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  1. Yeah, it has several options between 50 and 1000 Ohms, so that's fine. If the low output really proved to be a problem that would be a real bummer. On the other hand, I could use an excuse to buy an external phono stage
  2. I didn't even realize the 103R's output is that low (0.25 mV). It is not specified n the manual, but I think my amp's phono stage has a gain of 60 dB which should be ok. it definitely has several loading options, so I will give be it a try and see if I like it.
  3. D&M = Denon&Marantz Holding, the companies merged in 2000. Mcintosh used to be part of that group as well. And Mcintosh left Fine Sounds thru an MBO and the group (still including ARC) is now called Mcintosh group. And a bit more on topic: I bought a TT 15 S1 last week via ebay, equipped with a 103R. I haven't had the time to set it up yet, but I'm looking forward to find out how an MC pickup differs from the 2M Bropnze on my other turntable.
  4. Unfortunately this is not going to happen. Trump, Conway and Bannon are working to see increase racial and religious prejudice. They are actively sowing hate against minorities by portraying them as soon-to-be terrorists again and again and again. I mean Kelly even invented a masssacre to blame on refugees. These people are pure racist evil.
  5. Obama did nothing like that and that's actually proven from the documents you're like linking to. Obama changed these countries from lowest security level (the visa waiver program) into the second lowest category a while back. This has nothing to with travel bans and it wouldn't make any sense, because there a several countries that are considered much more dangerous countries of origin, i.e. UAE, Saudi-Arabia.
  6. Have you followed the news on that? Nothing's being resolved. DHS issued a statement that will continue to follow the Presidents orders and NOT the court orders. The government has so far only "clarified" that green card holders MIGHT be allowed to enter the country, if so decided by CBP/DHS. The criteria how to decide that are unknown and completely arbitrary. Visa holders are still NOT allowed to enter the country despite court orders demanding the opposite. To the League of Uninformed Citizens this may sound like some technical detail. But it is affecting real people. They are not allowed to go home. People who have jobs, apartments, cars, dogs and families in the US. People who have worked and payed taxes in the US for years. They suffer the consequences of a mostly illegal executive order.
  7. I'm not confused, that is exactly what I said. The question whether the ban is unconstitutional has not yet been decided, but it is clear that the implementation that Trump and his "advisors" like Steve "Reichbart" Bannon have drawn up is illegal. Here's a fun read for Trump fans: https://lawfareblog.com/malevolence-tempered-incompetence-trumps-horrifying-executive-order-refugees-and-visas
  8. A large number? Don't kid yourself. Out of approx. 5 million Syrian refugees the US have taken a 10.000 cherry-picked ons. Germany for example has taken an estimated 300.000 and the countries around Syria obviously many, many more. But that's not the point at all. How many refugees to take or not is obviously a very important thing to discuss. But that is not what Trump did and nothing he will do. He simply signed an order to ban the entry into the US from 7 randomly chosen countries, without any reason whatsoever. There is no immigration to the US by people just flying into JFK or LAX and wandering out of there unnoticed by the authorities. No one touches American soil on an airport without being vetted pre-flight. And that's why pretty much EVERYONE who has been affected and turned away on the border (or detained, interrogated) due to Trumps order has been mistreated in spite of possessing valid, legal paperwork to enter the US, i.e. visa, green card etc. That's not just a tiny glitch, that's an incomprehensible amount of malevolence and incompetence.
  9. There is no connection whatsoever between illegal immigration and banning people from Syria or Iran or Somalia from entering the US. There simply are no 10s of thousands illegal immigrants from these countries. There is no evidence that anyone ever entered the country illegalely from there. The same goes for terrorists. Also, there is no concept what "stricter" immigration is supposed to mean. What deficiencies in the system have to be repaired? What is wrong with the vetting that is happening today? What measures should be implemented? There hasn't been a single word on that. And talking about illegal, the way they went about this 7-country-ban is -as confirmed by several courts now- in direct violation of the constitution.
  10. A little to the party but anyway: I have used an Omnitronic 1200 DD for several years. It's among the lowest quality of 1200 clones. The platter was slightly wobbly and the arm complete crap. Given that you can buy far better 1200 clones or Pro-Ject starter tables for pretty much the same money, I'd recommend against it, even a cheap used one.
  11. A little to the party but anyway: I have used an Omnitronic 1200 DD for several years. It's among the lowest quality of 1200 clones. The platter was slightly wobbly and the arm complete crap. Given that you can buy far better 1200 clones or Pro-Ject starter tables for pretty much the same money, I'd recommend against it, even a cheap used one.
  12. A ) All immigrants, green card holders, visitors etc. to the US are already being vetted by the strictest standards in the whole fucking world. There are simply no ideas on the table on how this "vetting" can be improved in any way. It's just a stupid charade, but it's hurting real people. B ) Who are "their" minorities? The muslims, who all look the same and are kinda dangerous? Just as an example, the main culprits for 9/11 came from Egypt, Saudi-Arabia and UAE, all countries who are NOT affected by Trumps order. C ) Categorizing people as potentially dangerous for du to their religion or ethnicity is very clearly an unlawful discrimination. This whole anti-islamic sentiment is just as dangerous as anti-semitism and just as unacceptable. No Syrian refugee has killed anyone in the US, unlike white supremacy terrorists, toddlers playing with guns, police officers or Presidents sending soldiers into pointless wars for oil.
  13. I suppose it still is available. I had the same problem, try and choose the variant before you add it to the cart. It's easy to overlook.
  14. I'm selling to versions of my Tired of tomorrow versions. I like the album, but honestly it's far from AOTY for me. So I guess it's time to recover some of the $ I dropped on this one. Up for grabs: Orange Krush (/150) Vertigo Flowers (/100) It's a beautiful version with LOTS of color on it. Both brand, new unplayed, NM condition. I'm based in Germany so US buyers beware of the shipping costs. If the buyer is interested, I could also offer some other versions (grey, deluxe etc..)
  15. I doubt that updating a $30 cartridge with an $90 stylus is good match. The body itself is not that important, but i feel it should at least have decent tolerances for its fitting etc. I'd prefer a "full" upgrade, maybe a used one.