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  1. I was outside of a Dino Jr show last fall and saw J walking down the street. I said hi to him and he said "Hey". I thought that was a pretty good conversation.
  2. New solo album on Sub Pop coming soon according to new Facebook video:
  3. DC1221

    Pearl Jam fans

    Now I can take that Vs/Vitalogy boxset off my discogs wantlist
  4. DC1221

    Pearl Jam fans

    Nice. Crazy setlist, looking forward to this.
  5. DC1221

    PO Iron & Wine- Weed Garden

    Looks like I just caught them while they took him down to add the new release. He's listed as a current artist now.
  6. DC1221

    PO Iron & Wine- Weed Garden

    New song Also just noticed "Iron & Wine" isn't listed under Current Artists on the Sub Pop website anymore. Weird.
  7. seeing them tonight. anyone know what time they go on? after taking back sunday?
  8. I got a return label from them so hopefully that goes smoothly. Anyway, I like the album for the most part, but the production is a little bothersome.
  9. Got mine yesterday with the sticker and postcard, but they sent me it on black vinyl instead of clear.
  10. This album sounds great. I'm not sure how much this has to do with it, but this is the first album they've ever recorded in a real, professional studio with a top notch producer.
  11. Just started my own: https://www.instagram.com/alldansrecords/
  12. I live in Philly. I expected bigger (and worse) crowds.
  13. The most ridiculous thing I saw was how easy it was for me. Got in line maybe a half hour before the shop opened, grabbed what I wanted, and went home.
  14. DC1221

    Records You Are Lucky To Own

    Dr Dog - Oh My Christmas Tree 8" square lathe cut Only 30 of these exist, all sold at a little boutique shop in Louisville KY.
  15. Another solo album by the MMJ frontman. Clear vinyl limited to 1000 https://jimjames.businesscatalyst.com/index.html I like the new song, better than most of his solos songs. Fingers crossed he hasn't totally lost it yet.