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  1. Black Friday RSD release https://recordstoreday.com/SpecialRelease/11800 Side A: 1. “Oceans” 2. “State Of Love And Trust” 3. “Alive” 4. “Black” Side B: 1. “Jeremy” 2. “Even Flow” 3. “Porch”
  2. That would have been a perfectly reasonable, mature response from the band. They don't owe me anything, but deleting comments it's childish.
  3. I remember years ago they were on facebook trying to sell some of their fabric stage backdrops for some ridiculous price. I commented that maybe they could donate some of the proceeds to a charity and they deleted my comment.
  4. My Iron and Wine collection. Nothing super rare or valuable, but I love this guy's music.
  5. I've got the 10th anniversary edition on white vinyl, which was a massive missed opportunity to do red splatter
  6. I like they they limited the $500 version to 2 per person. Like someone out there is really going to drop a grand on a not very limited late-career Wilco album. That being said, I love this band and already bought the pink.
  7. Been looking for this on orange vinyl for years. If you've got a copy, PM me a price.
  8. Glad this is coming out pretty soon, but the newer single is... different.
  9. Anyone get the pre-sale password yet? I signed up for the email list but haven't seen anything
  10. Apparently they signed with mom and pop. Not sure How I missed this story earlier this month. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/sleater-kinney-signs-mom-pop-004258984.html