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  1. Skeletal Lightning, 25% off most things with BF2022. Numero, $7 CDs, 20% of Holiday records, Secret Satan, New Age, Sunday Morning when copping 4 or more total across the collections, 50% off board game/2LP.
  2. For a minute I was like 'I could try my order again for 60% of what I paid last year.' But then I snapped back to reality.
  3. Caveat emptor, they still haven't shipped my Black Friday order from last year.
  4. At their show last night, Ben announced that they're pressing their S/T album to be released this year as a 20th Anniversary Edition, 'but we're Lucero so everything got fucked up.' He said it's scheduled to be out by the end of the year, but supply chain and manufacturing issues might push it to early next year, so then it'll be a 21st Anniversary pressing. I didn't think this was pressed on vinyl originally, so stay tuned!
  5. I noticed this with Thrice and also the Bosstones' sets at Riot Fest. Both leaned more heavily on newer songs and less on 'the hits.' I passed on seeing Thrice this weekend when they were back in town, and after setting the setlist, I'm kinda glad. It was 45% Palms/HE, 25% pre-Beggars and 30% in between. Horizons is still growing on me, and I get it, they're touring a new record, but something something getting old not keeping up.
  6. The Rentals - Resilience (A Benefit Album for the Relief Effort in Japan) furnacemfg.com/redeem uWEB7MUqADe
  7. They only had 250 copies at the FF booth, so I'm sure they went fairly fast.
  8. They still had some copies at Seasick Records yesterday morning (they split the pressing between the Fest and the shop). Maybe try calling them?
  9. By the time I got there (after Unwed Sailor), we were ordering off the iPad and the phone of the woman running it. DOUBLE THE BANDWIDTH!
  10. I mentioned this in another thread, but the Norma Jean turned out to be a pre-order, with delivery not coming until January. I'd imagine the next two will be the same.
  11. After waiting 45 minutes in that line, this pissed me off. $35 + shipping, for basically a pre-order. My OBI number was 108 at 5:30, so I seriously doubt they burned through even half of their 500 'copies'. The OBI even says 'First time on vinyl outside of the box set', so you know more copies are coming. Looking forward to ignoring that next two days' 'exclusive pre-orders.'
  12. Seems like The Nick is the defacto post-Fest late night hang spot. Looking forward to it!
  13. Damion Suomi - S/T urpressing.com/digital 12_18127_l935i6 12_18287_b939x0
  14. Thanks for this. It got me to not be lazy and update my post with the actual pictures, which is way better.
  15. Blue Pinkerton Green Maladroit, Lion & the Witch Make Believe Red Raditude Hurley, Death to False Metal Everything Will Be Alright in the End, White Pacific Daydream, Black Teal, Ok Human Van Weezer Official Bootlegs Soundtracks and Compilations Unofficial Bootlegs Covers / Tributes Solo/side projects: Rivers Solo/side projects: Brian Solo/side projects: Scott, Pat, Jason, Karl Solo/side projects: Matt Other stuff I missed when assembling the previous pictures
  16. Anybody game to meet up for food/drinks one night after the fest? With all the Thursday pre-shows, maybe Friday or Saturday night would be good?
  17. The Juliana Theory - A Dream Away dropcards.com/vinyl P7FY95D976 J36TT34VDN
  18. Boo, mwY is the first drop I've actually been bummed about.
  20. Man, I liked Helioentropy, but the price, coupled with knowing that 'expected to ship in October' means we'll probably see it in February, will keep me holding off, for now.
  21. We're now 14 days past the start of Lolla, and there have been 203 documented Covid cases among the 385,000+ attendees. If FF was waiting for this as a bellwether, they may be feeling better about moving forward. Granted, Lolla was requiring vax or a negative test, and I still haven't heard either of those from FF.

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