12" Clear /250 Giants - Old Stories 12" White/Grey w/ Oxblood Splatter /300 Giants - They, The Undeserving 12" Opaque Maroon /100 Gifts From Enola - Loyal Eyes Betray the Mind 2x12" Grey /250 Mono - The Last Dawn and Rays of Darkness 2x12" Clear w/White and Black Smoke /1000 This Will Destroy You - Variations and Rarities Vol. 1 12" Yellow This Will Destroy You - Variations and Rarities Vol. 2 12" Baby Blue This Will Destroy You - Vespertine 2x12" Black Unwed Sailor - Take A Minute 12" Black /500 Unwed Sailor - Look Alive 12" Black
  18. $80 for that 7xLP Metallica covers box set. Almost worth it.
  19. Legendary Shack Shakers - Agri-Dustrial Dropcards.com/vinyl V76D6DJKYF

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