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  1. Thanks guys; I'd never heard of the Nagaoka before. And yeah, the blue was a bit more, but I was curious if it was worth the quality/price bump up from the Red.
  2. Noticed some skipping on my Technics SL-D1 lately, and realized it's probably past time to change the stylus. But, lo and behold, Shure got out of the Phono game! Does anybody have any good replacement recommendations for a standard mount cartridge in the $100-150 range (currently using a Shure M97xE)?
  3. Andrew WK, Avail, Comeback Kid, and The Juliana Theory (Emotion is Dead album set) just added.
  4. The real question is how do we get non-FF Alabama bands like Lee Bains and the Haints to also play Birmingham that weekend...
  5. Also judging by their and TWDY's Twitter comments, there may be album set tours coming along with the represses.
  6. I grabbed a ticket and a cancelable hotel too. Not 100% sure I'm going, but I figure I'll be able to re-sell the ticket if I don't go. Re: price bitching, previously FF said they're only selling 3000 3-day passes. Have to assume that's contributing to the higher per-ticket price.
  7. Saw/listened to this twice at the planetarium last night. The whole collection of songs flows really well, while still running the gamut from ethereal to super heavy. Super excited for release day.
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions! I like the proximity of those East and West Village spots. I'll be over in Brooklyn for a day so hopefully I can squeeze some of those in too. Sadly my only time in Jersey will be a day trip in and out of EWR, but hopefully I can make it further out there some other day.
  9. Anybody else going to the 'On Circles listening experience' at the planetarium in Boston? https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10157692554240675&id=6049165674
  10. Going to NYC in a couple weeks bump. Limited to One is squarely at the top of my list; any other good options that tilt toward that vein of newer rock/punk/etc? Generation and Academy Annex still decent options?
  11. Those were the only two variants they had at their booth, but I don't know the numbers. Also, pretty sure it was white with purple haze.
  12. I mean, I just sent Weezer $80 for three different colors of their new record that isn't out until next year, so I can't throw stones. We all have our vices...
  13. Judging by the tracklist, maybe not the Summer's Kiss EP on Eulogy? Drowning is on there, and I think was only released on the Fiddler EP. Seems weird they'd use Sharp Hint from MTV and not the original album, though. Maybe he has the EP, but not Swiss Army Romance? Edit: Swiss Army Romance really got into wide distribution because of the Drive-Thru CD release after the initial Fiddler release. Drive-Thru also did that silly 5x7" repress. Wonder if they're the complicating factor?
  14. Their booth made me so grateful that I don't maintain a FAT collection. So many custom colors, Fest pressings, etc. I'd go broke. what's the deal with these? Is No Idea cutting all their old licenses loose?
  15. Avail is the biggest one I'm looking forward to. Jawbreaker again and Dashboard Confessional should also be pretty great.
  16. Yup, all three days, plus the TBS/GUK, Lucero, and Avail aftershows.
  17. I haven't seen Mono in like 5 years, but they're playing a cemetery here next month. That seems hard to pass up.
  18. Thanks. Fingers crossed the stores in Blo-No won't be too bad.
  19. Nobody does midnight openings for RSD any more, right? I've gotta be downstate Saturday morning, but hitting somewhere in town at midnight would be perfect.
  20. Looking forward to seeing them in a couple weeks, and grabbing a copy at the show.
  21. Ah, I wondered why I didn't see it at my local store today.
  22. High as a Kite is better than anything on Pacific Daydream.